Sunday 28 September 2014

EPL 14/15 Key players

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Hi everyone

It's been a few games into the season, maybe we can take a look at who are the clubs' key players


Most would say it will be Alex Sanchez? Not for me, I think Arsenal is doing well because of Aaron Ramsey instead. He is often the more silent contributor but majority of the crucial goals were scored by this man. I think he is also the man who got the most shot on goal. If he can stay injury free, Arsenal can have some glory in the days ahead.

Aston Villa

Not many would doubt us when we mention Gabriel Agbonlahor. With Benteke out injured, this name seemed to be a hot name to call upon. His goal against Liverpool recently ensured the bus parking tactic worked.


They have scored just once in 5 games. Conceded 4 in the process. Not much to choose from, so Scott Arfield is the man to look out for, he has got quite a number shots on goal but burnley needs to train harder in shooting.


There are so much talent in this team that there is not just 1 man we are talking about here. However, this man Diego Costa is the killer. He did what Eto + Torres + Ba combined together last season. The question is, will he continue his good form?

Crystal Palace

The great escape from relegation last season was a miracle which also landed Tony Pulis as the manager of the year. However, he had departed before the season kicked off. Shocking. So who is the key player for Palace? Mile Jedinak and Jason Puncheon are my choices. Just look at the way they play and you will agree with me.


Well well well. Is Everton struggling? Alittle. But Mr Kevin Mirallas continue to show everyone why Everton finished above Man Utd last season. If he sits out, you can see Everton missing him like crazy

Hull City

It got to be their top scorer Jelavic right Stephen Quinn is worth mentioning too. In my opinion Quinn is the key player instead as Jelavic wont get any goal if not for Quinn.

Leicester City

Well, the person who saved them the points against Man Utd, Remember this name, Jose Ulloa. Leicester is proving to be a very strong team to beat.


Oh man, they missed Mr Suarez. But they have a trainee by the name of Raheem Sterling. His mazzy dribbling showed the fans he can fill the boots of Suarez? Maybe not yet, but he is surely the player to look out for. Both club and country.

Man City

For a team so strong, it is not possible to name 1 player. But we have seen this man, Sergio Aguero doing it again and again, putting the points into their bag.

Man Utd

Interesting to see so many players who don't mind not going to Champions league. For a moment, Man Utd were dead last. However, Mr Rooney and Di Maria are the men to watch. They have the quality to lift their team upwards.


Moussa Sissoko is the man. His tough tackling is what keeps the team together. Just a pity the team is struggling at the moment. They can buy back Carroll when he is fit.


I wanted to say none. But there is 1 by the name of Steven Caulker. He is the future of England at one time. If he can pick it up and lead the team, QPR might escape being relegated for the 2nd time in 3 yrs.


Lallana, Lovren, Shaw all gone. So who? Up step Graziano Pelle. Another one to watch out for. Southampton had brought in some very wonderful signing this season, and not forgetting they had been tight at the back too.

Stoke City

Captain Ryan Shawcross is the man for Stoke for awhile now. His tough defending had made stoke a difficult ground to go. He will continue to be the man to watch.


For a long time,Sebastian Larsson had been a fringe player. Could this be his season to step it up? Already shown some great efforts and let's see.


He left when his loan expired. Joined Spurs but the deal never made him a better player, so he returned to Swansea. Yes his name is Gylfi Sigurdsson. We all saw how his passes can tear the defense up. Definitely a key man.


Adebayor? No. Lamela? Not really. But this defender Eric Dier. He can really put the strikers to shame dont he? If he can emulate Mr Bale, he can really make it big.

West Brom

If not Saido Berahino, then who?

West Ham

It has to be Steward Downing. He is the reason why the team is moving forward. Get that, haters.

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Monday 25 August 2014

Jobs and Careers

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After taking a break from blogging, we are back! Today we will be sharing about jobs and careers. In this present age, what we studied in school may not actually means we will be pursuing it in the society.

So assuming you are an 23-year old man fresh from the army, with a Diploma in Nursing. You may/may not be applying for a job in the Healthcare industry. Reason being, you fear the eyes of discrimination against you(being a male), or you simply thinks you can make it big at the finance sector.

So does that mean the Healthcare sector will have 1 less capable worker? I don't think so, as the polytechnics would have catered for a certain percentage of graduates who will choose to move on from what they studied.

So is there a discrimination in the world today? Certainly. I deemed the cause to be based on perceptions. Take for example, the perception of construction workers would certainly be a male. If you are a female who is very passionate in being a construction worker, you may apply to be one. Just that you might immediately be featured on the news, every talk show and maybe even being mentioned in the National Day Rally. The reason being; no man in this part of the world wants to be a construction worker, let alone women.

There are some jobs which women are being preferred too, such as manicurist or lingerie sellers. That left the office jobs being a place for both the male and female right? Maybe, office workers such as the Human Resource department are often associated with women being the vast majority. I am not sure if there are any discrimination over here but it seemed that they all seemed to require experience in the HR field prior to the selection. So, assuming you have just completed your degree in HR, applied for a job in HR (which most certainly requires a vast amount of relevant experience), will you ever be recruited?

To me, if every HR department wants someone with experience, where do the new fresh grads go? In any organisation, you need fresh ideas, you need fresh blood to keep up with the changing society. If all you have are people who knows what to do but no fresh ideas, eventually the whole society will just revolves around the same group of people.

Come on HR directors, recruitment directors, please don't be so direct ya? Give the fresh grads a chance! Especially when they had took on HR related courses in their tertiary studies. If no one gives them a chance, they will be going to work in some places where their potential might not be fully optimized.

So, we heard that there is a over supply of lawyers huh? Ok, lawyers are indeed a very in-demand lot of people in the working society today. Many can work in the banks, public service etc.. But shouldn't a lawyer supposed to be fighting for the lives of the innocent? And in the case of persecutor, they have the right to put criminals into jail. So assuming no lawyer wants to do that, we don't have any other choice.

In conclusion, to me, jobs are something for you to get your pay, which you can get paid for the number of work done in exchange. Whereas a career will involve your heart and soul, where you strive to give the best to it. Heard before the career path? Have you heard before the job path? No right? So make your informed choice before you regret. Understand some of us would rather get a job than career too, it's just a matter of our expectations in life too. Whatever decision we made in life, will eventually affect our destiny.

Signing off.
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Friday 18 April 2014

Good morning to Shun Fa Shu Shi 顺发熟食

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Happy Good Friday everyone!

Being a Singaporean living in the heartlands all my life, there are always some food from the hawker centers that never fails to make me drool.

One of such delicious food stall is 顺发熟食(Shun Fa Shu Shi).

Shun Fa Shu Shi serves delicious Singapore styled breakfast, with a wide variety of main and side dishes to choose from. Be it bee hoon with egg, fried noodles with fried fish, or even hokkien-styled noodles with chicken wings, they never fails to attract you over.

Today, my entry will introduce some of their best sellers.

Me : Hi uncle, sorry to disturb you. I am representing Witcast and I am a blogger. I really liked the food and would like to feature your stall.

Uncle: Ok.

Me: Thanks uncle, 1st of all, would like to ask how long have your stall been around?

Uncle: Its around more than 10 over years now.

Me: Wow, nice. So among you dishes, which ones are the best sellers? Like the must try?

Uncle: It depends on the individual, very hard to give you a good answer. But the best sellers so far should be the hokkien noodles, chicken wings and the fried fish.

Me: Yeah, i agree those are great. Just to check, if you have any plans on expanding your business?

Uncle: Ha, no lah(singlish word)  How to do it? I don't know.

Me: Sure sure no problem. Thank you for your time uncle, and you are...?

Uncle: Thank you too! I am Mr Lee.

Me: Thank you for your time. Have a great day and may your business prosper.

So the short interview was quite fruitful. I have to agree with Mr Lee that the Chicken Wings and Fried Fish are great. The wings are crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside. Simply marvelous! The fried fish is crispy and doesn't lose to those from the western stalls. While i liked the hokkien noodles, one to mention is the fried kway tiao too. It's not oily and it's completely worth it. Lastly, the chili is nice, one scoop is not enough!

So, if you have some time and hungry in the morning, head down to try it!

Address: Blk 162 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 #01-34
Opening hours : 3:30AM to 2PM (or until sold out)
Rest on alternate Wednesday

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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Allergy gone bad. Does the doctor at this local government hospital care?

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We have a case submitted by a reader in regard to his wife's experience with a local hospital.

Here was how it goes.

On Tuesday my wife went to Mount * (Witcast didn't want to reveal the name of the hospital at this point) for treatment for her rashes however it didn't get better. Doctor said it might be viral infection. So she went home after they gave her some medication and a jab to reduce the itch. The next day, her face swelled and more rashes were found on her face and body. Hence, she went back to Mount * for a review. Mount * wanted to ward her but they were short of beds. So they said we can transfer to ***(We have blanked out the name of the hospital) for admission. Mount * doctor then wrote a referral letter to ***'s A&E.

Reader's wife before the allergy

My wife waited for 2hrs, where finally the doctor from ***'s A&E seen her. After seeing her,the doctor said its just a small case, dun need to be warded to the hospital. So she didn't get any treatment and left. And the next day her condition got worst. Face, eye swelling and more rashes developing. So does it mean only when her life is at risk then *** will consider it serious?

On Thursday, she could not take it anymore. She call Mount * and the nurse asked her to go back to Mount * as swelling of her face and eye is not a good sign. When she reached Mount *, she was asked to warded. This time, they have enough bed for her. After her admission, immediately she got treated by a skin specialist. The way *** treated her was a disappointment. I also sent in an complaint and am currently waiting for their reply. However, till date there is no reply.

The doctor at Mount * had diagnosed that she had a serious allergy reaction. Serious allergy can kill if it's not treated properly.

This was how she look after the rashes and swelling... She cried under her blanket ever since *** rejected her admission. Thank goodness she is getting better now after admitting to Mount *.

Witcast also did a simple interview with reader.

Witcast: Thank God she is better now!

Reader: Yeah.

Witcast: Do you intend to sue *** for their negligence to discover your wife's illness?

Reader: I m waiting first their reply. The auto reply says will reply in 14days. If within 14days, I don't get any reply. I will go report this incident to MOH.

Witcast: What do you think caused them to react this way? Reader: According to doc in mount *, they said it's because govt hospital don't see such case as serious. And they don't had enough beds.

Witcast: Lastly, do you think the commitment given can be better, if *** wishes to make amendment to your wife's case, how do you want them to settle it?

Reader: Well, look at my wife's face now. If it's disfigured then how are they going to compensate? Muscles on our faces are tender. It can cause disfigure. Face already swollen like this and doctor with just one look without giving her any treatment can say ÿou look fine to me, it's not serious. You don't have to be admitted and we don't have enough beds" If it's not serious then why would Mount * asked my wife to be admitted? *** doctor is ridiculous. And i think they are not experience from the way he attended to my wife. But thank goodness the next day there are available beds at Mount * so that my wife can get admitted to be treated. I think the doctors in government hospital only see life at risk then they call it serious. This is the feedback I had from nurses and patient during my wife's stay.

Witcast: It seemed serious to us that this reader's wife's face is badly affected. Do you have a similar story to tell? Let us know by sending us a private message on facebook.

Like our page if you have not done so.
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Friday 4 April 2014

Filial Piety - Something that should never be forgotten in life

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Being in an Asian family, we are told that our parents are bigger than gods. There is a saying that if you parents kneel in front of you, you will fall and faint immediately (do not ever try this).

So why do we need to be filial to our parents?

If you ever read the Holy Bible, it mentioned that thou shall honor your parents that your days may be prolonged in the land which the LORD your God gives you. (Exo 20:12). Please pardon me, i am not going to start preaching in this post.

Back in the ancient days, it had already been told that we need to appreciate what our parents had given us. We understand traditions may change, times may also change, people will evolve. However, this is something we should never gives up or change.

There is no parents in this world that wants their children to fall. They always wanted the best for their children, even though sometimes it might mean they get less for themselves.

Have you ever wondered, if not for your parents, would you be who you are today? I am not 100% sure about you, but for me, i won't.

I wasn't born to a wealthy family to begin with, when i was little, i could remember my dad failing in his business and our family was so poor that my mum would look all over the house just to find that 20 cents coin for our next meal. What can 20 cents buy you? 2 country erasers. But with the little they had, my mum would then take this small amount to the market and get us a piece of fish cake. Both my brother and i would not complain about our meals as we will see our parents taking a small piece of the fish cake and gives the rest of that to us. They would then take some soya sauce and mixed it with the rice and eat it.

We were POOR. But we were not defeated. I told myself back then, one day when I grow up, i want to earn as much money as i can, so my family can have a better life.

When I was 4 years old, my mum and I would walk my elder brother to school. That was when I asked her a innocent question.

Me: Mum, why dont I have to go to school? Is it because you think i am stupid?

Mum: No my dear, it's because you are still too young to go to school. Once you hit the age, even if i dont want you to study, i cant.

Me: Ok! It's a deal.

Mum : =)

My parents had never given me stress throughout my studies. Except there was once they sent me to this home tuition where the tutor would stress me day in and day out. Eventually being loving parents, they terminated the tuition as they saw i was struggling. After i broke free from it, my grades miraculously improved.

Fast forward to my secondary 3 studies, I did so badly in my studies that I failed my subjects badly. I had to be channeled to the normal stream. As usual, the school would require the parents to meet up with the teachers. When my teacher met up with my mum, i was depressed. I felt i let her down.

On our way home, she did not utter anything, just walking with me. When i cant take it further, i broke down in tears. I told her i let her down, i promised her that in the following year, i will be the top student and make her proud of me.

I did well for my GCE N level and scored 4 Distinctions and 1 Credit. I was also made the top student in my cohort and the Principal praised me for the good results. Deep down inside, i know i did it for my parents. I am sure they are proud of me.

Fast forward, now that i have graduated from college and stepped into the working world, 1 thing doesnt change.My love for my parents. I may not verbally said it daily to them, but i know i respect them and care for them deeply.

Now, both my mum and dad are retired/semi-retired and are getting on in age. I would spend time talking to them, have meals with them, or even watch some old movies with them.

One day, they will eventually be gone, but before that, I want to make sure they enjoyed the time spent with me and never ever regret giving birth to me. Yes, my life is indeed given by them, so i felt it's natural to love them the way they are.

They are not perfect people, some people might even not get along well with them, but they are my parents. If i dont love or care for them, no one will.

I hope our readers can take some time out of your busy schedules and show more concern to your loved ones. We only live once, so make it a meaningful one, not just to ourselves but also people around us. Starting with your parents.

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Tuesday 18 March 2014

In remembrance - My pet Curious

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Have you kept a pet before? Yes? How about quails?

Well, I did. Before last Sunday, I had 2 quails, 1 male 1 female. On Sunday Morning, the female one, named Curious left us.

Ok, for those of us who had not kept a quail before, a quail is like a bird, similar to a chicken except their eggs are smaller and appeared to be black and white.

How long can a quail live? According to the breeder, it can live up to 3 years. So what do a quail eat? They feed on food that can be bought in a bird's shop. I normally replenish their food by visiting 1 of the older bird shops at Serangoon North.

Maybe i just share how do I 1st got in touch with Quail. My wife and I was on vacation leave locally and had decided to explore some places which we have never stepped our feet on. Being animal lovers, both of us went to this rustic place located near Choa Chu Kang, named FarmMart. 

While walking through this place, we noticed there were some very nostalgic snacks that can be purchased there. The feel of that place looks like a farm, or rather like a Kampong. (Kampong - A place to describe a malay village)

There is even a farm within farm mart that makes this place even more special. This farm consist of Goats (yes goats!), rabbits, fishes, terrapins, parrots, birds, guinea pigs and quails. My wife had a good fun time feeding the goats and the rest of the pets.

When we thought we had finished visiting this place, we saw this stall selling quail meat, quail eggs, crocodile meat and other fresh eggs. So my wife was curious about this shop so we stopped and took a look. We were greeted by Uncle William, the owner of this stall.

After chatting with Uncle William, we understood he is in the business of producing quails and he sells them for their eggs and food. Besides that, he brought along 1 basket of quails but had only left with 3. So he asked if we wanted to get them, 3 for $10. We thought about it and got them back. William then taught us some technique of keeping quails. We went on to made our purchase for their pet house and other necessities. We named them Sleepy, Quaiky and the other called Tamagochi.

On the way back, sleepy injured herself and passed away not long after. Being new to keeping quails, Quaiky met an accident by the falling water bottle and she too left us. That left us with the last one, Tamagochi, he was very playful, noisy and can't stop making noise but one day when we reached home, we found him weak and frail, we noticed his food was too big piece and he too passed away.

So being sad about it, we brought back the remaining food when we went for an enrichment course conducted by William. During his sharing, he shared many insights on keeping quails. After the course, we went to share with him on what happened to the quails. William asked if we wanted to give it another try and volunteered to give us another 2 quails.

After much consideration, we decided to accept his good offer and we took home Active and Curious.

In the beginning stage of the quail's life cycle, we do not know the gender of them. Their gender will only be revealed when they hit around 1 month old.

Active and Curious grew up fast, side by side they went. Once awhile, we will free them up by allowing them to walk around the house. Sometimes they might even fly around the house. Ok, William told us before they don't fly, only jump. So if that's their jumping, they can jump really high.

Here's their Gender, Active is a boy and Curious is a girl. How do we determine? It was shared that the male will crow and chirp while the female will only chirp. The mail quail will have brightly colored feathers. Moreover the female will have a larger body than the male.

Curious started off with yellow fur and when she grew up, they had became white. It was as though she had transformed from a ugly duckling to a beautiful swan.

So how do curious got her name? Yes, it was because of her curiosity nature in her, constantly looking out for the surroundings and people, that was her instincts.

She layed her 1st egg when she turned 1 month old plus.(if memory didn't failed me) I was happy for her as that was the 1st to many more that followed.

Active and Curious stays together like a married couple, have a little chase around their house and active bullying curious. But overall, they get along fine.

When they go out for their walk, Active will always look out for Curious's safety. By calling out to her to ensure she is nearby him wherever they go. That is surely something very sweet.

So what killed Curious? It could be the haze, but poor curious is now gone. I am quite badly affected by it's passing off. But the person who is most affected is none other than Active. He had been calling out for curiously daily. Screaming out for her to go home. Yes, animals have feelings too, it's sad to see him losing his loved on. He will need to learn to live by his own now.

Curious, if you are reading this article (hopefully in quail heaven where you can finally read), I want to tell you you had brought joy to all of us. You had went to a happier place, please pray for Active as he is losing sleep over your passing over. All of us will miss you. Take care of yourself.

Until one day, we will eventually meet again. Pray for us, keep a lookout for us. We love you.

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Tuesday 11 March 2014

Looking for Cheap Pet Food? Discover SuperPets (Previously known as Pets Dreamz)

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Where do you normally get your pet food from? From a nearby pet shop? Ok, how about the price? is it cheaper than the rest of the retailers in Singapore? If the answer is no, may i recommend Pets Dreamz.

My parents were taking a walk at the heartland Ang Mo Kio estate and they noticed there is a shop down the neighborhood selling pets food and pets accessories.

So being pet lovers themselves, they decided to take a look at the varieties offered by this shop. When they looked at the price of the items, they were shocked to see that the prices were much cheaper than most retailers out there.

So, they had a little chat with the business owner. After which, he passed them his business card. Upon reaching home, they told me about this shop down the neighborhood and asked me to take a look myself. Well, since my pet food supply is running low, i have decided to head down to this place with my wife.

When we arrived at the humble shop, we took our time to look at the shop and doing our price comparison based on our memories. We were pleasantly shocked to find the prices are 20%-40% lower than our usual pet food supplier.

So being a kiasu Singaporean (*Kiasu - Singlish word for not wanting to miss an opportunity*), we took 2 bags of hay and a couple bottles of vitamin pills for our pets.

Upon checking out from the shop, the owner introduced himself as Brian. He mentioned to us that his shop is offering much lower price as compared to others as he believe pet lovers should not take keeping pets as a burden.

The reason why he set up such a wholesale centre for pet food is the rising pet food cost in Singapore. According to Brian, the food goes up once every 6 months. So, we signed up to be a member of the shop.

Membership is free (as long as you spend over $20 in 1 receipt). Delivery is also free if you spent over $80. So, being grateful to Brian, we promised to blogged about Pets Dreamz and hope that his business will prosper.

The most important part


Wholesale Centre
Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
Singapore 561226

Bukit Batok East Ave 1
Singapore 650271

More outlets coming our way! If we didn't remember wrongly, 1 will be in Yishun 1 will be in the eastern part of Singapore.

They also have a Holistic Pet Hotel (wow), housing pets whose owners had gone overseas..

52 Jalan Limnok
Singapore 548731

Lastly, do visit their website at

Hot seller

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Saturday 8 March 2014

Possibly the best Yong Tau Fu in Singapore? - Fu Lin

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Happened to walk past this Chinese Yong Tau Fu stall near Amoy street, along Telok Ayer road during lunch hour.

This humble shop house is located opposite one of Singapore's oldest temple. What attracted me was the long queue. So out of curiosity, I went in to take a look what's so nice about their food.

In Singapore, there's a saying that long queue = good food. So, I joined in the queue and picked my 6 Yong Tau Fu ingredients. Didn't know what to pick since there are not too many variety to choose from. There was this nice looking cheese sausage at the side with a price tag specially tagged on top of it. It cost $2.10 each or equals to 3 pieces of normal ingredients. So being a fan of cheese sausage, I selected it together with some Kang Kongs, seaweed chicken, some fried Ngoh Hiang and a piece of ku gua (bitter-gourd). The set of 6 items + noodles/rice cost you $5.30.

You can have them in soup or dry, but i would recommend to have them dry. Between the rice and noodles, i selected Noodles, inclusive of up-sizing it by topping up 50 cents.

The taste wise? Well, let's put it this way, it is not your normal Yong Tau Fu. The owner has an unique way of preparing the food, presenting them like how you would expect to see in a restaurant. The noodles are something like thick bee hoon style. The amazing factor lies with the sauce that goes with it. The highlight of the day is the cheese sausage. Cheese lovers be on alert! You need to try it to believe me of the amazing taste. Besides the dishes i had ordered, there is also this vege named Di Wang Miao that is nice. For those of us who have not tried this, it's time to do so. If you like it, return to this stall and order for more.

They have more than just 1 outlet in Singapore, found another 1 at Suntec City's food republic too! But i prefer the one at Amoy Street. Their main outlet is still at East Coast.

So, my Yong Tau Fu lovers, if you have yet to try this, what are you waiting for? Definitely 5/5 stars.

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Wednesday 5 March 2014

School students asked to undress in school - Parents might be interested in this

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Witcast received a tip-off in regard to the treatment received from a student in a Primary school located in the Northeast area.

For illustration purpose only, this is not the school involved

Here are the details sent in by a concerned parent.

If you are considering to put your child in neighborhood school at Punggol, please DO NOT consider E******* PRIMARY SCHOOL.

They are so bo-liao(Witcast - "Bo-liao" is a Singlish word that meant they got nothing better to do) to the extend that they ask my boy to undress himself everyday and check for cane marks. MOE guidelines now is no caning/ beating only can scold. I have checked with my other friends, they said their school wont be so bo-liao to check for cane marks. 

2 days ago when i wanted to beat/ cane my son, he siam (Witcast - "Siam" is a Singlish word that meant getting out of the way) and accidentally hit the Marble table and gotten a bruise on his cheek area. I rubbed the bruise for him immediately when he had that knock. And the bruise became more obvious. Which parents would not feel pain when they beat/ cane or see their child getting injured? 

The school teacher and counselor were ridiculous! They assumed that my son was badly injured and needed immediate medical attention. Ask me to bring him for medical check up. I didn't bring him as it was a busy day for me.

For illustration purpose only, this is not the boy involved

Usually my son will reach home by 2pm as he finishes school at 1.30pm. School didn't called up to inform that they need to bring my son for medical check up. Until about 2.30pm, i called up and the counselor said my son is with her and she is bring him for a medical check up. Never mention what time he will be done and also never mention where he is going for the check up. How can they detained my son without even informing me making me worried and waiting at home?! 

At 4pm, I received a call from a MCYS officer. The officer say my son is at KKH and he need to be hospitalize as they investigate. But I was being asked to school yesterday to clarify the bruise on his face. Everything was explained to them and they advised me not to cane/ beat my son in future. Ask me to throw away the cane. Yesterday, my son made me very angry. I cooled down and didn't cane/ beat him. Suddenly today they reported the case to MCYS today making so much trouble for me. (My friend says they wanna do this to gain credit and make people say tat this is a good school cos its a new school) . When I asked when can he be discharge. They say have to wait for further notice, 


So, Witcast did a simple QnA with this concern parent and this was the conversation.

Witcast : So Mr xxx (Witcast didn't published his name for sensitivity issues), what do you think were the reasons behind this? 

Mr xxx : They said that every school does that, cause it's MOE guidelines, parents are not supposed to beat/cane their child... only can scold. But my friend who send her son to another school says she questioned the principal, if cant cane then how to teach them? The principal replied they are able to cane but cane at places that cannot be seen. Which mean places that are covered up.

WC:Canning at places that can't be seen? Isn't that worst? 

Mr xxx : Usually I cane my son's palm... If he siam then bo bian kena other places by accident. If unlucky and kena other places that can be seen counselor will call us up again.
(Bo bian - Singlish word that meant no choice. Kena is another Singlish word that meant something had happened)

For illustration purpose only, this is not the school involved
Witcast: You mentioned undress, you are aware that you can lodge a complaint with the MOE right?

Mr xxx: Yes, my son told me that they asked my son to undress himself... i'm going to do so cos they are not supposed to do that.

Witcast: Not sure what they will eventually do to your son if they know you had sent a complaint to MOE though. I would advise that you arrange for a meet up with the School's Principal to have a chat in regard to this situation. It might clear up some air.

Mr xxx: The Principal and the VP would not be a good choice. I spoke to the VP the other day, listening to the counselor side of the story and believe that my son was being abused by me. Yesterday when they spoke to me that didn't talk about bring the matter to MCYS. I think they did this today out of purpose as yesterday they asked me to bring my son to the doctor and i didnt bring and they brought the matter up to MCYS. And the counselor still warn me saying i will be either charged or fined and my son will be taken away.

WC: So i understand you will not be going to approach the Principal or the VP, is there any actions you will be taking against the sch?

Mr xxx : Hopefully MOE or the MP take action against this school.
(MP - Member of Parliment)

WC: I see, thank you for sharing your story with us and we are deeply sorry for what you and your family is going through, is there any other things you wish to say?

Mr xxx: I just don't like the way the school deal with things. My son is under the FAS (Financial Assistant 
School Scheme). The teachers looked down on him. Just bo chap him in class.
(Bo chap - can't be bothered)

The teacher knows my son has such problem of not handing up his school work and had been seeing the school counselor,

They said they will check his bag as and when there is a need to hand up the home work. End up home work wasn't hand up and the teacher will blame my son and says that he is irresponsible. If wants someone to change their bad habit also need time right?

Witcast : Yes, we agree. It seemed to us that there is some form of bias behavior going on here. Mr xxx, all the best to your appeal.

Witcast would like to clarify that we are not in the position to take sides. The above story were contributed by 1 of our readers. If this indeed happened to our Primary School, MOE might need to do a thorough investigation. 

For illustration purpose only, this is not the school involved

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