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Featured - An Interview with the Teacher and the cosplay-er- Part 1

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It's been a long break since i have an interview or recommending anything on Witcast. Today, let me introduce to you a very interesting couple which i personally known since years ago.

Pei Jing - Cosplay-er
Zheng Guo - Teacher

Ehh, so what's the link between the cosplay-er and the teacher huh? Well, they are a couple! Both are spreading their influence in different areas. Maybe the following interview might gives you a better idea.

In this 1st part of the interview, we will 1st feature Peijing, the cosplay-er (ladies 1st right?)

Lets rock and roll!
Witcast: Whats your full time job?
PJ: I am a Pharmacist working in KK Women’s & Children’s hospital.
Witcast: What motivated you to start cosplay?
Haha, I was in NUS Comic and animation society and I see the friends around me dressing up as their favourite characters and they looked like they are having so much fun! So I decided to join them. I have always loved all things Japanese, so I took up Japanese and learnt Manga. Cosplay was just another branched extension of that love.
It is my dream to one day cosplay Sailor moon, in 2012, I did it.
Witcast: Share with us your concept on the characters you play and the creativity of making their costumes.
PJ: One, I believe in not spending too much money, it’s a hobby, so spend within your means. Second, a true cosplayer should strive to do everything by him/herself.
Concept wise, I interpret the question as how the characters will be portrayed, the character itself must be someone I can look up to and respect, and look physically similar enough to pull off. If I am a 100kg man I will not try to dress up as Sailormoon. Lolz.
The making is the fun part, so enjoy it. I will print out a reference picture the character and reconcile across the anime/manga/game versions and find on that the audience can identify with, and with one look they can see, ‘It’s Sheryl Nome!’
I have worked with all sorts of materials like glitter glue, craft foam, acrylic to make wands, swords and hairclips.
I next look for colours, the colour needs to be true. The fabric of the costume, is it leather? Felt, satin or organza? The details that come with the costume like accessories and little decoration like embroidery or tattoos are important too.
Witcast: How many conventions do you normally attend and how selective are you? Among all events, which has been the most memorable?
PJ: Annually, one or two, mainly because I am too busy. Cosfest, EOY are the major cosplay events, STGCC and AFA are fun too, occasionally I will appear at cosplay challenge too. All are memorable, but EOY 2013 and 2008 are the most memorable. For 2013 I was featured on newspapers and 2008 was the first time I did cosplay and my performance won 2nd prize.

Witcast: Do you think there will be an increase in the number of cosplayers in Singapore and why?
PJ: Dunno, don care!
Witcast: Is this just a young people "in-thing"? Or anyone, be it the old or young can take part in?
PJ: When my kid is born I will make her a Sailor moon costume for her first birthday.
ANYONE can choose to take part, I mean it.
Witcast: Does your friends and family know about your hobby as a Cosplayer? Will you encourage your friends and family to take part?
PJ: Yes they know. Yes, if they mind having some fun too I would invite them to take part. My younger sister and mother are my helper/accomplice already. Now I am poaching my husband.
Pei Jing and Zheng Guo
Witcast: What will be your message to people who loves to cosplay but are afraid of the public view on them?
PJ: Don’t care about what other people think, do what you like, you are only young once! So live your dreams, try something new, let other people say what they want. The tongue is theirs, your life belongs to you.

Witcast: Whats the biggest takeaway?
PJ: I get very artistic friends! Haha, and getting to know some of the best people in the circle, like the head of EOY, owner of Haru house, Bon Japan CafĂ© etc. Most importantly it adds a little colour to one’s life.
Interesting interview, something out of the norm for us, plain citizens who has no special power like the sailor moon. We hope Peijing don't represent the moon and punish us.

Hope you enjoyed reading this episode of the interview, do stay tuned for the part 2 of the interview where Zheng Guo will share his impact as an educator. And students, please turn up for class :D

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