Monday, 3 June 2013

Mitigating Risk of Cancer from food intake; know your top 4

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The 4 most cancer causing food

1) Hydrogenated oils are commonly used to preserve processed consumption products. When taken excessively, it leads to a risk of deliberating diseases.

Healthier choice:
Some manufacturers would use palm oil, look for the indicated ingredients.
2) Soft drink, an alternative to mineral water, is widely accessible which makes it so unnoticed that resides as the main factor for causing obesity and leading to other chronic diseases. The main sources of its detrimental effect are its colouring, sugar and food chemicals. 

Healthier choice: 
Get yourself a nice while slightly more expensive water bottle such as Nalgene or Tuperware to motivate your healthy drinking habit.

3) Processed meat is a convenient food source in our daily reach. Some of the products include sausages, ham, bacon and the like. The main harm derives in the chemical preservatives to maintain its upkeep of freshness and appeal which risk cancer.

Healthier Choice:
Be sure to select your choices free from nitrates and preferably from grass-fed sources.

4) Conventional fruits is a lesser known attributive for cancer. With a common belief eating healthy by getting fruits from our neighbourhood retail, it is less so. Unless it is organic, we are in fact consuming pesticide-infected/sprayed products and they could be a significant connection for cancer. By the World Organisation Study, it is found that as high as 98% of fruits are labbelled 'dirty/contaminated'. 

My Say
Next time on occassions like a house warming, be sure to increase your budget on organic products and start picking up simple recipe to spend some time processing food on your own. Eating healthier and knowing the significance of the ingredient sources can change your lives for the better.

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