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Featured - Beating around the bush with the talented beat-boxer, Mr Freddy Lim

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How cool is that man? Beat-boxing, something which had gained it's popularity all around the world. In this article, we will be learning more from the talented Beatboxer, Mr Freddy Lim.

Lets begin!

JD: Thanks for accepting our interview Freddy, so how long have you been doing beatboxing?

Freddy: Thanks for the interview, it is certainly my honor. I have been beatboxing since 2005. It's been about 8 years to think of it.. but it doesn't really feel that long though!

JD: Yes, i think i remember you doing that while you were in Poly huh? What motivated you to pick up beatboxing 8 years ago?

Freddy: It was my classmate, Dharni that influenced me to start during my Poly days.  To be honest, I wasn't really keen on it until at least 6 months later. But Dharni kept doing what he does and I guess it (beatboxing) rubbed off on me after awhile. He's got great passion in what he does. Now, he is one of the top in the world and is often overseas. I'm feel secretly indebted to him actually *laughs*. I will thank him someday.

JD: Nice one there. How do we start beatboxing, can it be self-learnt?

Freddy: Of course! Things now are very different from then. Now we have tons of resources online to learn beatboxing. Just search 'beatboxing tutorials' and an endless listing pops out. Also, since there are many beatboxing showcases and contests recorded,  you can now refer to them to learn a whole routine!
Back then, resources were a lot more scarce and we relied on each other more to learn new things.

JD: I agree. Times had indeed changed. So how do we draw apart an amateur from a pro?

Freddy: Personally, I look for 3 things - clarity, variation and rhythm.
Clarity meaning how clear or refined each sound is. Variation refers to how many types of sound you put in a routine (of course, dont overdo it) and rhythm simply means being in consistency in beats unless you're switching.

JD: Interesting, what are the pros and cons to be a beatboxer?

Freddy: There are mostly pros from what I see! Let me list out the pros in points first:

1. You can practice anywhere on the go.
2. You can readily perform anytime.
3. Can be a source of income.
4. Get invited to perform overseas if you're good enough
5. Get sponsored products or services of you're good enough
6. Play with your voice.
7. Entertain your friends or yourself when bored.
8. Make new friends easily.
9. Be more inclined to musicality and its technical aspects.
10. Opens up new opportunities.
11. Making an impact

For me, making an impact tops my list for pros. I wanna live this life influencing my students and friends to live their dream and step out to do what they like; not necessarily beatboxing, but doing they want in their lives. To put it strongly -Stop being herded like cattle!

Oops, and almost forgot about the cons. Here is my list:

1. In-training beatboxing sounds like nonsense and will irritate the crap out of people esp your siblings if you practice at home. (In my opinion, practicing vocal scratches for the first time tops it haha!)
2.You spend so much time (like weeks or months) practicing for a new routine and realize that on stage its only worth 10seconds. O.O
3. Ulcers. Definitely ulcers. You will bite your lips by accident as you practice. These will develop into ulcers and make the rest of your practicing over the next week a living hell.
4. Spending too much time in the shower beatboxing because the acoustic in the toilet *and while bathing* is better than any multi-billion establishment or sound system.
5. You will start auto-pilot beatboxing when you are bored. and you won't even know it.
6. Some people think you are a living, breathing, all-in-one jukebox and asks you to do this and that and that and this. DON'T DO IT.
7. You will never sit back quietly and enjoy a song without analyzing the beats, rhythm or technicality in the background. and no, the light hi-hats once in 4 bars won't escape you either.

The cons aren't that bad really. ;)

JD: Nice! I personally liked the part you said about making an impact. I live by that belief too:)  Whats your plan for now?

Freddy: I have been beatboxing and performing for a long time in Singapore and around SEA.. I want to expand my music even further, especially in singing, overseas.
That is why I would be moving to Tokyo, Japan, late this September.
I can't reveal much now, but I would be working on my album from there. I hope that it would be my first step as an International Artist.

Performing at the heart of XiMengDing, Taipei

JD: WOW! Awesome!!! Impressive! Any message to the teens out there who want to step into the entertainment industry?

Freddy: Live your dreams and set your goal onto something! Have a vision; be a ChangeMaker and be someone who impacts the community around you.

Things will NEVER be easy and you WILL meet negativity and setbacks time and time again. But you must hold on if it is really important to you.
Most people give up when things get too tough. Don't be most people. Who knows, it may be that little bit more that will make you successful.

Inspiring kids in Batam

With that, we end off the exciting interview with Freddy.

To me, he is always this awesome cool and funky guy. His outgoing personality is an advantage in life. Something apart from beatboxing, he used to have his T-shirt company, named Meow Moo :) I still have 1 in my wardrobe. Awesome design. This guy can sing, can dance, can draw, can beatbox, great fashion sense too. Simply amazing.

Freddy's hair is sponsored by Cleo Hair & Make . Do show your support at https://www.facebook.com/cleohair.sg
Well, i am certain he can be a great blessing to the community and I have seen him performing on several events. This guy will be a hit and will be likely to shake the world.

With his strong passion in the entertainment world, we wishes him all the best in his music career =) He is living his dream, are you?

Before we end this post, let us showcast the beatboxer's performances!


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