Friday, 19 July 2013

My Mini Empire (Part 4) - Introducing Craig and his entire Corinthian Prostars collections

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In my previous posts on my mini collections, I have provided some information on what are Corinthian Prostars, corinthian repaints as well as the interesting facts of corinthian cards.

So, the total number of the entire corinthian prostar series adds up to around 5,000 different figurines. Including both the rare and common figurines. So, have you started your collection?

Today, we are proud to feature one of our Corinthian Prostar collector Legend, Craig.

We are privilleged that Mr Craig had decided to accept our interview, and here are the highlights.

JD: So Craig, understand that you have completed your collection of figurines. What will be the networth of all your figurines?

Craig: It is hard to put an exact price on the collection, simply as I have never kept a record of my buying. Some figures have cost relatively little, others quite a lot. I suppose if you say £3.00 each and 5,000 equals £15,000. Then I have over 300 Master Models, again average price of £100 comes to £30,000, so added together it comes close to £45,000!

Part of Craig's Master collection
JD: Wow, thats awesome.  Do you have any regrets spending so much on these figurines? What will you have done with the money if you have not spent it on your awesome collections?

Craig: Do I have any regrets, let me think......erm NO!!! My collection has been built up over 20 years and along the way I have made many friends all over the world in many countries. I also have so many happy memories as a result of collecting, you cannot simply put a price on happiness or good memories. Had I not collected I have no idea what the money would have gone on instead, impossible to say.

JD: Nice,do you see this as an investment or a priceless collection that you will never sell?

Craig: I see this as simply a collection of mine and something I derive a huge amount of fun and enjoyment from. I never intend to sell it either.

JD: Just curious, which club do you support?

Craig: I support Newcastle United....TOON ARMY!!!

JD: Ok, Newcastle 1: Rest of the world 0

What is the 1 figurine you spent the most on?

Craig : The most I have spent on a single released figure is Stefan Schwarz Fiorentina, which set me back £150, and I must thank Lennnart Van Der Winkel for locating that figure for me and completing my collection The most I have spent on a Master Model is tied between the Schwarz master and Emerson Middlesboro master, costing £180 each.

JD: Nice friendship built! So what is your favourite figurine and why?

Craig:  My favourite figurine is of course Ruel Fox, simply as he is my all time favourite player. Sculpt wise I love the Taribo West, definitely a unique hair style!

JD: With the uprising figurines such as kodoto and soccerstarz, will you be getting everything too?

JD: Ok, lastly, what will be your advice to all football figurines collectors?

Craig :Ok my advice to all collectors would be to simply collect for your own fun and enjoyment. Buy the figures you want and build a collection you are happy with, whether that is 10 figures, 100 or 1,000 every collection is unique and personal to the collector. Most of all enjoy collecting

Craig was previously featured on Daily Mirror Newspaper for his great collection
Wow wow wow. It's really great to know among the collectors, there's someone who've got everything. Looking at his collections and i compared mine to his, i think i need to catch up.

Yeah, Evil bay (Ebay), here i come once again. Wishing me all the best to get my desired figurines at the best price! Oh well well well, nowadays the prices are sky high. Gone were the days where i can get 99p for a loose figurines.

I will not give up though =)

Witcast would like to thank Craig for his time in accepting this interview and would look forward for more of his amazing collection on facebook.

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