Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Local man spat at not 1 but 2 women - Woodlands Bus interchange

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Came across this video of a local Singaporean guy spitting at not 1 but 2 women.

Some background prior to this video recording.

According to the video owner, the lady in blue was queuing up for Bus number 950 at Woodlands Bus Interchange. Suddenly, there is this man who suddenly cut her queue, feeling annoyed, she asked him to queue up at the back instead.

However, this man claimed that he was in the queue earlier. But he went off to buy a drink at the shop nearby and came back. Although he claims that he was in the queue, there were no alibi. Hence when the bus came, everyone in the queue went up the bus, this guy rudely spat at the lady in blue lady multiple times before he went up the bus.

As the bus was full, everyone murmured to him to get down. He then pushed the lady in blue down the bus and spat at her more than 10 times. This lady then proceeded to call for help from the SMRT crew. This rude man was still hogging on to the bus by refusing to alight, he then blamed the driver for not starting the bus. I guess he was waiting for the guy to either alight or for the police to arrive.

Meanwhile SMRT control room informed that there will be a second bus and now 2-3 SMRT staff + driver at scene but didn't do much. This rude man was still insistent that it was the drivers fault. The passengers on the 1st bus were screaming and shouting at this rude guy for being inconsiderate. There was this old man on the bus who almost got punched for telling him off. This rude man continued to fight back verbally with the entire bus load of passengers and also pushing his way through.

The second bus came and the driver opens the back door of the 1st bus for passengers to alights. Then this rude guy rushed to the back of the bus and tried to stop the passengers from alighting. However his efforts was in vain as there were lots of people pushing him aside.

This green lady in the video was unlucky one, who was stopped by him. He claimed she scolded him on the bus earlier and that is none of her business. He then grabs her by the hand, refusing to let her board the second bus, then proceeded to spat at her multiple times. When he pushed her, she shouted molest. That was when this guy denied. He went on to spat at her for more than 10 times again.

After doing so, he tried to escape from the scene and board the second bus, but the passengers on board the 2nd bus stopped him.

The rest of the story can be sent in the video above.

In my view, yes we could all be pissed off at various times, especially if there were calling of names, or mockery that is offending. Words might even come out of our mouth that will cause us to have regrets for the aftermath.

However, to spit at someone? Come on, is this a soccer game? Or do this guy thinks the girl's face is some basin in some toilet? Even in any soccer game, if you spat at your opponent, you might just face disciplinary actions from your club and the football association.

Totally unacceptable behavior. Show this to anyone around the world, they will not accept his behavior. I doubt the local police will charge him for any criminal offence though. At most maybe the lady can sue him for civil offences. But at the end of the day, this guy should have controlled himself. If he can't get on the 1st bus, queue up for the 2nd bus. If you can't get on, keep waiting. We have seen someone posted that he had waited for 13 buses before he can board the 14th bus right? If you had left your queue, there is no such rule that you can re-join the queue unless if your loved ones are there.

In summary, we should not condone such rude behavior in our society. If you are reading this and you happened to know this man, please let him know one day if someone were to spit at him, he won't be happy too.

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