Monday, 2 December 2013

Richie's Pasta House - Squid Ink Pasta & Blue Cheese Sauce with Chicken Chop

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Having trouble finding a place to have some nice western food late at night?

Richie's Pasta House might just have what you wanted.
Authentic Italian Pasta at affordable rates!
Their price ranges from about $15 to $30.

Featuring their Blue Cheese Sauce with Chicken Chop!
(You may choose their steak which taste as nice the chop)

The taste of the blue cheese sauce is not as strong as the real blue cheese.
It's creamy and a little will never get enough of it!
The chicken is tender!
The wedges are crispy on the outside and soft in the inside!!
Yummy :)

You may request to change the sides to cream sauce or tomato pasta.
(it cost the same) 

The cream sauce pasta taste nice as well...better than average!

Another yummy-licious dish
Squid Ink Pasta

Get ready to have your tongue and lips "black-en"
It taste like as if the pasta is soaked in crab roe sauce...
With prawns, squids, clams, mussels, scallops...
Full of the fresh seafood taste!

There are order side dishes as well...
Baked Mussels 

They have other pastas that taste really nice!
Alcohols are available at their restaurant.

As they have limited seating area, it will be better to make a reservation if you are going during peak hours.

**Durian for desserts?**
Just beside them, there is 2 durian stalls that sells really creamy and delicious durian :)

They packed the durian into an air tight bag.
You can take away and bring around without fearing of the durian smell!

#01-01, Rocca Balestier
 221 Balestier Road
Singapore 3299328

Contact Number: 
6356 5656

Opening Hours:
4.00 pm to 1.00 am Daily

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