Saturday, 15 February 2014

Fareast Flora, too far for us

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Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Have you ever asked yourself how reliable your flora are? What if they screw up your orders on your big day? 

Background of case

Many concerned/thoughtful boyfriends, husbands, guys who wanna woo their dream girl were left helpless when the roses that they had pre-ordered did not arrive at the designated timing.

Angry customers demanding their rightful refunds

Just take a look at the FarEast Flora Facebook page and you would see plenty of unhappy customers posting their unhappiness on the Facebook wall. 

Customer A
How can you do this to me?!!!!!!! It is 6.05 pm now and the flowers ordered by my husband on 5 Feb is not here!!!!! Why did you not listen to your customers' feedback. Mr Jeremy Huang told you 3 weeks ago that you screwed up his surprise for his wife's birthday by sending the flowers past 6 pm and you did it again and some more on Valentine's Day. Who is going to wait around for your flowers to arrive? You better have a service recovery program in place. To think we have been your customer for over 20 years!
If you cannot accept so many order don't book in the business.
You will lose all your customers for over-promising and under-delivering. Cardinal sin for service industry.
Seriously, Far East should close down their FACEBOOK before you get FLAMED further. Hide your face. How can you expect the recipient to be waiting for her valentine flowers and still waiting? no cow sense doing business this way. what a shame
Any good nurtured person would have been tested to the limit with this kind of service.

My husband emailed them 15 mins ago and they say they will check and get back. no further update! Annoying. If accepted payment, must honored delivery. Gosh! you not only ruin the day you ruin the valentine's dinner too!
Goodness me! I just got a call from delivery lady. She said she part timer. When she reported for work, she saw a order slip to send flowers to my office between 9 am to 5 pm& wonder why flowers still sitting in the office! 

If my flowers which were ordered on 5 Feb had such great difficulty reaching me on 14 Feb why did Far East close booking only yesterday? If orders placed between 5-13 Feb were delivered on time, Far East florist owe me a BIG explanation!

Less than 3 hours left of Valentine's Day & my flowers are still not here! Unbelievable ! Is Far East into flowers business ? Is this the way to delight the customers? Please go back to basics to learn how to deliver flowers on time!

Obviously Far East Florist DO NOT communicate with their delivery team! my hubby emailed Far East close to 8 pm to route flowers to our home instead. Only then they replied AND promised to reach by 9 pm! Hello! What time now? Right hand don't know what left hand is doing & they want to run a business. Worst of all, they are not apologetic at all. Message is loud & clear - Don't call me. I'll call you AND at my time!

My flowers finally arrived at 11 pm. It was added to the list of evening delivery items. Delivery lady told me she was shocked when she saw stated Delivery time was from 9 am - 5 pm but flowers still sitting at nursery. Cut story short. The petals of the pink roses look burnt, baby breath feel like dried flowers & the water in the vase had turned yellow. Wonder what can I do to revive a $245 floral arrangement. I want compensation ! Obviously they lost control of the supply chain.

Customer B
Made a trip down to FullofSh*flora to demand a refund and gave a peace of mind to the manager. Seriously doubt they were doing much to remedy situation as everything looks so slow paced there even though manager was apologetic.Seems like upper management was nowhere to be seen. Duno if unaware of situation or JUST nonchalant about it.

Customer C
From all the comments I've read here, I definitely won't be ordering flowers from Far East Flora anymore. I left my office at 615pm today, and the flowers my boyfriend had ordered were still not delivered. It seems like either customers' orders weren't delivered within the slated timing of 9am-6pm or one would receive flowers in a bad condition. The company also lacks the basic courtesy of informing customers that they are unable to deliver the flowers and instead choses to let their customers wait endlessly. Phonecalls to your hotline were not answered and ignored- not the smartest move to appease your angry customers. I just hope you can be prompt in following up with the refunds and live up to your reputation as one of the best floral company in Singapore. But one thing for sure, you've lost several customers today because of your company's lack of efficiency and after-sales service.

Customer D
It is 715pm now and you have still not delivered my flowers. Delivery time 9am-6pm??? It is no where near the time frame. My wife have already left the office. Hotline can't call through also. This will surely be brought up to CASE.

If you guys can't handle the mass flower orders then you should have closed the orders earlier or hire more delivery staff. I could have bought the flowers from other florist shop.

Thank you for spoiling this special day. You have lost another customer. Please refund me the money and give compensation for this lousy customer service. (Order:W410309)

Customer E
the day is ruined.. order still not delivered till now. If you should see a guy crying over flowers... that's me. I was just so pissed i started crying. seriously. horrible experience.

Customer F
Thanks for SCREWING UP my valentine day with CRUSHED FLOWERS at 5.45pm! More people should read about this so their important moments won't be destroyed by FAR EAST FLORA!

Customer G
This is it, the time now, 601pm. No flowers received. Today is Valentine's day, i hope you understand. Fareast flora used to be so efficient that it exceeded my expectations and this is why i had been a loyal fan.

1) Seen many friends receiving their flowers, ok no issue, the flowers will eventually arrive before 6.

2) The time was 4pm and the status still shows DO Generated, so decided to call. The 1st call asked me to wait, so i waited, the next moment i know, only good bye was said from you guys.

3) Tried calling back, no answer, cant even get through.

4) 5pm, getting worried, pm this FB page to no avail. So sent an email but in vain.

5) Now its past 6. Where are the flowers?

If you guys cannot deliver, have the courtesy to call your customers and inform them, so they know whats happening. If you guys cannot take so many orders, then stop at whatever amount you can deliver! Now, the flowers didn't arrive, my wife will not be able to hold a bouquet of flowers when she dine with me.

Well done FareastFlora. You jolly well make the full refund to me and everyone else or else we will go to CASE. And we will win. Your reputation will go down the drain and this will be it.

Customer H
Seriously ? whats up with the service here? IF you cant handle the delivery don't freaking accept orders and let us down at the end of the day. Advertise so much but fail utterly.

Customer I
Hi. My boyfriend ordered a bouquet of flowers for me. It was delivered during lunch time. The condition of the flowers? The "bottle" which you had arranged the flower in before you wrap it had a leak. MY OFFICE DESK WAS WET. And there was no card. My boyfriend told me that he had put a special message in the card, WHICH I HAD NOT RECEIVED. Called your Customer Service. I chose to hold on..but next thing I know, you had auto hang up on me. GOOD ONE.

Customer J


Customer K
I am furious at the lack of responsibility of your business. No call and your hotline was engaged.

Customer L
 Absolute screwed up! I helped my brother reserved a bouquet for his wife. No delivery, no call back, called and called the hotline which was most of the time engaged and when finally got through, was promised call back TWICE but none fulfilled.

Customer M
 This is really really bad service. No news at all. It's almost akin to a scam whereby money is collected, but no goods delivered and no news heard. Maybe we can all consider taking a class action or even a police report given the vast majority of failed delivery. Far East Flora better figure out how to resolve this amicably.


FarEast Flora had indeed disappointed their loyal fans/customers. This is a very serious matter, can you imagine someone's big day might not have a bouqet of flowers? Let's say you are getting married, you ordered a bouquet from them, gave them special instruction to deliver, they never arrived. Would you even trust them?

Next, their customer service is non-existence. If they do not know what is customer service, i would recommend either they close shop or attend a course. A flora exist for what purpose? Sell flowers. This is the minimum requirement. If your company had a good history of doing that, the public will see that you have a good system running. So they will trust you with their money while they do their own things. All they wanted to see is a smile on their partner's face. The surprise they would get is amazing, not this kind of surprises. Like a friend of mine said, incidence like this only happens on APRIL's FOOL DAY, not Valentine's day.

Can they imagine the state that the poor consumer might have suffered? If they wishes to close down their hard work business, let us know. Let the whole world knows, FarEast Flora is no longer doing this as a business. Consumer will gladly choose their rivals over them.

So, they can't deliver what they promised. No one on this planet want to know is this person's fault that person's fault. You open a business, you jolly well know how to handle your customers if something crops up suddenly. My guess for them not contacting their customers as below: 

1)Lack of manpower. They do not have enough phones to call out to their customers for a start, i guess none of the staff wants to use their own phones to call for something not caused by them, unless they get a full sponsor. 

2) Lack of communication. They might think they might still be in time for most delivery but they are so wrong. You do not communicate with your supply chain, you lose everything. 

3) Can't be bothered as there are too many to call. 

Whatever reason it is, they had failed badly in their job. They deserved to get the rod. Full refunds are just the minimum compensation they can offer. For the trauma and anger caused with no explanation or service recovery, they need to add in some other things to please their angry customers.

If this is the way their management is heading, they are going down. Or maybe they had relocated to the Far Far Eastern side of Asia, that's why the flowers won't reach their customers on time.

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