Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Looking for Cheap Pet Food? Discover SuperPets (Previously known as Pets Dreamz)

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Where do you normally get your pet food from? From a nearby pet shop? Ok, how about the price? is it cheaper than the rest of the retailers in Singapore? If the answer is no, may i recommend Pets Dreamz.

My parents were taking a walk at the heartland Ang Mo Kio estate and they noticed there is a shop down the neighborhood selling pets food and pets accessories.

So being pet lovers themselves, they decided to take a look at the varieties offered by this shop. When they looked at the price of the items, they were shocked to see that the prices were much cheaper than most retailers out there.

So, they had a little chat with the business owner. After which, he passed them his business card. Upon reaching home, they told me about this shop down the neighborhood and asked me to take a look myself. Well, since my pet food supply is running low, i have decided to head down to this place with my wife.

When we arrived at the humble shop, we took our time to look at the shop and doing our price comparison based on our memories. We were pleasantly shocked to find the prices are 20%-40% lower than our usual pet food supplier.

So being a kiasu Singaporean (*Kiasu - Singlish word for not wanting to miss an opportunity*), we took 2 bags of hay and a couple bottles of vitamin pills for our pets.

Upon checking out from the shop, the owner introduced himself as Brian. He mentioned to us that his shop is offering much lower price as compared to others as he believe pet lovers should not take keeping pets as a burden.

The reason why he set up such a wholesale centre for pet food is the rising pet food cost in Singapore. According to Brian, the food goes up once every 6 months. So, we signed up to be a member of the shop.

Membership is free (as long as you spend over $20 in 1 receipt). Delivery is also free if you spent over $80. So, being grateful to Brian, we promised to blogged about Pets Dreamz and hope that his business will prosper.

The most important part


Wholesale Centre
Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
Singapore 561226

Bukit Batok East Ave 1
Singapore 650271

More outlets coming our way! If we didn't remember wrongly, 1 will be in Yishun 1 will be in the eastern part of Singapore.

They also have a Holistic Pet Hotel (wow), housing pets whose owners had gone overseas..

52 Jalan Limnok
Singapore 548731

Lastly, do visit their website at www.petsdreamzonline.com

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