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Allergy gone bad. Does the doctor at this local government hospital care?

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We have a case submitted by a reader in regard to his wife's experience with a local hospital.

Here was how it goes.

On Tuesday my wife went to Mount * (Witcast didn't want to reveal the name of the hospital at this point) for treatment for her rashes however it didn't get better. Doctor said it might be viral infection. So she went home after they gave her some medication and a jab to reduce the itch. The next day, her face swelled and more rashes were found on her face and body. Hence, she went back to Mount * for a review. Mount * wanted to ward her but they were short of beds. So they said we can transfer to ***(We have blanked out the name of the hospital) for admission. Mount * doctor then wrote a referral letter to ***'s A&E.

Reader's wife before the allergy

My wife waited for 2hrs, where finally the doctor from ***'s A&E seen her. After seeing her,the doctor said its just a small case, dun need to be warded to the hospital. So she didn't get any treatment and left. And the next day her condition got worst. Face, eye swelling and more rashes developing. So does it mean only when her life is at risk then *** will consider it serious?

On Thursday, she could not take it anymore. She call Mount * and the nurse asked her to go back to Mount * as swelling of her face and eye is not a good sign. When she reached Mount *, she was asked to warded. This time, they have enough bed for her. After her admission, immediately she got treated by a skin specialist. The way *** treated her was a disappointment. I also sent in an complaint and am currently waiting for their reply. However, till date there is no reply.

The doctor at Mount * had diagnosed that she had a serious allergy reaction. Serious allergy can kill if it's not treated properly.

This was how she look after the rashes and swelling... She cried under her blanket ever since *** rejected her admission. Thank goodness she is getting better now after admitting to Mount *.

Witcast also did a simple interview with reader.

Witcast: Thank God she is better now!

Reader: Yeah.

Witcast: Do you intend to sue *** for their negligence to discover your wife's illness?

Reader: I m waiting first their reply. The auto reply says will reply in 14days. If within 14days, I don't get any reply. I will go report this incident to MOH.

Witcast: What do you think caused them to react this way? Reader: According to doc in mount *, they said it's because govt hospital don't see such case as serious. And they don't had enough beds.

Witcast: Lastly, do you think the commitment given can be better, if *** wishes to make amendment to your wife's case, how do you want them to settle it?

Reader: Well, look at my wife's face now. If it's disfigured then how are they going to compensate? Muscles on our faces are tender. It can cause disfigure. Face already swollen like this and doctor with just one look without giving her any treatment can say ÿou look fine to me, it's not serious. You don't have to be admitted and we don't have enough beds" If it's not serious then why would Mount * asked my wife to be admitted? *** doctor is ridiculous. And i think they are not experience from the way he attended to my wife. But thank goodness the next day there are available beds at Mount * so that my wife can get admitted to be treated. I think the doctors in government hospital only see life at risk then they call it serious. This is the feedback I had from nurses and patient during my wife's stay.

Witcast: It seemed serious to us that this reader's wife's face is badly affected. Do you have a similar story to tell? Let us know by sending us a private message on facebook.

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