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Sorry, we ran out of twister fries - McDonald's

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Always liked McDonald's? Not if this happened to you.

On 23 January 2014 1210PM, my wife and I visited the Mcdonald's branch at Anson Road.

The place was fully packed with executives queuing to get their burgers and fries. After queuing for 10 mins, finally it's our turn to get our order. We were greeted by the service staff, Mdm Winnie (based on her nametag). Mdm Winnie did her due diligence by asking us if we wanted to top up a dollar for the twister fries. Being a fan of the fries, we topped up a dollar each for the fries. 

After paying up, we were asked to queue up on the right which we felt it's normal to queue for our food to arrive. That was when we noticed the service manager shouted across to the crews to stop offering twister fries as an option to the customers. Ok, so we thought, looking across the service counter, we saw there were still a few packets of twister fries left. 

Then, there was this Indian service crew who helped to serve the food to the customers. She picked up 2 packets of twister fries, burgers, drinks and placed it on the tray intended for the customer behind us. After seeing the food is ready, Winnie signalled to the customer behind us (who was shocked to see her food arrive so quickly) to collect her food. 

After which, we heard this Indian service crew asked Winnie what happen next, as there is no more twister fries for my wife and I. Upon hearing this, Winnie signalled to the service manager by the name of Gharnesh (not too sure of the spelling). Winnie explained to Gharnesh that my order was supposed to be the 1st order (before the lady who was queuing behind me and got her food 1st). Gharnesh didn’t bothered to hear her explanation and told my wife and I that since there is no more twister fries, he will refund me the difference and asked me to wait.

Shocked by his actions, my wife started to ask him nicely if this is the way to do things. We placed our orders 1st and wasn’t given our rightful share? Gharnesh continued saying they do not have any more twister fries left, hence there is nothing he could do except to refund us the difference. His actions didn't convinced me that he was sincere in wanting to settle this issue. So I asked him, we came 1st, you guys served the customers behind and now I have to bear the consequences for your staff's mistake? Is that the way to just brush us off? I don't think that is very nice of him to do that. After which, he reluctantly apologised for it and proceeded to offer us a refund of the differences since he can't offer an alternative. That was which i asked for his name, which he gladly mentioned to me. 

So when we paid for the food, we topped up $1 each, but to our surprises, the refund was only $0.80. So i asked Winnie to explain the rationale behind. When she can’t answer, she asked Gharnesh to help out again. Gharnesh didn't mouth a word, just keyed in something into the cashier and took out $0.75 to me instead. Surprised by his actions, I told him we are not eating now, please refund us back in full instead. Gharnesh obliged and offered the refund in full through Winnie. There was no sense of sincerity in his attitude and we certainly don’t feel the service recovery done by McDonald's.

Something is very wrong here.

May i check 

1) If your twister fries is so hot fav, why don’t you put them in your regular menu? 
2) When you announced there is no more twister fries, shouldn't you announce it before your fries runs out? (at least when there’s only 10 packs?) 
3) Before your fires is officially out of stock, shouldn't you guys serve those who queued up and ordered (1st in 1st out) with the remaining stock? Oh wait, you mean you guys practice last in, 1st out? 
4) Attitude - So, you manager can just brush your customers off and said it is officially out of stock. I will refund the differences to you, bye. Shouldn't you guys admit your poor planning and service lapses in this case? 

I'm loving it. My foot.

Maybe it's time to take back the service excellence award you had won previously.

I had tried to give you guys a chance to explain, but your email reply never came. Not even now, i think you guys simply dont care right? So i decided to message their facebook on 5 Feb 14.

Hi McDonald's Its been awhile since my email feedback to you guys. I have no received a reply via email. Please reply to my email by 6 Feb or i will post my feedback to your Facebook wall to let your other customers understand the service better. Thank you.
In came the McDonald's Facebook reply on 6 Feb 14

we are truly sorry for the delay in responding to you. We have informed our Business Consultant to follow up with you and will be reminding him again. Thank you for your kind understanding and patience.

So my reply on 7 Feb

i see, get the person to email me back and not call as i may no be able to take calls

McD: thank you for letting us know. We will let our colleague know. Thanks!

on the same day my reply

ok roughly when can I get a response from McDonald's Quality Service Manager?

No news until February 11th, 11:22am

we apologise again for the delay. We have conveyed this to our colleague who will be in touch very shortly. Thank you.
So i assume they will get in touch very shortly. Their message never came. So i replied them on 14 Feb 14

How long more do you guys need? Indefinitely?

Silence from them. So i followed up with a message on 17 Feb 14

Hi McDonald's. I think you guys are fooling me.Do you guys really value customer service? How about service recovery? Stop giving false hopes to your customers. My 1st email to McDonald's was on 23rd January 2014. It's close to 1 month and all i ever received was this msg from the Facebook team who tells me the reply is on the way. Is it so difficult to get you guys to write an email back to me? 

So on 19 Feb Mcd replied: we are truly sorry about the delay in responding to you. Please rest assured that our customer care colleagues will be in touch very shortly. Thank you.

And my final reply to them

I am very sick of your apology. We need explanations instead.

Did I over reacted to this? You be the judge. 

McDonald's, i am truly disappointed in your service recovery.

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