Sunday, 11 August 2013

Ramen Hei - City Square

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Least known to cliques, my healthy eating regime seemingly mask my liking to Ramen. My curiosity of this mouth-watering dish was traced back to my first visit to Korea; being the haven of this authentic cuisine, they are not being inferior in any ways to their neighbour, Japan. If your concept of finding the best Ramen resides only within the "country of the rising sun", you may be so wrong after all as there are master chefs who aspire to spread their love and passion across their border, and which, they have done so decades ago. Here, I wish to share on one retail for patronizing in City Square (CS), as very much, Ramen Hei 'd be the main focus on this post. 

With a nice display of their silverware (in this case, "woodenware"), you can't help but to
immerse into a feel of their culture before setting your sighting on their menu. 

Altogether, as one would least expected, they have a small variety of Ramen with varied soup-base: original, dark and spicy. Based on my assimilation, it connects their practice of "having the least to acquire the best", which would means to focus on niches than diversify at the expense of quality. Here, they commit ounces of their passion onto these three highlights - admirably was held at my off-thought. To incentivise myself for the long journey to CS, I ordered all main course so that everyone can savour a glimpse on the wonderfully prepared Ramen.

Original Ramen, 26RM served with additional Char Siu (a popular way to flavor and prepare barbequed Port in Cantonese Style), for additional 3RM

Really awesome for their balance between the sweetness and saltiness of their soup base; well-flavoured texture of their Char Siu; and the best, strands of chewy noodle that soothes down your throat.

Dark Ramen, 26RM - Among the three, this is my favourite. I forget to mention they have different types of noodles for their soup-base, haven't I? I can't really make up and deceptively write on their soup base as it will belittle the pleasure of eating it. Leaving some room for venture, ordering the Dark Ramen sets you guessing.

Spicy Ramen, 26RM - Do not be deceived by the spiciness within the Ramen's name, Ramen Hei really do fine in optimising the level of spiciness between those who can and cannot take spicy food. The soup base, akin its counterparts, are thick and chunky - taking a spoonful into your mouth puts a pause on you to appreciate the flavourful.

BBQ Squid, 18RM - I report the truth and won't ballooned the looking well-charred and tangy dish. They didn't fair to my expectation on this, and I definitely wont order this from here again, albeit my wallet is still fat.

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