Saturday 31 August 2013

Featured - An Interview with the Teacher and the cosplay-er- Part 1

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It's been a long break since i have an interview or recommending anything on Witcast. Today, let me introduce to you a very interesting couple which i personally known since years ago.

Pei Jing - Cosplay-er
Zheng Guo - Teacher

Ehh, so what's the link between the cosplay-er and the teacher huh? Well, they are a couple! Both are spreading their influence in different areas. Maybe the following interview might gives you a better idea.

In this 1st part of the interview, we will 1st feature Peijing, the cosplay-er (ladies 1st right?)

Lets rock and roll!
Witcast: Whats your full time job?
PJ: I am a Pharmacist working in KK Women’s & Children’s hospital.
Witcast: What motivated you to start cosplay?
Haha, I was in NUS Comic and animation society and I see the friends around me dressing up as their favourite characters and they looked like they are having so much fun! So I decided to join them. I have always loved all things Japanese, so I took up Japanese and learnt Manga. Cosplay was just another branched extension of that love.
It is my dream to one day cosplay Sailor moon, in 2012, I did it.
Witcast: Share with us your concept on the characters you play and the creativity of making their costumes.
PJ: One, I believe in not spending too much money, it’s a hobby, so spend within your means. Second, a true cosplayer should strive to do everything by him/herself.
Concept wise, I interpret the question as how the characters will be portrayed, the character itself must be someone I can look up to and respect, and look physically similar enough to pull off. If I am a 100kg man I will not try to dress up as Sailormoon. Lolz.
The making is the fun part, so enjoy it. I will print out a reference picture the character and reconcile across the anime/manga/game versions and find on that the audience can identify with, and with one look they can see, ‘It’s Sheryl Nome!’
I have worked with all sorts of materials like glitter glue, craft foam, acrylic to make wands, swords and hairclips.
I next look for colours, the colour needs to be true. The fabric of the costume, is it leather? Felt, satin or organza? The details that come with the costume like accessories and little decoration like embroidery or tattoos are important too.
Witcast: How many conventions do you normally attend and how selective are you? Among all events, which has been the most memorable?
PJ: Annually, one or two, mainly because I am too busy. Cosfest, EOY are the major cosplay events, STGCC and AFA are fun too, occasionally I will appear at cosplay challenge too. All are memorable, but EOY 2013 and 2008 are the most memorable. For 2013 I was featured on newspapers and 2008 was the first time I did cosplay and my performance won 2nd prize.

Witcast: Do you think there will be an increase in the number of cosplayers in Singapore and why?
PJ: Dunno, don care!
Witcast: Is this just a young people "in-thing"? Or anyone, be it the old or young can take part in?
PJ: When my kid is born I will make her a Sailor moon costume for her first birthday.
ANYONE can choose to take part, I mean it.
Witcast: Does your friends and family know about your hobby as a Cosplayer? Will you encourage your friends and family to take part?
PJ: Yes they know. Yes, if they mind having some fun too I would invite them to take part. My younger sister and mother are my helper/accomplice already. Now I am poaching my husband.
Pei Jing and Zheng Guo
Witcast: What will be your message to people who loves to cosplay but are afraid of the public view on them?
PJ: Don’t care about what other people think, do what you like, you are only young once! So live your dreams, try something new, let other people say what they want. The tongue is theirs, your life belongs to you.

Witcast: Whats the biggest takeaway?
PJ: I get very artistic friends! Haha, and getting to know some of the best people in the circle, like the head of EOY, owner of Haru house, Bon Japan Café etc. Most importantly it adds a little colour to one’s life.
Interesting interview, something out of the norm for us, plain citizens who has no special power like the sailor moon. We hope Peijing don't represent the moon and punish us.

Hope you enjoyed reading this episode of the interview, do stay tuned for the part 2 of the interview where Zheng Guo will share his impact as an educator. And students, please turn up for class :D

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Sunday 25 August 2013

Korean BBQ - Superstar K BBQ Restaurant

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Having cravings for Korean BBQ? Sizzling Pork slices? Melting Beef cubes?

Hiding in the middle of Tanjong Pagar, Superstar K BBQ restaurant is one of the restaurants that will always have customers queuing outside to join in the heating up and sizzling.

What's so good about them?

1) They uses Charcoal to grill your meats and it taste nice!
The smoke vent also suck up almost all the you can leave the restaurant without your clothes and hair with heavy barbecue smell.

2) They have the piping hot and wobbly steam egg 
(one served for every 2 portion of meat ordered)

The steam egg is soft and fluffy!!!
There isn't much words to describe...

3) They have free flow of side dishes and fresh lettuces (Unlimited refill)

Fresh Lettuces

Chili Beancurd




Mashed Potato 
(This is one of the BEST i have ever tasted)

4) They serve fresh meats that taste real good after Barbecued (even though the portion is a bit small)

Pork Belly 

Beef Ribs

For a perfect combination, you can order a bottle of Soju as well..
If you prefer non-alcoholic drinks, there are some to choose from in the menu too!

Still hungry?
You can order more ala-carte from the menu...soup, noodles or pancakes.
Compared to other korean shops, their's might not be the best, but it taste not bad either.

Most of their servers are koreans and they will help you to grill and cut the meats into pieces.
Services are not bad and most of them are quite friendly...
They always serve us with a smile :)

The prices are acceptable with the refillable side dishes and fresh meats!
There is NO GST with only 10% service charge.

75 Tanjong Pagar Rd
Singapore 088496

Contact Number:
6224 0504

Opening Hours:
11.30am  -2.30pm
5.30pm - 11.00pm
Closed on Monday

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Thursday 22 August 2013

Hotel Re! Abalone Seafood Laksa

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Looking for something HOT & SPICY & DELICIOUS to eat during this weekend?

You can try the Abalone Seafood Laksa at Hotel Re!

They are currently having a 1-for-1 promotion and it is a real good deal :)

You can just download the new 8Days Food App and get this DEAL!

Expires on 31 October 2013.

See the ingredients?

The egg!
The prawn!
The scallop!
The Abalone!
The damn shiok laksa gravy!

Cannot get enough of it?
Here's another picture :P

Apart from those you can order other side orders or main dish as well!

The satay is so so tender and it's like you are eating a drumstick!(a bit exaggerated though)

Duck Breast Salad...

Mushroom Soup in Puff Pastry

Clam Chower...Slurp!

Salmon Pasta!

Lobster Alio Olio~

Finally dessert :)

All prepared and cooked by Chef William Ang...
When he is free, he will walk around to interact with the customers in the cafe!

How about the atmosphere?
It is a small cafe, quiet and nice.
Suitable for dates, friends meet up and family gathering!

You can visit their Facebook and website via the following links for more details!

Hotel Re! @ Pearl's Hill
175A Chin Swee Road, Singapore 169879

Getting There:
Buses at Chin Swee Road: 174, 174E
Buses at Outram Park MRT: 33, 63, 75, 174, 851, 970, 174E 

Nearest MRT Station: Outram Park Mrt Station (EW 16)
Exit B. Walking signs along the route

 Click here to download 7-minutes Pictorial Walking
Guide from Outram MRT (EW 16) to Hotel Re!

Shuttle Services (Mon - Sat)
They also offer one way complimentary shuttle services from Hotel Re! to Outram MRT Station for the convenience of all hotel guests.

 Click here to download the bus schedule.

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Monday 19 August 2013

Interviewing Daphanie Lee, Miss Earth Singapore Water 2012

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In this special episode of our featured story, we have the privilege of speaking to Ms Earth 2012 - Water, Miss Daphanie Lee.

1) What is your motivation to join the Miss Earth Singapore beauty pageant ?
Daph: As we only live once, I have always felt that we should try anything that is within our means. I've always watched and adore beauty queens so I decided to give pageant a shot. When I came to know about Miss Earth Singapore, the motivation took a turn to just merely wanting the experience in going through one with a cause that is close to my heart. Being an avid nature lover, I'm even more motivated to do my best even if I didn't win in the end.

2) Besides going green, what have you also been involved in connecting to the society?
Daph: Having passed my crown down to the new reigning Miss Earth Singapore Water 2013, my journey does not stop here. As part of the Miss Earth Singapore Alumni, I will still continue to support the green cause and work together with the Miss Earth Singapore organizers in promoting the green awareness whenever possible. On my own, I also have a facebook fan page:  where I will post regular updates about things we can do to help make Earth a better place to live in. Especially for myself, I like to create crafts from used or recycled materials to become daily storage etc.

3) What is your aspiration in life?
Daph: Frankly speaking, I have too many aspirations in life. I am pretty ambitious and there are many things that I want to do and achieved. But for now, I would want to educate the young and hopefully be able to give back to the society at my best ability. Also, I believe that we can better help the Earth through educating the younger generation. I do that every single day now and it has been a passion to me rather than just a job :)

4) In your own capacity, how have you influence others around you?
Daph: I have influenced a few friends to start returning their own trays and to reduce food wastage in Singapore by ordering only what you need to eat.
5) After winning the coveted title, Miss Earth Singapore Water 2012, how has your life changed? And what does the winning element "Water" meant to you?
Daph: It has opened my eyes to the world of pageants. During our coronation night, the first thing that has changed me is I have learnt to smile in front of the camera long enough because lights were just flashing everywhere. Soon, it became a natural thing that I'm almost always 'camera ready' during events. After winning the title, I have more opportunities to mingle with the public and also gained more experiences on how to deal with different people and/or media. I'd say the element "Water" is pretty close to my heart. Being a Pisces myself, it is also a water element. Moreover, I'm a person who loves to swim or just be by the seaside listening to the waves. To me, winning the title of Miss Earth Singapore Water 2012 was in fact a gift and surprise as well.

6) If you can change something in the education sector in Singapore, what will you change and why?
Daph: Definitely the class size. With a smaller class size, educators will be able to better nurture our younger generations as we can spend more time to digest the concepts with them better, especially Mathematics and Science. On the other hand, it will allow me to bring in crafts into the classroom and teach students how they can always make something useful out of used or recycled materials.

7) Any message to aspiring beauty queens out there?
Daph: Never be afraid. You will only have to take the first step to realize that there is a bigger world out there and that one step will open your horizons to many wonderful and fruitful experiences. Joining a pageant is like a learning journey, keep an open heart and a positive attitude and you will also discover and understand about yourself better. It is a valuable experience which money cannot buy. Being a beauty queen is not just about being pretty and having a great body, it would be your ability to impact and capture the hearts of many out there.
JD: Having known Daph since her secondary school days, I must say she's really a down to earth person. She is very real and sincere to her friends. Even when she face challenges in life, she will look on the bright side of life and continue moving forward. With her being crown as the Miss Earth 2012, I am absolutely proud of her achievement and I am sure she is already a blessing to people around us.
Jiayou Daph =)
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Thursday 15 August 2013

Featured - Passion with Pets

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Witcast will be starting a new section, namely Pets. Featuring everything and anything about pets. Well, we are no experts in handling pets but i guess we can all share some useful information with everyone!

To kick start our series, we spoke to an animal lover who is keeping several pets at home. Introducing the pet lover, Ms Ris Koo..

Witcast : So, tell us, how many pets do you keep at home?

Ris: We have a dog, 3 cats, 1 chinchilla n 2 tortoises now.

Witcast: It is nice seeing your love for animals, how do you manage to find time for them?
Ris :I clean their areas daily n feed them twice a day. At d same time, talk n play w them. Time is what we have to allocate so I never fail to do so for my loved ones
Witcast: Nice. So what’s the biggest reward from their companionship?
Ris :when they recognise who I m n greet me everytime. I could always feel their love to me

Witcast:Can we know what extend will you do for a stray animal on the road.
Ris :I often buy food for d strays n if only I am able, will like to provide them a shelter. However I m neither a rich or a witch . lol

Witcast: Will you be interested to do voluntary work for animals in the shelters (animal without any owner)
Ris: I ever try to but due to time constraints n health issue, I couldn't Continue. I m liaising to see whether I could b a feeder now ; )
Witcast: This question is a bit of mystical. If you have the ability to understand animals’ languages, how would you spread the love to the animals’ non-lovers?
Ris: how I wish I could do tat. Did some research on some courses on animal communicator but still in doubt whether they really could or just the same as me, could feel how animals feel. I often tell people how these animals feel after all. I also go to d extend of scolding those who I witnessed treating animals nasty.

Witcast: Rank the below according to your priority
God, Spouse, Kids, Pets, $$$, Sleep

Ris: God, kids, pets, money, spouse n sleep

Witcast: How do you deal with the potential loss of your pets?

Ris: when I was young, I gave away my old love ones n cried for weeks. The fear of seeing them dying is too great. But I realised it is such a selfish act n I will never do so now. I will have to deal with it.. telling myself its due to old age n God will take care of them from there on.. I still b sad for a v long period.

Witcast: Should your family object keeping them, how would you had manage it otherwise?

Ris: my family always object me. Telling me wasting my money n effort. My spouse n gals hate my 3 cats now, but I m not going to give them up anyway. I kept telling them I love my cats so if they do love me, they must b nice to d cats too.

Witcast: How would you advise for someone to be like you?
Ris: v simple, just ask them how they could like to b treated if they r one of d animals.

I hope everyone have enjoyed reading this post like we do. Pets are cute, pets are nice, but please never get them on impulse. Think through the hardwork that you need to do daily for them, cleaning them and feeding them might be more difficult than you think.

At the end of the day, when you see that your pet is happily chewing it's food, you would know all your hardwork is worth it.
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