Monday, 9 December 2013

Breaking news - Riot at Singapore's Little India

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We had just received the news about the outbreak of riot at the Little India road.

The below footage was captured by a resident near the little india vicinity.

The exact reason why the riot broke forth was possibly due to a bus driver hit 1 of the jay walkers at Little India road. Witcast understand Jaywalking at the Little India road is not something new. In fact, it's a norm. We have not seen any traffic policeman or any Cisco officers etc coming to summon the Jaywalkers.

Hence when someone finally got knocked down, the foreign workers showed the police who is the boss. Kind of sad news for us. In the above footage, we can see the workers even flipped over the Police Cars.
In this instance, where were the Riot Police? They had been well trained all these while, but they were no where in sight. Moreover, they will have no idea who on earth destroyed their vehicles.

In the below video, there were even fire that broke forth.

We hope Singapore can be a safe environment for citizens and foreigners. By demonstrating such big scaled riot, it is indeed a sad news for everyone.

We understand the Riot Police was called in later and had showed them whose the real boss.

God bless Singapore.

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