Monday, 20 May 2013

Blackball review - Taiwanese Desert 2013

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Blackball review : a call to the twist out of ordinary with its featured mouthwatering desert, blackball signature.

Known as 黑丸嫩仙草, the combination of the main ingredient in this desert, Grass Jelly was very well complimented by its circular ingredients, 粉圆 - taro ball, golden potato ball with red bean and black pearl; identified by its irregular shapes and colours for its exquisite taste. 

The best part of the desert can be tailored to your liking for its serving to either 
warm, hot, cold or ICY!

Tried by the many folks whom we interviewed, the favourite is the warm serving Taiwanese Blackball Signature because it makes the 粉圆 so chewy and silky smooth as you put a test to its limit to melt in your mouth.

Clearly distinguished by its colours, the 粉圆 family consists of the ones in orange, white and 
yellow while accompanied by other ingredients of the red bean, black pearl and underneath filled 
with a satisfied portion of grass jelly. 

While it is so obvious, the hidden and under-rated main cast is its gravy-like sauce. While many 
other food therapists got overwhelmed by the vibrant display of 粉圆, we managed to snap 
ourselves focused-centric to uncover the great taste behind each serving. 

You can't see the secret (sauce) from this picture right? Faster scroll down LA.

The taste of the sidekick/'Tang'/sauce command similarly to a Chendol, as feedback by my 
taste bud. I can taste a mild coconut that blends in quite well with the self-added given milk. 
I can never imagine the taste without adding in though - just making excuses for second 
round serving.

Eating style 
1. Feed your stomach graciously - take your time to scoop a favourite colour that you fancy and 
let your teeth punish the chewiness of these 粉圆. This is highly recommended for a first timer 
as you take an hour off your shopping routine to enjoy a casual moment.

2. Like a song, if you prefer a mash-up version, perform it on your desert and do it the 
Rojak Style - mix and win method to scoop for surprises. If you are an intermediate 
desert eater, just choose this method and you will enjoy the savoury within these blackballs.

 3. Another serving is never the same. As you erase your preferred style under 
my recommendation, you could be invoked with some inspirations and innovate your own. 

Okays, 2nd round coming up, goes very uniquely with a cup of Avocado juice.
Location: Here's where you can get your bowl of yummilicious

1a. West, Clementi, City Vibe 
11am - 10pm (Daily), #01-19, Singapore 129581.

1b. West, The Star Vista, Holland Village
10am - 10pm (Sun-Thurs) / 10am - 11pm (Fri-Sat),
#01-14/15, Singapore 138617

2a. East, Bedok, Bedok North Street, Blk 204
11am - 10pm (Weekday) / 11am - 10pm (weekends), #01-393, Singapore 460204.

2b. East, Katong, East Coast Road, Blk 112  
10am - 10pm (Daily), Katong #02-27 Singapore 428802

3. North, IMM
10am - 10pm (Daily), #01-48, Singapore 609601.

4. Central, Bugis Plaza
12pm - 11pm (Daily), #01-14, Singapore 188067.

My say: Don't get bewildered by the blackball desert and let your anticipated trip make the call. Definitely worth a visit, revisit, and bridging a dedication to those whom has yet to give it a shot. Don't miss something so exciting, can't you?

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