Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Everyone's a running man - Part 1, picking a good shoe

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Contributed By O . Neon | A running enthusiast

Running is undoubtedly the simplest form of a healthy and efficient workout on Earth and presumably, on other planets being ceteris paribus.

I always enjoy the simple rosy opening for a poem so thou shall infuse this with running :

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Nothing I love better
Than a good running shoe

True to the above, you need to have a good pair of running shoes to support your running regime to mitigate the potential of new injuries and avoid aggravating the existing ones. 

Let's first try to understand on the specific design of shoes.


By the design of the shoe, it provides a very flat and straight sole which top the favourite choice for flat footers. It is preferably their choice as flat feet can rest comfortable by the linear sole which having to crunch on the contour of normal shoes with arching sides. Similarly, the majority masses with medium arch  sole does not have a problem to place their feet in, just as we stood on flat surface our legs does not hurt. The pain strikes if there is rapid movement for a constant period of time by the reasoning of the sole's material and the degree of absorbent, making it a clear reason against running.

Basketball Shoe

Like resting your feet on two layers of donuts, the shoe provides a spongy feel when you run, brake, jump and land; making it the ideal shoe for injury prevention on run-brake sports. All these features come at the expense of weight, every inches you move put a toll on your ankle (does ankle break sounds familiar?). Definitely not even suitable for clearing a good 2.4km.

Road rash is red
Bruises are blue
I should really learn to
Double-knot my shoe

 Addidas Glide
The traditional believer of a good shoe for long distance running must have fat chunky support as to act as the suspension for shock absorbent when striding your movement. Contrary to the belief without a flaw, it comes under the expenses of weight as well, better than a basketball shoe but still stressing on your ankle much. Not recommended for distance beyond 5km. 

Addidas Adios

Love is patient
Love is kind
A run with your love takes the right state of mind
Too fast makes them testy
Too slow, you're behind
Wear the right pair of shoe and you'll never resign

Based on Adi Zero Series, the new Adios arrived in 2013 top the chart as my favourite light-weighted shoe. It is absolutely ridiculous to testify this; holding this pair in your hands feels like bringing your pencil to an exam hall. However do note, the shoe itself neither enhance your run nor function like a booster pack. Its main role is to reduce the penalty of running against the tested gradients to much of human's ability to cope well.

My say:
Afterall, the purpose of getting an inexpensive pair of aesthetically pleasing shoe could spur you to increase the frequency of your running routine; expensive = heartpain = better run else waste it. 

On top of all, getting the right pair of shoe for running according to the terrain, environment and distance is an important consideration. As to the clever saying carrying out the job using the right tool, run healthy with the right pair of shoe.

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