Sunday, 25 August 2013

Korean BBQ - Superstar K BBQ Restaurant

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Having cravings for Korean BBQ? Sizzling Pork slices? Melting Beef cubes?

Hiding in the middle of Tanjong Pagar, Superstar K BBQ restaurant is one of the restaurants that will always have customers queuing outside to join in the heating up and sizzling.

What's so good about them?

1) They uses Charcoal to grill your meats and it taste nice!
The smoke vent also suck up almost all the you can leave the restaurant without your clothes and hair with heavy barbecue smell.

2) They have the piping hot and wobbly steam egg 
(one served for every 2 portion of meat ordered)

The steam egg is soft and fluffy!!!
There isn't much words to describe...

3) They have free flow of side dishes and fresh lettuces (Unlimited refill)

Fresh Lettuces

Chili Beancurd




Mashed Potato 
(This is one of the BEST i have ever tasted)

4) They serve fresh meats that taste real good after Barbecued (even though the portion is a bit small)

Pork Belly 

Beef Ribs

For a perfect combination, you can order a bottle of Soju as well..
If you prefer non-alcoholic drinks, there are some to choose from in the menu too!

Still hungry?
You can order more ala-carte from the menu...soup, noodles or pancakes.
Compared to other korean shops, their's might not be the best, but it taste not bad either.

Most of their servers are koreans and they will help you to grill and cut the meats into pieces.
Services are not bad and most of them are quite friendly...
They always serve us with a smile :)

The prices are acceptable with the refillable side dishes and fresh meats!
There is NO GST with only 10% service charge.

75 Tanjong Pagar Rd
Singapore 088496

Contact Number:
6224 0504

Opening Hours:
11.30am  -2.30pm
5.30pm - 11.00pm
Closed on Monday

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