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Dora Keiki

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Dora Keiki - Doraemon's Happy pancake

If you're a fan of Doraemon and will like to understand the eating pleasure behind his constant craving for Japanese pancake then you surely can't give Dora Keiki a miss. 

Outer appeal

By the order of 6 for $8, it came in a sweet packaging with poker dots imprint. The aesthetic appeal of the pancake proves a natural instinct to make a nice door gift or a mini munch to go with some late night movies. Holding this well-packed mini box is convenient for travel and prevents de-shaping your pancake when shoving in the congested train or buses, also making it an ideal picnic desert.

Dora Pancake

Uncovering the pancakes from the box feels like doing a lucky dip cos' you never know what you gonna get. One will need to distinguish the flavours of the pancake on your sense of smell. Some flavours like Durain can be easily identified while others like Chocolate and Cheese is really challenging - just imagine the picture when my family went sniffing on their pick of flavours among the 6 Doras, and yes I did too :)

The shape would be its drawback that does not resemblance a perfect curve like Doraemon's animated pancake. The culprit comes under the reward of a well-filled fillings when you munch it. If you're a person who favours your taste bud more over than the shape of your food then it wouldn't matter.

With my choice of a randomise pancake, I unwrapped the Dora from its captivity and I begun displaying my Final One on a porcelain plate.

Nom Nom Nom

As I peeled open the Dora, it reveals a generously well-filled cheese pancake. And as I try other flavours, it was equally contested on the filling, none to be compromised. Just by looking at the thickness of the filling makes your teeth grinds. You just want to punish these alluring Dora, dont't you?

On my first trial on the cheese pancake, it gives a the gentle aroma when you sniffed it, which is least expected from cheese stuffed Dora, and the taste is just absolutely amazing. After the first bite, I was drawn into the chewiness of the pancake and the pleasantly flavoured filling, triggering my eating spree.

Even as a non-cheese lover, I fell in love with it. On the list, I would definitely recommend Cheese, Durain, Blueberry and Chocolate.

My say: If you're in for a safe bet go for it. I am certain that anyone regardless of ages will fall in love with these Dora like we do. I cant express how thankful I am to discover this shop as it clearly top my list on the pancake menu. Eating pancake can never be the same after you give it a shot.


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