Monday, 1 July 2013

Best flight attendants - If you are doubting Skytrax then you're probably prudent

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Yahoo reported: Our SQ girls managed only a fifth place ranking at the recent SkyTrax World Airlines Award for best cabin crew, losing out to airlines like Cathay Pacific and Malaysia Airlines.

Do you agree with the results?

If you are rubbing your eyes, rub no more, let me disect for you.

The friendliest, most helpful and efficient flight attendants in the world are predominantly found on Asian airlines. In its stint of airline industry, Skytrax announced the list of winners at the Paris Air Show this week:

1. Cathay Pacific Airways
2. Asiana Airlines
3. Malaysia Airlines
4. EVA Air
5. Singapore Airlines
6. ANA All Nippon Airways
7. Garuda Indonesia
8. Qatar Airways
9. Hainan Airlines
10. Thai Airways

Source from Skytrax:
That’s according to flyers across 160 countries who completed 18 million customer satisfaction surveys which asked respondents to rate their favourite airline cabin crew.

My Say
This does not make sense. This report masked many hidden factors which could bring dismay to the winners. To solely base on the bizarre numeracy of 160 countries and 18 million is absolutely boloney. While the opinionated surveys gathered from the travellers are important, it cannot attributed to a full-fledge review on the service provided.

Look from this angle instead. If a stall selling wanton mee is awesome with its strong support of eaters from 160 countries and 18 million customer satisfaction surveys, can that entitle them to a Michelin Star? Its obvious they must be tested by a professional reviewer rather than leaving to the hands of it's patroniser. The same is to be said for hotels that the shine of their stars rating come from a wide spectrum of reviews.

On the above context, the travellers do not know how to rate professionally. They came with extreme biasness to finish their survey under the expense of time, gift in exchange for the survey completed or due to the cognitive assimilation on the price they have had paid.

Knowing more about Skytrax from Wikipedia
In 2012, the "reputation management" firm Kwikchex filed five complaints with the UK Advertising Standards Authority related to statements on the Skytrax web site describing the volume and reliability of their reviews as well as the official status and update frequency of their ratings. The Authority upheld all five complaints and Skytrax agreed to modify some promotional wording.

My Say 
Rein your belief on Skytrax's above rating. On my friend's recent trip to Malaysia on Malaysia Airline, he was on the plane with a screw missing from the fold-down tray thus he could not balance his food well, much more to eat with pleasure. So he politely ask for the flight attendant on any plausible solution. Taken aback, 'I am no engineer' was remarked by the scrawny attendant. Is that a good indication of top customer service from a number three spot?

That was only the beginning of his nightmare. On arrival, the Malaysian Airline had problem disembarking the passengers' luggage which resulted in severe damage to their belongings. My friend being the unlucky one had most of his stuffs crushed except his unaffected apparels. If the customer satisfaction was done before departing from their flight, my friend could have write justice on their service. Many at time, we know surveys were completed before disembarkment.

A professional company will never over-under-rate and provide inaccurate measure of their stint industries, especially on an internationally platform. Though we are unsure how many gets the awareness, we hoped this reach as many.

We also hope for more professional reviews to be carried out on the airlines. Particularly, it would meant the whole phase from sales to on-plane to after-sales service on the inclusion of compliments and complaints. Don't be a lazy reviwer, we trust the professionals know what's in the soup before tasting it.

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