Thursday, 15 August 2013

Featured - Passion with Pets

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Witcast will be starting a new section, namely Pets. Featuring everything and anything about pets. Well, we are no experts in handling pets but i guess we can all share some useful information with everyone!

To kick start our series, we spoke to an animal lover who is keeping several pets at home. Introducing the pet lover, Ms Ris Koo..

Witcast : So, tell us, how many pets do you keep at home?

Ris: We have a dog, 3 cats, 1 chinchilla n 2 tortoises now.

Witcast: It is nice seeing your love for animals, how do you manage to find time for them?
Ris :I clean their areas daily n feed them twice a day. At d same time, talk n play w them. Time is what we have to allocate so I never fail to do so for my loved ones
Witcast: Nice. So what’s the biggest reward from their companionship?
Ris :when they recognise who I m n greet me everytime. I could always feel their love to me

Witcast:Can we know what extend will you do for a stray animal on the road.
Ris :I often buy food for d strays n if only I am able, will like to provide them a shelter. However I m neither a rich or a witch . lol

Witcast: Will you be interested to do voluntary work for animals in the shelters (animal without any owner)
Ris: I ever try to but due to time constraints n health issue, I couldn't Continue. I m liaising to see whether I could b a feeder now ; )
Witcast: This question is a bit of mystical. If you have the ability to understand animals’ languages, how would you spread the love to the animals’ non-lovers?
Ris: how I wish I could do tat. Did some research on some courses on animal communicator but still in doubt whether they really could or just the same as me, could feel how animals feel. I often tell people how these animals feel after all. I also go to d extend of scolding those who I witnessed treating animals nasty.

Witcast: Rank the below according to your priority
God, Spouse, Kids, Pets, $$$, Sleep

Ris: God, kids, pets, money, spouse n sleep

Witcast: How do you deal with the potential loss of your pets?

Ris: when I was young, I gave away my old love ones n cried for weeks. The fear of seeing them dying is too great. But I realised it is such a selfish act n I will never do so now. I will have to deal with it.. telling myself its due to old age n God will take care of them from there on.. I still b sad for a v long period.

Witcast: Should your family object keeping them, how would you had manage it otherwise?

Ris: my family always object me. Telling me wasting my money n effort. My spouse n gals hate my 3 cats now, but I m not going to give them up anyway. I kept telling them I love my cats so if they do love me, they must b nice to d cats too.

Witcast: How would you advise for someone to be like you?
Ris: v simple, just ask them how they could like to b treated if they r one of d animals.

I hope everyone have enjoyed reading this post like we do. Pets are cute, pets are nice, but please never get them on impulse. Think through the hardwork that you need to do daily for them, cleaning them and feeding them might be more difficult than you think.

At the end of the day, when you see that your pet is happily chewing it's food, you would know all your hardwork is worth it.

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