Monday 5 January 2015

Raintr33 Hotel - The former old Changi Hospital's neighbour

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Have you heard before the old Changi Hospital? There was even a movie being made for this place. We were told that their neighbour, old commando barracks were transformed into a hotel.

Yeah, it was a haunted place in the past. Stepping up, here comes Raintr33 Hotel.

Since many of us would know the history of old Changi hospital, so I won’t be saying too much to scare you here. The question now is, will anyone stay in the new hotel? The newspaper article below shows the haunted stories of old commando camp, the article claimed that there is a gateway to hell.

There should be a few groups of people who probably will.

1) Tourist - Enough said, they see the price still ok (Starting from $180), still quite near to the peaceful changi village, there is even a place to chill. So why not?

2) Brave locals - They heard about the history, they want to experience it themselves, 1st hand. However, they might come in a group, hence i suspect they won’t see anything.

3) Bloggers - Surely they will wanna stay there and blog what they have seen or heard so they can drive up their viewership.

4) Lost souls - We don't literally mean the souls, but human beings who might be tired from cycling, jogging etc. Maybe not, Taxis can be easily located right?

So 1st hand experience will be better than hearsay, so are you ready for an adventure??

*Witcast will not be responsible if you happened to see anything/any uninvited guest to your room*

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