Monday 9 December 2013

Breaking news - Riot at Singapore's Little India

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We had just received the news about the outbreak of riot at the Little India road.

The below footage was captured by a resident near the little india vicinity.

The exact reason why the riot broke forth was possibly due to a bus driver hit 1 of the jay walkers at Little India road. Witcast understand Jaywalking at the Little India road is not something new. In fact, it's a norm. We have not seen any traffic policeman or any Cisco officers etc coming to summon the Jaywalkers.

Hence when someone finally got knocked down, the foreign workers showed the police who is the boss. Kind of sad news for us. In the above footage, we can see the workers even flipped over the Police Cars.
In this instance, where were the Riot Police? They had been well trained all these while, but they were no where in sight. Moreover, they will have no idea who on earth destroyed their vehicles.

In the below video, there were even fire that broke forth.

We hope Singapore can be a safe environment for citizens and foreigners. By demonstrating such big scaled riot, it is indeed a sad news for everyone.

We understand the Riot Police was called in later and had showed them whose the real boss.

God bless Singapore.

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Sunday 8 December 2013

Heads up on the EPL (Part 2) - After 15 games

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Hi Everyone

In our previous post on the start of this season's EPL actions, we had introduced the transfers done by all the EPL teams. Today, i will be giving you an update on the top 10 teams after 15 games and whether their KPI had been met or not. This article will also feature some of my personal views on the teams.

Lets begin with

1) Arsenal

Prior to the game against Everton tonight, Arsenal sits on top of the EPL table with 34 points with 14 games played. After their 1st game of the season which resulted in a defeat against Aston Villa, they had gone to the next 9 games undefeated, collecting 25 out of the possible 27 points. Amazing feat. After their defeat against Man U, they had gone on to collect 3 out of 3 victories.

So, they had an exodus in their squad at the start of season, this had indeed made them even tighter as an unit together. Even when their bid for Liverpool's Ace man didn't materialised. They have Giroud, Ozil, Ramsey etc etc etc... so many talents.

Come January, they should add 1 or 2 strong players to their team and they will probably secure a top 4 finish at the very least. As for their title bid, its been a very long while since they added anything to their trophies cabinet. Will this finally be their year? 1 thing for sure, they had exceeded everyone's expectation for them. Well done Gunners.

2) Liverpool

Liverpool had been a sleeping giant all these years. This season we had seen some of the best football from them. Last season after 15 games they have only collected 19 points and stayed at 11th of the table. This term, they are staying at the 2nd of the table. Definitely impressed many of the Anfield faithfuls.

So will they poise as a major threat to the other big teams as title contender? The Christmas fixtures may well determine their fate.

However it will all depends on this man, Luis Suarez. Amazing 14 goals in 10 games, amazing strike rate that many EPL teams add their total goals together cant be compared to. Came back from his biting suspension, Suarez had once terrorised many of the EPL defenders and Keepers. Together with his striking partner, Daniel Sturridge; they had combined 23 league goals!

Lets take a look at their signings, Mignolet (aka Mi No Let) had been outstanding. The goals that were conceded wasnt really his fault. He had even saved a penalty on his debut. He made many fans forgotten that Reina was even on loan. Kolo Toure on the other hand had his ups and downs, but overall he needs to speak lesser and perform better. Sakho is a great addition, but his tackles can be quite dangerous. Aspas and Alberto had not been the best signings for LFC, neither could loan signings Moses nor Cissoko claim a regular starting place.

Overall, their target is always the top 4 finish, which this season should just be their season. If not, Mr Suarez will definitely leave. Any better than that(top 4) will be a good bonus to Liverpool.

3) Chelsea

This looks like a Chelsea season when we learnt that Mourinho had returned as Chelsea's manager.
They had their ups and downs this season. On par with Liverpool on goal difference, addition to some on pitch controversies involving Chelsea players.

Generally, this seemed to be a slow start to the London Blues. The problem with Chelsea seemed to be inconsistency that they dearly hope to put a stop to.

Their strikers : Torres, Ba, Schurrie and Eto'o can't seem to hit the back of the net often enough. Meaning their midfield is stepping up to score on behalf. Hazard, Oscars and Lamps are the Trio who tops the scoring charts for Chelsea. If the strikers can't score on a regular basis, this will be a problem for Chelsea.

Despite Mourinho mentioned no one will leave and no 1 will come in come January, this Chelsea side don't seemed to have many options to claim games.

The leak came when they lost to Stoke. If they wishes to take the title from their rivals, they need to strengthen their strikers' strike rate or get someone in who can fit the bill. However, since they are still in the top 4 so far, their make or break will come in after their hectic Christmas and new year schedule.

4) Manchester City

At the start of the season, Man C's Chairman expects the team to win every single trophies available to them. I would agree that they have the potential to do it, but with 1 twist; if only all of their games were played at home.

They are the only team in the EPL that had won all of their home matches this season. But away from home? 2 Wins, 2 Draws and 4 Losses.

They had scored amazing 29 goals at home, conceding only 2. Their top scorer Aguero should claim some credit but Man C looks like a good team, with lots of goals flowing in from everyone.

One person that was dropped was Joe Hart. The current England number 1 finally paid the price for his constant errors in goal. Will he pick himself up and claim back his spot? I bet he is praying his understudy fails so he can be recalled. World cup is coming, if he is not playing for club, i will be sure he wont play for country. The signings had been great, namely Fernandino, Jesus Navas, Negredo and Jovetic. But i think the manager will want to bring in some more players in January to ensure a good fight to the title.

If Man C can take their home form to their away games, they will be a good team to claim the title. Too early to say if they can claim the spot their own. With many teams behind them knocking on their door.

5) Everton

Everton had always been a silent dark horse throughout. When Moyes went out, Martinez took over. I had always thought he is a good manager, so when he is given a bigger team like Everton to manage, he will ensure he does his best to lead the team to glory. He was rumored to replace King Kenny at Liverpool before LFC revealed Brenden Rodgers as their choice.

Everton had transformed into a tough nut to crack, beating teams such as Man Utd (whom also bought Fellani from Everton for 27.5m), Chelsea and Newcastle. Also to note, they had drew with Liverpool and Spurs. They are also the team that had lost the least. Only once to Man C.

If there is a team that did far better than expectations, Everton gets my vote. However, they will need to retain the service of Baines. Already sold Fellani to Man Utd, their midfield is like having a hole to be filled. If Baines were to leave, their position might really decline.

6) Tottenham Hotspur

There is no bale to bail them out this season. In-came Paulino and Soldado, with the latter quite a failure. He had only scored from the spot? It cost Spurs 30m euros. Wow, if that isn't termed a flop, i don't know what else is.

Do AVB knows who are his best team? All i can say is, Spurs are 6th because of good luck. If they goes on this way, their luck will eventually runs out and they will pay the price for it.

I don't think they will finish in the top 4 this season. Though early but they just don't have the quality. Lots of attacking but they need a better striker to convert the possessions and chances into goals.

I think you guys missed me
Come January, AVB might invest further to bring more glory to the team with the surplus from Bale sales. Until then, let's continue to watch them.

7) Newcastle United

Newcastle had gone to places and secured big results, most famously against Man Utd last night. They had exceeded much expectations for them and they seemed to be another difficult team to beat. Also to note is they had beaten Spurs and Chelsea too in their journey.

Every season they had produced some good strikers who eventually be sold off. 1st was Andy Carroll, then there were Ba and Cisse. Now Remy. Remy joined from the relegated QPR and Newcastle is happy to get him here.

The Newcastle midfield are a closely knitted group of players, covering for each other and delivering the ball for their star striker. Another contributor is Tim Krul, who had kept his team safe at the back. Keeping 5 clean sheets which is 1/3 of their season so far.

They will need to continue looking for ways to improve or else the teams below them will eventually catch them.

8) Southampton

Another surprise package up in the top half of the table. Southampton had exceeded everyone's expectations to be in top 4 at some point. So what is their secret? Look at their team, Lallana, Rickie Lambert, Jay Rodriguez and Clyne the four Englishmen were the reason.

All 4 had been in great form this season, not afraid of any of their opponent. They had stayed undefeated against Man U, Man C, Liverpool. And also picked up maximum points against the smaller clubs. Therefore they are where they are currently.

Expect them to slip up to the mid-table once fatigue sets in. But whatever the case, this had already been a successful season for them.

9) Manchester United

Sorry Man Utd fans, you need to scroll down to find your team here. We have all been through ups and downs, but i think not many Utd fans had ever seen their team suffering like this. The worst start to their season since the longest time. Very quickly you can see some of their fans turning against their club, pointing fingers at the Manager, players or even the referee.

There used to be a time when winning at Old Trafford for away teams were so difficult, it was a fortress. This season, their away form is better than their home.

Definitely the worst team we had ever seen from Man Utd. Moyes, the chosen one had tried not to rock the boat. Not getting too many new signings and didn't allow any 1st team player to leave during the summer.

This is the same team that had won the league last season. Now clearly struggling. Moyes appeared to be very different from Sir Alex.If the team loses 1 home game, Sir Alex will vent his frustration on the players, appeared to have boot thrown at Beckham at one time. So they wont want to lose the 2nd game in a row. Moyes probably didn't did what Sir Alex did. Probably sat down with the players and tell them to do a better job next round. Surely Man Utd players do not like his style of coaching, hence they lost again.

No late drama in the Newcastle or Everton's game. It seemed something is missing for Man Utd.

I expect a major acquisition from Moyes in the Jan transfer window. And if he still don't perform, bye bye to him. A center back seemed to be on top of his list. An attacking midfielder is also required. The problem will probably be the Board not willing to let him take charge till then. The stakes are too high for him to fail. No other manager will envy his current position.

10) Aston Villa

Started the season with a big bang. Winning over current leaders Arsenal, went on a few good games along the way and ends up at number 10.

It had been quite a joy watching Villa this season. They had been fighting for every ball, not giving the opponent a breather. Their pressing tactic had worked against some of the clubs. They had Christian Benteke to thank for at the beginning of the season, now it's more like a team play.

Similar to United, their away form is better than their home. They had only lost once away from home but had lost on 4 occasions at their home soil. If they can continue their fighting spirit, they will do well. But whether they can climb further up the table, it will be interesting to see who they managed to get come January.

That's all for now. In the next part of their series, i will be giving an update for teams in the 11th to 20th places. Stay tuned.

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Monday 2 December 2013

Richie's Pasta House - Squid Ink Pasta & Blue Cheese Sauce with Chicken Chop

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Having trouble finding a place to have some nice western food late at night?

Richie's Pasta House might just have what you wanted.
Authentic Italian Pasta at affordable rates!
Their price ranges from about $15 to $30.

Featuring their Blue Cheese Sauce with Chicken Chop!
(You may choose their steak which taste as nice the chop)

The taste of the blue cheese sauce is not as strong as the real blue cheese.
It's creamy and a little will never get enough of it!
The chicken is tender!
The wedges are crispy on the outside and soft in the inside!!
Yummy :)

You may request to change the sides to cream sauce or tomato pasta.
(it cost the same) 

The cream sauce pasta taste nice as well...better than average!

Another yummy-licious dish
Squid Ink Pasta

Get ready to have your tongue and lips "black-en"
It taste like as if the pasta is soaked in crab roe sauce...
With prawns, squids, clams, mussels, scallops...
Full of the fresh seafood taste!

There are order side dishes as well...
Baked Mussels 

They have other pastas that taste really nice!
Alcohols are available at their restaurant.

As they have limited seating area, it will be better to make a reservation if you are going during peak hours.

**Durian for desserts?**
Just beside them, there is 2 durian stalls that sells really creamy and delicious durian :)

They packed the durian into an air tight bag.
You can take away and bring around without fearing of the durian smell!

#01-01, Rocca Balestier
 221 Balestier Road
Singapore 3299328

Contact Number: 
6356 5656

Opening Hours:
4.00 pm to 1.00 am Daily

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