Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Man accused of raping 16-year-old student after posing as cop

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The story was taken from stomp. Read on.

Man accused of raping 16-year-old student after posing as cop
An alleged rapist posed as a policeman in a bid to pressurise a 16-year-old girl into having sex with him, a court heard yesterday

According to a report from The Straits Times, Sivakumar Selvarajah, 41, threatened the teenager with arrest after catching her getting intimate with her boyfriend in a parked car, prosecutors claimed on the first day of his trial.

After sending her lover away, he drove away with the girl in his own vehicle before allegedly raping her on the back seat in broad daylight She has testified in camera, which means behind closed doors.

Yesterday, the High Court heard that the young couple were at a Woodlands multi-storey carpark on the afternoon of July 16, 2010 when Selvarajah knocked on the car window.

He shouted at them, told them to get out and threatened to charge them with having sex while the girl was aged only 16 and wearing her school uniform. Selvarajah took a picture of a condom her lover had thrown on the ground as “evidence”, the court heard.

He then gave the couple a choice – they could either come with him to the police station, or the boyfriend could return home on his own while Selvarajah took the girl home separately.

Afraid that her parents would find out what had happened, the alleged victim – who is now 18 – followed the “policeman” to his vehicle, while her lover went home on his own. Once he was alone with the girl, Selvarajah drove out of the carpark and headed for the expressway.

He allegedly told her he was an officer from Jurong Police Headquarters and again threatened to charge her, warning that her future would be jeopardised. Selvarajah then “pressurised” the victim by saying she could either go straight to the police station or have sex with him, Deputy Public Prosecutor S. Sellakumaran said in his opening address.

Afraid, she did as she was told. The “policeman” is then said to have molested her and made her perform a sex act on him before raping her on the back seat. Selvarajah denies four charges, including impersonating an officer, rape and outrage of modesty.
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*Editor's comment on the case. What a !~#!@%#$%$#%#$%^$%^$%&^%^& person this is. 1st of all, impersonating a cop to inflict fear into the young couple. 2) Raping the girl causing her to feel fearful and with memories she would never forgets.

I hope the judge would sentence this $#%#%#$^$^%&@5 fellow to the maximum jail terms and maximum strokes of cane. Hello, Selvarajah. The inmates are waiting for you. They will return the favour to you done to the 16-year old girl. No amount of sentence can make the girl forget what you have done for her. And i certainly hope she didnt get any disease from you. You freaking dirt.

I hope you dont have a wife or children. If not, i dont know how will they think of a rapist dad/hubby. I hope your parents dont ever find out what you did, else they will be ashamed of what you have done. So, someone will tell me his sin will be washed away if he confessed to the Lord with sincerity right? Yes, God will forgive him. I wonder if he have a daughter, some bastard came over and violate her, will he forgive the rapist anot. This will be the ultimate level of forgive for anyone.

Whenever the young girl sees anyone who resembles the rapist, she will feel scared. She might face the ultimate test of always having to worry what will people think of her. If not handled properly, her whole life will be gone. She might go into depression, low self esteem or simply get wasted every night at the club. She is young enough to be the daugher of the rapist. I guessed he must have visualised violating his own daughters to have done such an act.

If this happened in some more conservative country, this rapist might be sentenced to death. Although we are taught not to cast the 1st stone for those sinners, i think in real life, it's not so easy not to pass judgement on others, especially when they deserved it?

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