Tuesday, 4 February 2014

M1 Downtime again

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A word of advice to M1. If you dont have such a big head, dont wear such a big hat.

Same for your business concept, if you cannot provide a good service to your customers, stop telling people you are sorry or you are the most Vibrant and dynamic communications company, providing mobile and fixed services to over 2 million customers.

You know what? You guys should just close down. The main purpose of your existance is to provide at least the basic calling and messaging services. And you guys can't do it?

If this is the 1st time, ok we take it with a benefit of doubt. But this is a repeated mistake. The last thing we want to see is M1 becoming like SMRT. Down-time becoming a norm.

When Singtel's MioTv experienced down-time, everyone of their customers received 1 month of waiver for their subscription. This is call Service recovery. The last time M1 was down, the so called service recovery is free talk time for a few hours. What a whole load of nonsense is that.

Some of us rely on our hp for business. People who wants our business call us, if they cant get through, they go to our rivals.

Worst still, if you are trapped in a lift, you thought you have a lifeline, your mobile phone and it's not working, well done. If you see a crime and you want to call 999 or a fire you want to call 995, you cant. What would happened??

Somebody better give the nation a good answer.

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