Monday 23 March 2015

Remembering our founding mentor - Mr Lee Kuan Yew

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He was our 1st Prime Minister,
He was our 1st Senior Minister,
He was our 1st Minister Mentor.

He shared his hard truth,
He shared his tears,
He brought us from kampong to 1st world.

He survived the 2nd world war where Singapore fell to the Japanese. Times were hard during his days. He didn’t give up, he continues to fight for our cause, and he dedicated his life into politics, winning seats in every election he had been. When Singapore was down and out, he took up the role of transforming Singapore from 3rd world to our current 1st world status.

Yes, we do have issues that need to be address in our current state. Bread and butter issues are always going to be a problem. Yes, there are some policies not many people would agree and support. However, those were the hard truth decisions that Mr Lee had to take.

Some said he rules by the iron fist, some may even challenge his authority. 1 thing is for sure, he has got more respect in the world today than many many many others. There are too many quotes that Mr Lee had said that had impacted Singapore. Here are a few more significance ones,

"Without her, I would be a different man, with a different life... I should find solace in her 89 years of a life well lived. But at this moment of the final parting, my heart is heavy with sorrow and grief." - Mr Lee is a sweetheart to his wife.

"I wouldn't call myself an atheist. I neither deny nor accept that there is a God. So I do not laugh at people who believe in God. But I do not necessarily believe in God - nor deny that there could be one." - Mr Lee's views on religion

"I am often accused of interfering in the private lives of citizens. Yes, if I did not, had I not done that, we wouldn't be here today. And I say without the slightest remorse, that we wouldn't be here, we would not have made economic progress, if we had not intervened on very personal matters—who your neighbor is, how you live, the noise you make, how you spit, or what language you use. We decide what is right. Never mind what the people think." - Mr Lee on his management style

"You vote for the opposition, you have 5 years to repent" - Mr Lee on Aljunied residents

"Even from my sick bed, even if you are going to lower me into the grave and I feel something is going wrong, I will get up.” Mr Lee on his resurrection

With Mr Lee passing on, some of the opposition parties actually paid respect to him, sending warm regard to his family too. The Workers' party, National Solidarity Party, Singapore Democratic Alliance, Reform party and Singapore Democratic Party all posted messages on their facebook walls, appreciating what Mr Lee had done for our nation.

Witcast is definitely encouraged by this act, where everyone, regardless of their political background, set aside their differences, come together to mourn over our founding father demise.

Rest in peace, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Your wish is for Singapore to survive, we know whoever taking over in future will ensure our survival. Without you, there is no Singapore.

With a heavy heart, Witcast signing off.
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