Friday, 4 April 2014

Filial Piety - Something that should never be forgotten in life

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Being in an Asian family, we are told that our parents are bigger than gods. There is a saying that if you parents kneel in front of you, you will fall and faint immediately (do not ever try this).

So why do we need to be filial to our parents?

If you ever read the Holy Bible, it mentioned that thou shall honor your parents that your days may be prolonged in the land which the LORD your God gives you. (Exo 20:12). Please pardon me, i am not going to start preaching in this post.

Back in the ancient days, it had already been told that we need to appreciate what our parents had given us. We understand traditions may change, times may also change, people will evolve. However, this is something we should never gives up or change.

There is no parents in this world that wants their children to fall. They always wanted the best for their children, even though sometimes it might mean they get less for themselves.

Have you ever wondered, if not for your parents, would you be who you are today? I am not 100% sure about you, but for me, i won't.

I wasn't born to a wealthy family to begin with, when i was little, i could remember my dad failing in his business and our family was so poor that my mum would look all over the house just to find that 20 cents coin for our next meal. What can 20 cents buy you? 2 country erasers. But with the little they had, my mum would then take this small amount to the market and get us a piece of fish cake. Both my brother and i would not complain about our meals as we will see our parents taking a small piece of the fish cake and gives the rest of that to us. They would then take some soya sauce and mixed it with the rice and eat it.

We were POOR. But we were not defeated. I told myself back then, one day when I grow up, i want to earn as much money as i can, so my family can have a better life.

When I was 4 years old, my mum and I would walk my elder brother to school. That was when I asked her a innocent question.

Me: Mum, why dont I have to go to school? Is it because you think i am stupid?

Mum: No my dear, it's because you are still too young to go to school. Once you hit the age, even if i dont want you to study, i cant.

Me: Ok! It's a deal.

Mum : =)

My parents had never given me stress throughout my studies. Except there was once they sent me to this home tuition where the tutor would stress me day in and day out. Eventually being loving parents, they terminated the tuition as they saw i was struggling. After i broke free from it, my grades miraculously improved.

Fast forward to my secondary 3 studies, I did so badly in my studies that I failed my subjects badly. I had to be channeled to the normal stream. As usual, the school would require the parents to meet up with the teachers. When my teacher met up with my mum, i was depressed. I felt i let her down.

On our way home, she did not utter anything, just walking with me. When i cant take it further, i broke down in tears. I told her i let her down, i promised her that in the following year, i will be the top student and make her proud of me.

I did well for my GCE N level and scored 4 Distinctions and 1 Credit. I was also made the top student in my cohort and the Principal praised me for the good results. Deep down inside, i know i did it for my parents. I am sure they are proud of me.

Fast forward, now that i have graduated from college and stepped into the working world, 1 thing doesnt change.My love for my parents. I may not verbally said it daily to them, but i know i respect them and care for them deeply.

Now, both my mum and dad are retired/semi-retired and are getting on in age. I would spend time talking to them, have meals with them, or even watch some old movies with them.

One day, they will eventually be gone, but before that, I want to make sure they enjoyed the time spent with me and never ever regret giving birth to me. Yes, my life is indeed given by them, so i felt it's natural to love them the way they are.

They are not perfect people, some people might even not get along well with them, but they are my parents. If i dont love or care for them, no one will.

I hope our readers can take some time out of your busy schedules and show more concern to your loved ones. We only live once, so make it a meaningful one, not just to ourselves but also people around us. Starting with your parents.

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