Monday 25 August 2014

Jobs and Careers

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After taking a break from blogging, we are back! Today we will be sharing about jobs and careers. In this present age, what we studied in school may not actually means we will be pursuing it in the society.

So assuming you are an 23-year old man fresh from the army, with a Diploma in Nursing. You may/may not be applying for a job in the Healthcare industry. Reason being, you fear the eyes of discrimination against you(being a male), or you simply thinks you can make it big at the finance sector.

So does that mean the Healthcare sector will have 1 less capable worker? I don't think so, as the polytechnics would have catered for a certain percentage of graduates who will choose to move on from what they studied.

So is there a discrimination in the world today? Certainly. I deemed the cause to be based on perceptions. Take for example, the perception of construction workers would certainly be a male. If you are a female who is very passionate in being a construction worker, you may apply to be one. Just that you might immediately be featured on the news, every talk show and maybe even being mentioned in the National Day Rally. The reason being; no man in this part of the world wants to be a construction worker, let alone women.

There are some jobs which women are being preferred too, such as manicurist or lingerie sellers. That left the office jobs being a place for both the male and female right? Maybe, office workers such as the Human Resource department are often associated with women being the vast majority. I am not sure if there are any discrimination over here but it seemed that they all seemed to require experience in the HR field prior to the selection. So, assuming you have just completed your degree in HR, applied for a job in HR (which most certainly requires a vast amount of relevant experience), will you ever be recruited?

To me, if every HR department wants someone with experience, where do the new fresh grads go? In any organisation, you need fresh ideas, you need fresh blood to keep up with the changing society. If all you have are people who knows what to do but no fresh ideas, eventually the whole society will just revolves around the same group of people.

Come on HR directors, recruitment directors, please don't be so direct ya? Give the fresh grads a chance! Especially when they had took on HR related courses in their tertiary studies. If no one gives them a chance, they will be going to work in some places where their potential might not be fully optimized.

So, we heard that there is a over supply of lawyers huh? Ok, lawyers are indeed a very in-demand lot of people in the working society today. Many can work in the banks, public service etc.. But shouldn't a lawyer supposed to be fighting for the lives of the innocent? And in the case of persecutor, they have the right to put criminals into jail. So assuming no lawyer wants to do that, we don't have any other choice.

In conclusion, to me, jobs are something for you to get your pay, which you can get paid for the number of work done in exchange. Whereas a career will involve your heart and soul, where you strive to give the best to it. Heard before the career path? Have you heard before the job path? No right? So make your informed choice before you regret. Understand some of us would rather get a job than career too, it's just a matter of our expectations in life too. Whatever decision we made in life, will eventually affect our destiny.

Signing off.
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