Friday, 12 July 2013

Video of 2 school girls confronting an old man for looking at them

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Found this video online, for my non-mandarin speaking friends, the 2 girls (in uniform) were trying to take a video of the old man, hoping this will deter him from following them again. They claimed that the old man followed them from the nearby playground to this block.

The old man asked why are they still not home yet. The girls replied why is he following them, the old man replied that he felt happy seeing them. The girls replied in a rude way calling the old man a pervert and demanded not to ever see him again, else they will make a police report.

So, whose side are you on? Saw some crude remarks online to criticise the girls instead.

Personally, there should be 2 sides of this story, and also 2 camps of people who wanna defend both parties.

Let's say the 2 girls are your daughters, would you have defended them? To me, there is no wrong in looking at someone, in this case, the old man also claimed the reason why he was looking at the girls were because he deem them to be pretty. But being insecure, the 2 girls wanted to protect themselves, hence made a hoo ha of this whole incident and posting them online. Have they done anything wrong? well, maybe not. So have the old man infringed their privacy? Also not.

You be the judge in this case.

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