Monday, 27 May 2013

Do you remember? (Part 1)

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When we were young, we will often head down to our school bookshops to do our window shopping. That was probably the 1st window shopping we done besides our parents accompanying us. The girls would often spend on the interesting looking stickers, however collecting stickers is not limited to girls only.

In the past, there are those flurry type of stickers which comes in a set or what the kids love to describe as "family". A whole set of "family flurry stickers"would cost around $5 back in the early 1990s. That is quite alot of money for a Primary school kid huh? But magically, the sticker collectors would somehow still manage to get hold of them. Are they rich kids? Maybe. But one will be happy just to have a few family of flurry stickers.

Besides those flurry stickers, there are those stickers which can be bought from a local "mama" shop.

The difference between this kind of secret stickers and those normal stickers are the suspense that it brought along. The buyer would not know what will they get, just like those machines which accepts 20 cent coin for a card. However, these stickers are generally more expensive than those from the 20 cent machine. But the concept is the same, the buyer would want to collect everything and show off to their friends once they got the whole set of collection.

Lastly, there are also those "wood stickers"which is of course, made of wood.

1 famous sport among the girls during recess time would probably be the hopscrotch.

How to play?

1) Get a wallet/key/stone/whatever you can get hold on with weight
2) Get some kakis to play with u
3) Find a place or simply draw one on the sand patches in your school compound


1) Player needs to overcome every level of the game in order to win, the 1st one to return "home"wins
2) Everyone starts at level 0. when its his/her turn, he/she should throw the wallet/key/stone/whatever to the next level. If the object touches the line or outside the box, the player loses a turn.
3) If player lands the object safely within the box, player should hop over the stage where the object is placed to the next stage without touching the line.
4) Players needs to continue from the level to the next one using 1 leg for level 1,2,3,6,9 and may use 2 legs to land on level 4and 5,7 and 8. However if the level is occupied by other player's object, player will need to jump over it. Hence player may not be able to use 2 legs of 4 and 5, 7 and 8.
5) Once player had conquered level 9, player will need to get back to in a descending order.

Another famous sport among the girls (this 1 is strictly restricted to the ladies) is the zeropoint game.

How to play?

1) Form a group with 3 or more people
2) Get a lot of rubber bands and join them together to form a long rope.


1) Players will take turn to jump over the rope formed
2) The players will start off with 2 of her friends holding the rope(one at each side), starting at a low height, slowly increasing the height
3) Once the role is too high for the girls to hold, they can swing the rope and the player will have to jump over it.

How to win?

I dont know. Just have fun! Maybe... the one who can jump through the height and jump 10 times wins?

That''s all for now! Ok, i know this sounds pretty much for girls, hope the ladies enjoyed reading this post. Men would have a better idea of what girls do now. Please forgive me if i got some of the steps and rules wrong as these were the rules taught to me when i was little.

Part 2 will feature more boyish stuff! Stay tune!

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