Friday, 31 May 2013

Mcdonald - Fairy Tales Edition - 2nd Kitty, McDelivery Witch

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I think this was a really witty marketing gimmick that expands on their delivery service. Neither the site nor phone call can convince the red-team on how badly you want to get your hands on one of these. Personally, a futile attempt was made for the delivery to my workplace and similarly, I have news from friends that their workplaces were also flushed out from Mcdelivery. It truly reflects our local delight on queueing and collecting limited edition plushies. On the hearsay, there was advance booking since 28 May where orders have been made to chope the Witch Kitty.

Beating the crowd, I still have my way. Thanks to my colleague, I managed to siam a round of calories gain and skip the air that this collection is running low on stock. Yes you hear it right, its running low and out soon. 

At their outlet, trended by a paradigm shift, I noticed there were more guys than ladies in their restaurant queueing up. They could notably be the representative of their wife(s)/girlfriends/parents/siblings to make this designated trip, unwillinglywillingly.

Nice on the front, wordless on the back. As hoping for a story like a the Oz, I was looking forward to a story on the Witch for a linkage with Mc but no, there wasn't any story as shown below. But still, knowing this is a pretty unique piece, it makes its worth.

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