Thursday, 1 August 2013

Featured - Kazan Japanese Cuisine, a hawker food that taste nicer than the restaurant's

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Always wanted to have nice Japanese cuisine at a reasonable price? Look no further, introducing the Japanese cuisine at a local hawker that is better than the restaurant : Kazan.

Located at Chinatown Complex, this fabulous stall stand tall with the owner, Mr Lim working hard to ensure the quality of his cuisine is not compromised. So how nice is this? I would briefly describe what I had on this faithful day.

His stall is flooded with awards, reports, reviews about his Japanese cuisine. From newspaper article to online review, everything seems good. This article will justify all the previous article, with a new twist =)

I have ordered a set of Salmon Teriyaki meal, costing me $6. The outlook of the salmon looks great, definitely worth a second look at it. Covered with lots of Teriyaki sauce, this dish of delicacy looks great for consumption. Mr Lim used shredded cabbage as the base for the salmon, making it a balance diet.

After taking the 1st bite of the salmon, I was immediately impressed with the tenderness of the salmon. Slight crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. I particularly loved the salmon skin. It's just amazing. For a moment I thought I was in a top fine Japanese dining. 

It's just amazing.

Besides their Salmon, i have the luxury to try their Teriyaki Chicken set meal too.

On my 1st look of the Teriyaki Chicken, I must say it looks like a rather big portion of fried chicken! Lots of Teriyaki sauce on the fried chicken, it looks good. Mr Lim have also included Mayonnaise sauce as part of the dip.

Upon taking my 1st bite of the chicken, I must say it doesn't taste like the normal Japanese chicken we have tasted in the restaurant, let alone hawker. It's 50 times better! The meat is tender, yet the skin is crispy, tempting the diner to take in 1 piece followed by another. The meat is rather juicy I must say, this taste blended very well with the rice and it's just awesome.

So, I went forward to have a simple interview with Mr Lim.

JD: Hi Boss, your Japanese cuisine is just amazing, can I have a few words with you?

Mr Lim: Sure! (with a smile)

JD: So Mr Lim, understand your stall were previously located at Tanjong Pagar Complex and it is currently under renovation. Any plans to return?

Mr Lim: Oh, the renovation will take up to a year, once its done I may not be returning as the rental might most probably increase. (with a smile)

JD: Great, thankfully we found you here still. So how long have you been doing this?

Mr Lim: You mean Japanese food? Hmm around 8 years now. Previously I was working in Malaysia for a Chinese food stall, then came over to Singapore and worked for another Restaurant as a chef. Thereafter I went over to a hawker as a cook, then decided to have my own stall here.

JD: Wow, thats great! Do you intend to open a shop or restaurant by yourself since your cuisine is just so amazing?

Mr Lim: (with a smile) It's quite difficult. The high cost of maintaining might cost me greatly. I am happy doing this for now.

JD: I see.. So which are the top choices in your menu?

Mr Lim: It got to be the Salmon Teriyaki.

JD: Nice, so which one will you recommend?

Mr Lim: It's still Salmon Teriyaki and probably Teriyaki Chicken.

JD: Thanks for your time Mr Lim, continue doing what you are doing please, all of us love your food.

Mr Lim: Thank you so much! Hope you can recommend to your friends (with a big smile)

To all my dear viewers, you can verify whether i am telling the truth or not by visiting the food stall. Feel free to have a chat with Mr Lim as he is very hospitable and friendly to all of his customers.

I strongly recommend Kazan Japanese Cuisine to everyone who loves Japanese food. Try it. You will love it and forget about your restaurant food for good.

Lastly, enjoy your food :D

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