Monday, 19 August 2013

Interviewing Daphanie Lee, Miss Earth Singapore Water 2012

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In this special episode of our featured story, we have the privilege of speaking to Ms Earth 2012 - Water, Miss Daphanie Lee.

1) What is your motivation to join the Miss Earth Singapore beauty pageant ?
Daph: As we only live once, I have always felt that we should try anything that is within our means. I've always watched and adore beauty queens so I decided to give pageant a shot. When I came to know about Miss Earth Singapore, the motivation took a turn to just merely wanting the experience in going through one with a cause that is close to my heart. Being an avid nature lover, I'm even more motivated to do my best even if I didn't win in the end.

2) Besides going green, what have you also been involved in connecting to the society?
Daph: Having passed my crown down to the new reigning Miss Earth Singapore Water 2013, my journey does not stop here. As part of the Miss Earth Singapore Alumni, I will still continue to support the green cause and work together with the Miss Earth Singapore organizers in promoting the green awareness whenever possible. On my own, I also have a facebook fan page:  where I will post regular updates about things we can do to help make Earth a better place to live in. Especially for myself, I like to create crafts from used or recycled materials to become daily storage etc.

3) What is your aspiration in life?
Daph: Frankly speaking, I have too many aspirations in life. I am pretty ambitious and there are many things that I want to do and achieved. But for now, I would want to educate the young and hopefully be able to give back to the society at my best ability. Also, I believe that we can better help the Earth through educating the younger generation. I do that every single day now and it has been a passion to me rather than just a job :)

4) In your own capacity, how have you influence others around you?
Daph: I have influenced a few friends to start returning their own trays and to reduce food wastage in Singapore by ordering only what you need to eat.
5) After winning the coveted title, Miss Earth Singapore Water 2012, how has your life changed? And what does the winning element "Water" meant to you?
Daph: It has opened my eyes to the world of pageants. During our coronation night, the first thing that has changed me is I have learnt to smile in front of the camera long enough because lights were just flashing everywhere. Soon, it became a natural thing that I'm almost always 'camera ready' during events. After winning the title, I have more opportunities to mingle with the public and also gained more experiences on how to deal with different people and/or media. I'd say the element "Water" is pretty close to my heart. Being a Pisces myself, it is also a water element. Moreover, I'm a person who loves to swim or just be by the seaside listening to the waves. To me, winning the title of Miss Earth Singapore Water 2012 was in fact a gift and surprise as well.

6) If you can change something in the education sector in Singapore, what will you change and why?
Daph: Definitely the class size. With a smaller class size, educators will be able to better nurture our younger generations as we can spend more time to digest the concepts with them better, especially Mathematics and Science. On the other hand, it will allow me to bring in crafts into the classroom and teach students how they can always make something useful out of used or recycled materials.

7) Any message to aspiring beauty queens out there?
Daph: Never be afraid. You will only have to take the first step to realize that there is a bigger world out there and that one step will open your horizons to many wonderful and fruitful experiences. Joining a pageant is like a learning journey, keep an open heart and a positive attitude and you will also discover and understand about yourself better. It is a valuable experience which money cannot buy. Being a beauty queen is not just about being pretty and having a great body, it would be your ability to impact and capture the hearts of many out there.
JD: Having known Daph since her secondary school days, I must say she's really a down to earth person. She is very real and sincere to her friends. Even when she face challenges in life, she will look on the bright side of life and continue moving forward. With her being crown as the Miss Earth 2012, I am absolutely proud of her achievement and I am sure she is already a blessing to people around us.
Jiayou Daph =)

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