Saturday, 8 March 2014

Possibly the best Yong Tau Fu in Singapore? - Fu Lin

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Happened to walk past this Chinese Yong Tau Fu stall near Amoy street, along Telok Ayer road during lunch hour.

This humble shop house is located opposite one of Singapore's oldest temple. What attracted me was the long queue. So out of curiosity, I went in to take a look what's so nice about their food.

In Singapore, there's a saying that long queue = good food. So, I joined in the queue and picked my 6 Yong Tau Fu ingredients. Didn't know what to pick since there are not too many variety to choose from. There was this nice looking cheese sausage at the side with a price tag specially tagged on top of it. It cost $2.10 each or equals to 3 pieces of normal ingredients. So being a fan of cheese sausage, I selected it together with some Kang Kongs, seaweed chicken, some fried Ngoh Hiang and a piece of ku gua (bitter-gourd). The set of 6 items + noodles/rice cost you $5.30.

You can have them in soup or dry, but i would recommend to have them dry. Between the rice and noodles, i selected Noodles, inclusive of up-sizing it by topping up 50 cents.

The taste wise? Well, let's put it this way, it is not your normal Yong Tau Fu. The owner has an unique way of preparing the food, presenting them like how you would expect to see in a restaurant. The noodles are something like thick bee hoon style. The amazing factor lies with the sauce that goes with it. The highlight of the day is the cheese sausage. Cheese lovers be on alert! You need to try it to believe me of the amazing taste. Besides the dishes i had ordered, there is also this vege named Di Wang Miao that is nice. For those of us who have not tried this, it's time to do so. If you like it, return to this stall and order for more.

They have more than just 1 outlet in Singapore, found another 1 at Suntec City's food republic too! But i prefer the one at Amoy Street. Their main outlet is still at East Coast.

So, my Yong Tau Fu lovers, if you have yet to try this, what are you waiting for? Definitely 5/5 stars.

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