Saturday 29 June 2013

Education in Singapore - Cant get into a local uni? Look here!

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Many local poly grads would agree with me that it is really not easy for them to enter 1 of our local uni.

NUS,NTU,SMU,SIT,SUTD, wow that seemed to be many institution right? Well, the 1st 3 i must say it is indeed difficult to secure a place. SIT and SUTD are alittle different, especially when SIT wer set up to replace SIM as the 4th local university.

SIT is almost the same as SIM, except that it is recognised as the local uni.

So, what choices do the rest of us have?

1) UniSIM - The uni that was supposed to be the 4th uni? Well, not exactly, SIM is quite different from UniSIM, UniSIM is merely a school whose degree is being conferred from SIM. This uni is catered for the working adults, with subsidy up to 55%, but only offers programme for part-time students. Nah, no full-time yet. So well, you can't use your CPF savings for your education yet. 1 bad point is, SIM is really far from town. If you are driving, you need to find parking lot at night, which is difficult. Taking bus? Be prepared to be squeezed.

2) SIM Global - SIM Global is different from UniSIM. SIM Global consist of many different schools, such as University of London (UOL), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), University of Manchester, etc etc. 1 trick is the school color, 1 logo is green 1 is red. Green is SIM Global.So, why these schools? If you want to throw all your eggs in 1 basket and pray hard that you can pass 1 shot. You may consider UOL or University of Manchester. If you prefer doing assignments, maybe you can consider RMIT. Some says UOL is for loners? But i beg to differ. Yes UOL do not need you to mingle and work with others, but i am sure they have other means of putting what they studied in good use.

RMIT on the other hand, diverse the risk of failing, but it will also means you need to be very consistent throughout in order to get a good grade at the end of the day. Free loaders are also present in your class. Learn to manage them and one day you can manage your own subordinates. Oh ya, RMIT is known for delaying their results due to industrial strikes in Aussie.

3) Kaplan - Can't wait to finish your studies and make it with a cert? Sign up for Kaplan now. Some courses are as fast as 1.5 years. Can you make it with so much information without any breaks in between? Can la, but very tiring i would say. Oh ya, they are so fast because they dont have any break in between their classes and exams. Tough luck huh?

4) MDIS - MDIS used to be 1 of the top 3 private uni in Singapore. When you mentioned private Uni, it will be MDIS, SIM and PSB. The students' feedback on the school and lecturers are ok, however their admin needs to improve further. The students need to enroll to their following semester without knowing their results! The students will also have no break in between their semester, much more hectic than Kaplan as their time frame to complete is 3 years? However, good thing is, the school will pay you if you refer someone to the school.

5) PSB Academy - PSB also offers UOL, and their passing rate is higher? (according to students from both schools). Different from MDIS, PSB's admin team is doing a good job. Even when you decided to enrol in other school after checking out them, the admin will still wish you all the best with a smile. I remembered PSB Academy was once a stat board? Well, maybe their cert is still worthy huh.

So, the choice is yours! The prices for the course are also around the same. 18k -25k?

Cert wise, all around the same, as the interview is all that matters.

Good luck everyone!

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Friday 28 June 2013

Mac Hello Kitty - Singapore's temperamental can be fixed with you believing

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Despite being a cosmopolitan country today, it is a fact that Singapore started with no natural resources to exploit for future exponential growth in terms of gross domestic capital (GDP). Yet, we had done well with our native serving as our nation core. Our modernity of success stands clear with our workforce pillaring our stronghold and led abreast with vibrancy. Even so, we get shaken slightess by the farmiliar craze over the mouthless puss - frustration, pushing and shoving, exchanging of unkind words or even fighting - were not unanticipated as shown in the following video.

Here's a battle. Arguably, those in the queue have all the right in the world to be screaming in the face of the Mc manager as Mc had earlier allowed 4 kitties to be sold to each person. As hours fade, Mc retracted their statement of deal and implemented the restriction to 2 kitties per person instead. These self-labelled poor souls were informed only upon hours of queuing and they felt unjustifiable.

On the flipside, let's shine a halo on the manager's forehead. The kitty has a spell call 'blind' - it is passive and has a wide area of effect (AOE) causing some to be blinded by their selfishness and foolishness to dissolve their dissapointment by inflicting pain on the closest possible target. Obviously, the lady in black in a smarter attire (Mc Manager) would fit the description as a strawman for arrows. In respect of her profession, she flaunt out her virtue and handle the situation tactfully, amicable and patiently. With little to be done, she had to contact our men in blue.

In time of hazy spell from neighbouring acrid smoke, it is still understandably that we pit a race towards protective gears, all for the sake of good health. Even though the stock is scarce, some of our industrial icons and political leaders made a sacrifice of their time to dispatch facemasks and commit their teaching to wearing it right. It is equally heartening to learn sight on plentiful of kind-hearted personnels (locals and FTs, we stand as one) to share their supply with those needing most in our heartlanded compound.

If there is a pre-tagline for Mc it could be sharing is caring. By restricting 4 to 2 kitties - lesser each can get means the more others can get - could be a crowded, fun and happy event. If all of us open our thought and heart a little closer to those around us, this world, this country could be so much happier and meaningful to live in. Noone but us can do it. 

If you are one of the unscrupulous stockpilers on mask or kitties to stir the black market (touch your heart, feel your guilt), you truly deserve one of the 'shametag'.

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Our 5 languages of love

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The Divorce rate in the America is 1 in 2. The rate in Aussie is 1 in 3. Singapore? Its 1 in 4. So, look around you. Lets say your office have 20 married colleagues, there could be a good chance of 5 divorcee. There are many many reasons why people fell out of love. So what went wrong? We wont know. But let me share something interesting with all of you.

Introducing, the 5 languages of love.

What? Love can talk? Come on, give me a break. No, i am not kidding you. There is a book written by Gary Chapman named the 5 languages of love. If you have not read this book yet, let me share this book in a nutshell with you.

Just like your 5 senses, there are 5 languages of love for everyone. You may speak one or more languages of love. Stay tune, read on and i am certain you will nod in agreement with me.

The 1st language - Words of Affirmation.

What's words of affirmation? Put into simple words, this is to praise and feed your ego. When your spouse had done a good presentation at work, earned him a good business deal or when he asked you how do he looked today? Give him your honest and edifying encouragement! If someone's love language is words of affirmation, he will definitely feels good about that. He will in fact ask you to say more encouraging words to him.

Why did i used he/him in this paragraph? Well, that's because most of the men i know speaks this language! We love it when our loved one acknowledge our good work and praises us publicly. When that happens, you can see a big smile coming from them.

If this is your partner's love language: Target to compliment your spouse once per day =) Be sincere about it.

The 2nd language - Acts of Service

Well, Acts of service simply means doing things for your loved one and drawing a big smile to his/her face. Simple things like cooking a meal for the family, washing the laundry, washing dishes, put the kids to sleep etc.

If this is your partner's love language, your partner loves to hear this, "let me do this for you." Do not nag. He/she hates nagging more than any other things.

The 3rd language - Quality Time

Spending time to your spouse is the most important thing that could happen to you if your spouse's love language is this. So what is quality time? huh huh, Quantity is not = Quality. Hence do not do other things while spending time with your loved ones. Shut down your iphone,ipad, note2, s4, computer etc etc. Just do nothing and gazes into his/her eyes. Being physically there but mentally not there is not quality time.

So this is what you should do if this is your partner's love language : Ask your spouse to list down what she/he enjoys doing and do it together with her/him.

The 4th language - Receiving Gifts

Well, if this is your spouse's love language, dont ever forget your spouse's big days. Birthdays, anniversaries, mothers day. fathers day etc..Moreover, dont misunderstand giving gift as a material blessings. Giving a card wont cost you much, but to someone who speaks this love language, they appreciate it more than how you perceive it to be.

So what should you be doing? Besides remembering big days, impress your spouse with little gifts daily. It can be hand made, or something nice which dont cost alot. However having said that, please dont be stingy when it comes to the big days =)

The 5th language - Physical touch

Oh, this love language is for perverts? Nah, we are sexual beings, it is not wrong for us to feel this way, especially when this is your love language. It is actually giving hugs, pat on the shoulder, holding of hands. All these ways can be a form of love for someone with this love language. Especially when they are feeling down. So now you know why girls hug each other when they see each other now? ah huh!

People who has such love language would feel secured when they are loved in these manner. But only to the right person. Dont expect to touch him/her when he/her hardly know you. You might be sued for sexual harassment.

So what should you do if you spouse speaks this love language? Hmm besides the natural things, do give pecks on their cheek and lips when you are going away from them. This is make them feel safe and secure.

I have shared the 5 amazing love languages to you. If you find it helpful, do like and share this piece of article to your loved ones. I have personally taught in groups before penning this down.

Try it to believe it.

God bless and may your love grows stronger each day.
My lovely wife and i =)
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Thursday 27 June 2013

Fairy tale for the Singing Bone Hello Kiiy

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For those who might be interested..the fairy tale for the Singing Bone Hello Kiiy:
A boar lays waste to a country, and two brothers set out to kill it. The younger meets a little man who gives him a spear, and with it, he kills the boar. Carrying the body off, he meets his brother, who had stayed to drink until he felt brave. The older brother lures him in, gives him drink, and learns of the younger brother's adventure. They then set out to deliver the body to the king, but on passing a bridge, the older kills the younger, and buries his body beneath it. He takes the boar himself to the king, and marries the king's daughter.
One day a shepherd sees a bone under the bridge and uses it to make a mouthpiece for a horn, which begins to sing on its own. The shepherd takes this marvel to the king. On hearing the song, which tells the tale of the murder, the king has the younger brother's skeleton dug up. The older brother cannot deny murdering him and is executed.

Now, would you share this ill-fated tale to your little ones ?
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Harlow Kitty madness

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So, are you one of the hello kitty faithful who had been queuing up to get the limited edition of the McDonald's kitty?

I hope if you did queue for it, you shall have it. Else, it will be quite sad for you to return empty handed. So why do people suddenly wanna collect harlow kitty?

1)It had been the trend for queuing of harlow kitties at the McDonald's. Back in year 2000, there had been cases of people damaging the McDonald's glass door just because they can't get the kitty set. So the queue is back!

2)My gf/wife want lo, so i bo bian, have to queue up and make her happy. Thats a very good bf/husband i would say. We have seen so many facebook post on how sweet the bf/hubby are to them. Well, at the expense of the spouse's sleep or money(or both).

3)For profit lah. 1 normal kitty with meal will cost you $4.60 each. Without meal $10. But in the black market, this price will soar like an eagle. Random view on ebay had seen the price rose to $126,000 for a kitty. Madness. We are quite sure the person who won the bid will not honor his bid. However, it's quite scary. Prices can be seen on facebook, suddenly everyone is selling one. At a profit that is, seen someone posted on a facebook page that saw 1 kitty sold for $200 each. This is daylight robbery, but as the saying goes, willing seller, willing buyer.

McDonald's had been seen working with the police for such unethical selling off of the kitties in the black market. I hope more actions can be done to ensure these people learn a lesson or 2.

4)Looks cool and it seems to be in style to have one mah. Yes, looks cute, looks limited, but is it worth your time?? It loses the trendy style once you have to spend time queuing up for it. Personal views only, not meant to stir up anything here.

I am waiting (patiently) to see 1 or 2 years later when the buyers decided to give it up for the original cost price or even for free. Just like how i got my harlow kitty (wedding series) for free. Cheapskate? Nah, just finding a home for the poor kitties.

Just for laugh, saw one post online

"Hello kitty singing bone to exchange for 4room flat (any location in singapore)"

Some drama that happened at one of the McDonald's. Sounds like a General election rally speech?!
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Wednesday 26 June 2013

Finding your way in Singapore

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Widely known as 'the little red dot', Singapore simply gives the impression to the swathe of society as a small compact nation which is highly accessible to different parts of the island. Being a local, I say this is far from the truth if you were to find a very specific location - perhaps a residential, industrial park or a skyscraper - that reasoned out that our island has still so much grounds for venturing and exploration activities.

I am uncertain on how virtual mapping tools work oversea so I shall only deliver glimpse for sampling within my island. Before setting off to your destination, there is a spoilt for choices to rely on the tools easily available on the web. We are just going to generate a random location in one of my island's hotspot in Serangoon.

1. Google Map - At times, I find them lazy, unreliable and inaccurate

On the above google map, I can't tell for nuts to rely on any nearby distinctive landmark near my destination and for goodness sake the location of Serangoon Mrt is totally out of place. If I were an Ang Mo I will boycott the use of google map out of frustration. The contrast is even more obvious for comparison with other map assistance tools.

Best plus point - Sucks on andriod but excels on iphone. On the road and depending on your mobile model, you could make the best in its 'lighthouse mode' navigating to the direction you are moving which constantly update your current spot with almost precision.

My say - worthy only on iphone. Being a Samsung device fanatic, I din give a second thought to source for other noteworthy mapping tools.

2. Street directory - My top choice on PC

Pioneered by Virtual Map a Singapore venture firm, streetdirectory was born. With its huge notable success, its reputation arise with a fast-rising value and was eventually bought over as a wholly entity by JDB holding (Hongkong) in 2008.

Comparing on the same location with google map, the visual reference provided is absolutely dummy-proof. With indicative landmark around the region, one can easily locate their destination without much hassle. While the virtual map is colourful, it is also powerful. It does little to shroud your vision enabling a faster way to navigate and zoom into the destined spot. One shot one kill would be an ideal tagline.

Because of its chunky and localised style of mapping, it works best on PC. I've tried using it on my Samsung Note 2 and I honestly wasn't generous to rate it well. Any screen smaller than a PC, you will have problems figuring longer than you should. Moreover, the interface on both Andriod and Iphone don't appeal.

My say - Use it only on PC, while on PC use it only.

3. Go there sg - A worthy opponent to the top giants

Coming fast and furious, we have

If you bear a low threshold for colorful virtual maps, this is the best alternative to avoid enveloping yourself with overflowing of information. The best part tells you on the charges for parking which is essential for drivers - I find this extremely useful to plan before making trips down.

The neat layout and light colouring does not enguff your vision and trade off for pleasantness. On top of all, the interface plays a farmiliar sight to iMac users with trusty user experience.

My say - Amid the cluster of options, I would wrap up with these three options - googlemap for iphone, streetdirectory for PC and for either PC or Andriod.

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Tuesday 25 June 2013

Do you remember? (Part 3)

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Thank for your support for these series of post. So, what else did we experience during our growing up days?

For me, i will say the Thomson Yaohan (which is today's Thomson plaza). Back in the mid 1990s, my friends and i would hang out at this shopping center once school is over. Our favourite dining place? KFC, how much do we have? $2 - $4 at most. However, that is enough for us to get something to munch. For me, i would always order a colonel burger (something like today's shrooms burger without the mushroom). It used to cost me $1.70 for the burger alone. For drinks wise, we would only drink the free plain water provided by the fast food outlet. Little did we have, but the fun level was just awesome. Lots of chit chatting, lots of fun, lots of laugh. Who says you need to be rich to experience joy?

The other hot spot would be the playground. Where the most popular station would be the swing, everyday without fail there would be someone playing with it all day long. There was once where my classmates set an explosion on a spray can with a matchstick. Wow, that was scary, kids, please do not try this anywhere.

Back in my primary school days, we dont have a proper place to play soccer, although we have a field. So our "goal-posts" were the 2 coconut trees. However, this had brought us much joy before class, during recess and after school. Had always heard lots of shouts when the bell rings, i wonder why? Maybe they know its game over. haa

Also, there was another game called, "hantam bola" (translated to dodgeball). However, my school's version is quite different from the original one. We called it, "prisoners' ball". So how do we play?

1stly, we form 2 teams of equal numbers. The normal hantam bola rules applies, except we used a ping pong ball and shoot our opponents. Our opponents can either "siam"(escape), or be brave enough to catch the ball. However, if the ball slips from their hand or kenna hit by the ball, they loses their "lives". So what will happen if they loses their lives? They will need to stand behind our team and be "locked-up". However, their alive team mates can save them if they managed to pass the ball from their half to the area behind us. When they gets the ball, they can then aim and shoot at us, when the prisoners managed to shoot us down, they can be rescued from their prison and return to their team mates's side. While my team mate who was being shot will have to be their prisoners instead. So how do you find out whose the winner in this game? By counting the number of "alive" players!

Sounds interesting? Why not try it? All you need is a ping pong ball and a group of brave kakis, be it guys or girls.
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Monday 24 June 2013

Always thought only Asian behave weirdly on the MRT? Look at this gross lady from the west, which may well change your perception.

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Was browsing through facebook and saw this gross video.

1 word to describe her, gross. Think if you want to dig your nose, go home, go and do it in your bathroom. No one will say anything as it's your own comfort home. To do this? omg, hope no 1 sees it. To EAT it???? OMG!! Are you serious???

Only watch this when you dont want to take any food for the next 30 min.

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Mad woman started scolding vulgarities and smoke on MRT - Warning, coarse language , NC16

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This woman obviously lost it. High on drugs?

We heard she was taken away by the MRT staff right after this.

Not sure if she was fined $500 for smoking though.
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Sunday 23 June 2013

Doctors inject HIV into Dying Girl - for a debatable cause

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Doctors inject HIV into Dying Girl - for a good cause

Read more here
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Saturday 22 June 2013

My Mini Empire (Part 3)

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I wanna start off by thanking the viewers for your great support(Yes thats you!!) to the blog posts and remember to like the page =)

Today, after introducing Prostars. Headliners, Microstars, Soccerstarz and Kodoto, i will be sharing more on repainting of the existing figurines into your favourite soccer team player.

Picture from Andy Wolfe
So, you can't find your favourite player in your favourite team? Fear not, there are many repainters and remodel artists who can help you create the figure you always wanted. However, as these are custom made, you have to pay at a higher price.
So how much is a reasonable price to pay for a repaint figurine? Well, i can't put a price on them on a general basis. All i can say is, it has a broad range from as little as 5 pounds to more than 80 pounds per figure. The painting, the finishing, the resemblance of the player, the printed logo on jersey are all pricing factors.

Just type corinthian repaints on google image and you have a rough idea what i am talking about.

Personally, i have collected quite a number of repainted models. Reason for doing so? I believe i am paying for an art work done by a great artist. Money spent? Well, thats another factor. Repaint models dont sell as much as normal figurines in the resale market. So, it is really up to individual whether they want to have a piece of repaint or they would prefer painting it themselves. Having scored F for Art and Craft back in my schooling days, i better dont damage more figurines.

The next topic i will be sharing will be on the corinthian cards. What? Cards? Whats there to share? Yes, most collectors would just take their figurines out from the blister and dont even take a look at the card that were in the same blister pack. These cards gave us some insight on how rare these figurines exactly are. Information such as the total number of figurines released for this particular figurine can also be found.

In the above 2 cards, we can see Phil Neal seemed to be more rare than Inamoto. There were only 1,067 figurines produced for Neal while there are 16,564 figurines produced for Inamoto. However, in this case, the figurines demanded for Neal is relatively low, hence the cost of purchasing Phil Neal is still relatively cheap.

The above pictures shows the cerificate of authenticity for a team box set and an elite box set. Currently, the team box sets are selling at a rather high price as compared to the rest of the figurines. Box sets when displayed, seems nice and majestic, no wonder buyers would spend hundreds of dollars just to own a piece of their favourite team. For Elite packs, the volume produced are relatively low. It comes in only 750 or 1500 for the figures produced. Hence, the prices for some more famous players such as Maradona, Ronaldo, Zidane could go as high as 80 pounds. However there are some lower end players which can be sold for less than 10 pounds.

So, does that means the number doesnt really show which players are more in demand? Well, you got to see it this way, if there are 10000 Messi figurines in the market but there are 25000 Messi supporters who wants his figurine, do you think the price will go up? Certainly! Same rational for other lower produced figurines. Such as Zamorano Select 500 series, as the name goes, there were only 500 ever produced but maybe there are less than 300 collectors want this figurine, hence the price will still be relatively low.

Besides the rarity of the figurines mentioned, some cards such as the retail series would give some background of the player/manager.

For world club legend cards, the cards will also show why the player is worthy to be a legend. Information such as the highlight of his career and club statistics are written clearly on the card.

For Club gold world great series, besides giving information of the player and the collector number, the card will also gives information of the series that this figurine was produced.

There are some series where the card gives the owner some liberty of rating the player of their choice. It would be quite interesting to see how you friends rate your favourite player against your choice. 10 years on, you can take the cards out and see how generous you had rated the player back then!

Lastly, for the platinum figurines, their cards are relatively simple but classy. Not much of an information , only listed the series and the issue number for authenticity purposes. As compared to the same series non platinum version.

I am a fan of numbers, so i collect blister issued number 0001. However, it is also with a cost. Number 1 figurines are generally more expensive than lets say number 1234. Having said that, some collectors prefer the number which the player wore on his jersey, such as Robbie Fowler number 9 of liverpool.

Whichever preference you have, it is your collection. At the end of the day, be happy with what you have. Some sellers may sell at the market rate, while some will sell at below cost price(or what some of you called "blood deals").

By displaying the cards together in a collector's album might seem nice and most importantly, it saves you space. I have known collectors who dont collect figurines but only the cards. So, be it Prostars, Kodoto, Microstars, Soccerstarz, Headliners, Pocket Sport or even the cards, we as the soccer fans of the beautiful game, will always have something special to showcast to the world.
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Thursday 20 June 2013


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Singapore is in a state of fear now, according to local authorities, the PSI index had gone all the way up to 321. A record that we would not wish to break, had now been broken. But is that the highest?

So what causes the haze? Well, you dont need to be a rocket scientist to know, it's caused by the wind direction which blew the haze from Indonesia to our sunny island.

Despite faint effort to call for our neighbour to control and put off all fire that causes the haze, it was not going anywhere. Poor people living in this part of the world have to suffer in silence.

Masks were sold out everywhere, air purifiers are selling like hot cakes, PSI level is going up up and away while health of the people are going down down down down down.

I am not a fan of smokers, not a fan of 7th month burning of offerings (but i still respect it). However, for those mentioned, i could at least move myself away from them as it's not everywhere. The haze is EVERYWHERE. I am fearful of what the haze would have done for my pets too. When humans are sick, we show it. When pets are sick? They simply be less active.

If the end-time revelation about the world end is real, i am sure we are in this era. 1st, it was the dengue attack, now its the super bad haze!! Help. God please help us. Please pour your rain down. Your people are dying.

Also, the PSI rating for the 10pm slot was delayed for a very long time. I am not sure was it due to the concern of NEA not wanting to alarm the public? But this was what was printscreen.

After this was posted, immediately it was taken down, replaced by 321 instead. So whose right and whose wrong?

To end off this post, just to lighten the mood of the people, saw this post about haze, thought its quite funny.

So, to all readers, please hydrate yourself and keep a lookout for your family members and pets. I wish all of you all the best and let's pray for the haze to go away and never come back another day.
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Wednesday 19 June 2013

Warning: Not for the faint-hearted. Ghostly encounter at Old Tampines Road

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Came across this exciting local production on facebook. Thought this could compete with Jack Neo and other big names if they were to make it big.


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Scammer threathens to upload video footage

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 from Charles:


A purportedly Korean lass using the FB username of Grace Ryun Ji requested to befriend me , like any other volunteer/potential volunteer in our soup kitchen. Without hesitation , I accepted her as friend and she started sending messages to me since early June . I answered some of her inquiries and last evening she message me a few times and I invited her to our kitchen to help . In the course of our communication she migrated to a topic that made me felt uncomfortable.

She then told me that I have a Skype account which she wanted to show me how to view some of our video uploads where she claimed to have appeared in when she volunteered with us.
I was curious to find out who she is so she guided me to log in to this account that she set up under my name!

I became suspicious and cautious when she commenced using words like 'Honey,I am alone , bored, Horny & more lewd language ' to lead me on . I was keen to find out her motive and played along , in the end she did not identify herself in one of my video footages that she uploaded in Skype to show me ( I upload photos & videos everyday for our volunteers to keep track of daily activities in the kitchen ) . When I told her that I have to be up early next morning at the kitchen , she insisted she has another video gift for me , to my surprise , it a blurry short footage showing my face & lower body which is quite blur . It's like a poorly joint video that we often see on TV of foreign politicians that were accused of sex scandals . She then sent me a whole list of my friends/relatives' names with their FB /some with email addresses to threaten me .

I asked her what she is up to? Her reply was, " I'm sure you don't want your friends & relatives to see this video gift , in order to remove/delete from her computer I must deposit $5000 into her grandfather's account through Western Union Bank in the Philippines by 10am or the video will go viral . Whilst continuing my conversation with her on Skype, I went to Marine Parade NPP to seek help . Statements have been recorded and a police report has been lodged. The police was shown all the correspondence she was still having with me on line and it is now left to them for further actions.

It is a lesson to learn from this episode and I wish to alert all friends & volunteers that there are still scammers everywhere hoping for a quick buck. If you come across one just go to the police or there will be no end to paying.
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Reliable information from SGH and NEA - Incline your preparedness

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Poster courtesy of SGH's Facebook page

Keep yourself updated more on PSI reading from NEA's website:
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Monday 17 June 2013

The danger of Crocs shoes and the Escalator

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So, we have heard so many cases involving the Crocs shoes got stucked in the edge of the escalator. Came across this video and thought it is worth a look. Am not trying to put down the sales of such shoes, but rather i find it scary that it can actually be "eaten up" by the escalator.

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Friday 14 June 2013

Meat Packing District

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We went there for lunch today, as we didn't want to eat opposite our work area. One of my colleague's he was looking through and found this place. Since all of us has never even heard or eaten there before, we ventured to the location and had really nice juicy burgers.

If you like burgers, go there and try! There are 7 different kinds to choose from. They may look small but don't let the small size fool you. It's actually quite filling! All burgers come with fries as a side dish, they have 4 different kinds of fries to choose from. Their meat patties are freshly made everyday (:


I had ordered the Cheese Burger and Truffle Fries.

If you work in the CBD and you have no idea where 12 Prince Edward Road, #01-01 Bestway Building is at or just lazy to head out of the office. Don't fret! Because they do deliveries to selected areas during non peak hours, please call them 9383 2134 for more details. They also cater for BBQs and house parties. 

If you drive, don't worry as Bestway Building has a lot of carpark lots to park your vehicle.

Opening Hours: 10am - 6.30pm (Mon - Fri)

For more information about them, please view here!

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New Traffic demerit points system? I doubt so!

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Saw this lame fake news on facebook

New traffic demerits point effective 1.6.2013

1. Beating red lights -6points & fined 100

2. Drink /drive -12 points, 5 years ban from driving
3. No seat belt, -3points & fined 100

4. Front passenger no buckle seat belt, -1 point, fined 50.

... 5. Using phone while driving, -3pts, fine 100.

6. Smoking while driving, -1 pt, fine 100.

7. Intentionally cover number plate, -12pts, maximum fine.

8. Speeding, -6 points

9. Front passenger below 14yrs old, -6 pts, fined 300.
LOL at point 6. Speeding, how they define speeding? Drink and Drive? What they meant -12 points and 5 years banned from driving? I thought the maximum deduction is -24 ? How come -12 yet ban for 5 years? Crap. Then did they scrapped the rest of the offences too? Dumb.
Come on, if this is gonna be true, then wouldnt the Traffic police website be showing this? The last time i went in, it shows this instead
Offences committed
Demerit points
1Carrying excess pillion or carrying pillion sitting not astride
2Rider failing to wear or wear insecurely on his head a protective helmet
3Disobeying traffic direction of police officer, employee of Authority or security officer engaged in regulating traffic
4Conveying load not properly secured
5Using tyres with ply or cord carcass exposed 
6Driver failing to wear seat belt
7Parking abreast of another vehicle 
8Parking within a pedestrian crossing 
9Stopping in a zebra controlled area 
10Driver failing to ensure that every passenger wears a seat belt
11Using a motor vehicle where a person below 1.35 metres in height is a passenger and is not properly secured by an approved child restraint or a body-restraining seat belt
12Parking within a Demerit Points No Parking Zone 
13Stopping within a Demerit Points No Stopping Zone 
14Failing to fill up every passenger seat in driver’s cabin, or any additional cabin or enclosed space provided for the carriage of passengers or goods and which is adjacent to or is an extension of the cabin for the driver, before carrying any person on the floor of open deck goods vehicle
Fine : Light Vehicle: $120 ;  Heavy Vehicle : $150

15Exceeding speed limit for vehicle by 1 to 20 kilometres per hour
16Exceeding speed limit on a road by 1 to 20 kilometres per hour
17Failing to give way to oncoming traffic at controlled junction
18Failing to give way at uncontrolled junction
19Failing to give way at junction
20Failing to give way at roundabout
21Crossing double white lines
22Crossing road divider
23Obstructing flow of traffic 
24Forming up incorrectly when turning left or right 
25Failing to give way to ambulance, fire brigade or police vehicle 
26Driving while carrying load on a motor vehicle in a dangerous manner
27Stopping on the shoulder or verge of an expressway 
28Stopping or remaining at rest on the carriage way of expressway 
Fine : Light Vehicle: $130 ;  Heavy Vehicle : $160

29Exceeding speed limit for vehicle by 21 to 30 kilometre per hour
30Exceeding speed limit on a road by 21 to 30 kilometres per hour
31Driving on the shoulder of an expressway 
32Failing to securely tie or attach goods to a goods vehicle to prevent their falling off from the vehicle
33Offences committed by motorists at pedestrian crossing 
34Driving or riding against the flow of traffic as indicated by traffic signs  
35Careless driving 
36Carrying passengers on a motor vehicle or trailer in a dangerous manner
37Reversing unnecessarily along an expressway
38Failing to obey 1.1 metre height restriction for persons carried on open deck goods vehicle
39Carrying passengers when the clear floor space of the open deck of goods vehicle available for each passenger is insufficient
Fine : Light Vehicle: $150 ;  Heavy Vehicle : $180

40Exceeding speed limit for vehicle by 31 to 40 kilometres per hour
41Exceeding speed limit on a road by 31 to 40 kilometres per hour
Fine : Light Vehicle: $170 ;  Heavy Vehicle : $200

42Driving without due care or reasonable consideration for other road users 
43Carrying passengers on a goods vehicle in a dangerous manner
Fine : Light Vehicle: $170 ;  Heavy Vehicle : $200

44Exceeding speed limit for vehicle by 41 to 50 kilometres per hour
45Exceeding speed limit on a road by 41 to 50 kilometres per hour
Offender will be prosecuted in court

46Failing to conform to traffic light signals 
Fine : Light Vehicle: $200 ;  Heavy Vehicle : $230

47Use of mobile telephone while driving 
1st offence: Fine not exceeding $1000 or jail up to 6 months or both
2nd and subsequent offence: Fine not exceeding $2000 or jail up to 12 months or both

48Exceeding speed limit for vehicle by 51 to 60 kilometres per hour
49Exceeding speed limit on a road by 51 to 60 kilometres per hour
Offender will be prosecuted in court

50Exceeding speed limit for vehicle by more than 60 kilometres per hour
51Exceeding speed limit on a road by more than 60 kilometres per hour
52Reckless or dangerous driving
Offender will be prosecuted in court

So whose telling the truth? You be the judge. For me, i wont believe unless the Traffic Police list that on their website.!

Morale of the story, do your background check before posting or sharing some weird information.

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Thursday 13 June 2013

Barracks @ House, Dempsey

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Last Friday we went to Barracks @ House at Dempsey for my colleague's farewell lunch.
This is my second time there, the first would be when bf took me there for our first Valentine's Day ♥

That was in 2011, ever since then we have not been back to this restaurant. So it was good that we dined there! Seems like they changed their menu as there are some items I have not seen or maybe I just don't remember.. But here are some of the dishes we ordered. (Didn't take pictures of everyone's food.)

1. House Signage
2. Truffle Taro Fries (OMG! They're AWESOME!)
3. Warm Toffee Chocolate Cake
4. Warm Strawberry Shortcake
(Picture looks good, but the taste was disappointing)
5. Curry Mustard Fries
6. Braised Pork Shoulder with Penne
7. Banana Salted Caramel Cake
8. Bitter Chocolate Tart
(The best out of the 4 desserts we ordered!)

If you like what you see, head down there and try their dishes (:

It's located at:
Blk 8D, Level 1
Dempsey Road
House, Barracks & Camp

Operating hours:
Mon - Fri: 11am to 10.30pm
Sat & Sun: 11am to 9.30pm

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Molester caught on camera - Share this information with everyone!

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Molester caught on camera!

This could happen to you, your sister, your colleague, your wife or gf!!

Be very aware of such losers on the MRT, Buses or anywhere!

You dont deserved to keep quiet about the molester's despicable act. Hope this guy gets nabbed by the Hong Kong Police soon. Share this link with everyone on your social media.

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Ukulele - The ultimate guide for the absolute starter - Part 1

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Ukulele is known as one of the easiest musical string instruments to learn. Now, this sentence raised my eyesbrow. I would agree this is easy to pick up but definitely takes tons of practice to complete the beginner stage; learning the chords to strum, finger plucking and chunking.

1. Learn C then F and G major
2. Try switching between these three chords
3. Try to strum on a children's nursary rhyme; twinkle twinkle little star is my favourite

picture credit to

Better demonstrated by video - C, F, G

5 Effective Strumming Patterns for Beginners [Ukulele Lesson]
You will find five strumming patterns here to play thousands of different songs on ukulele.
These patterns are versatile, simple and work for most songs

1. Down down down down, 1, 2, 3, 4
2. Down up down up, 1 and 2 and 3 and 4
3. down, down up, down, down up
4. down up, down, down up, down
5. down, down up, up, down up

Recommended videos:

How you learn chunking:

Till then, do daily practice and progress after learning the 3 main chords.

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Wednesday 12 June 2013

Learning Bahasa Malayu - Lesson 3, adjectives and opposites

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Just like English, I was told by my teachers in Secondary school that it is always good to begin with adjectives when taking up a new language. Stubbornly, I hold belief that colour and number should be the priority beforehand.

Lesson 3 tours a handful of adjectives and opposites:

Big – Besar    (Recalling Jalan Besar? Now you know what it means)
Small – Kecil

Left – Kiri (few education through NS)
Right – Kannan (Kar nun)

Beautiful – Chantik 
Ugly – Hodoh

Friend – Ka3wan1 (Friends = kawan-kawan, just repeat for pural)
Fight/Compete - Lawan

Rich – Kaya
Poor – Miskin

Far – Jauh
Near – Dekat

Old – Lama
Young – Baru

Cold – Sejuk
Hot – Panas

Long – Panjang (Bukit Panjang)

Short - Pendek

and the list goes on, go create your own for better learning.

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Ebay, getting items across the horizon

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Fancy getting items you can't locate at your local stores? Want to get something cheaper than what it seems to be in the market? Or, do you want to get rid of items that is too new/valuable to discard?

Look no further, eBay is the place to go.

Set up in the 90s, this online bidding platform had millions of transaction going on daily. Just take a look at the menu bar of the website. They have books, collectables, coins, computers, clothes, shoes, electronics, entertainment, soft toys, health and beauty, jewellery, watches, mobile phones, pet supplies, sports, toys, hobbies and even real estate!

Wow. If you have not tried purchasing anything from ebay, i must say you are losing out on an extremely exciting online shopping center. If you want to look for an item quickly, just type some key words in the search bar. For eg, you want to find a casio watch, just type "casio watch" and the website will return many results for casio watches. You can rank them according to the price, from lowest to highest, item end time or by the condition: used or new.

You can select the format of the search, such as buy it now or auction. If you want to narrow it down to just the local market, you may also select "Singapore only." This is useful if you do not currently own a credit card. If you have a credit card, i would suggest that you sign up for payment under paypal. Just like any other credit card transaction, paypal is a middleman who helps you to make payment under your credit card. It is a safe platform to pay your overseas vendor.

When you use paypal for payment, you have the right to open a transaction dispute if your items failed to reach you. Paypal might even offer a full refund if their investigation shows the seller indeed had not delivered or parcel gets lost in transition.

So, you might see that some auction end time could be in the midnite where everyone is sleeping, so how can we bid? Do we give our best amount and go to sleep hoping we will win the bid? Well, i used to do that, having lost many of the bids along the way. Until i found this website call gixen. Gixen is another agent who helps ebayers bid on their behalf anytime. All you need to do is to log in through your normal ebay ID and password, upon entering the page, you need to key in the "Item number" and also your maximum bid amount. Then, go to sleep and wake up to check if you are the lucky winner.

The advantage of using gixen is they will only bid during the last 5 seconds of the transaction, hence the chance of other bidders overtake you along the way. However, if you max is lower than the rest, you will still lose. Having said that, do take note that some other bidders might also be using this to snip the items, so all the best!

I started out using ebay because i wanted to get rare disney items which is not found anywhere in Singapore. Yes, i love Dumbo the elephant, but i cant find many of his items in Sg, maybe its because he is not so popular here. It seemed that Mickey and the rest and everywhere, so poor Dumbo elephant have no place here. After getting many Dumbo items online, i started to get other items which i always wanted as a kid, such as my mini empire series of collectables.

Warning, eBay is a highly addictive online shopping center. It is as effective as smoking, many had spent thousands or maybe more each month on online shopping. If you feel you have to stop, stop immediately. Or call the Quit-shopping hotline.

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