Sunday, 9 June 2013

When someone asking you for direction, open your wits

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Extracted from Melody Lim

I met this young Malay boy, about 12(?), who asked me to direct him to blk 170 after I alighted from bus 911, 3 stops after the interchange, near Marsilling Sec. 

Not being familiar with the surroundings myself, I told him I couldn't help him as i didn't stay in Woodlands, but after looking around, the bus stop was located at Blk 150(i think?) and to the right was blk 140 and blk 170 was rather visible on the left end. 

I pointed out the direction to him and told him to walk straight down. AND THATS WHEN HE STARTED TO GET CREEPY. He kept telling me to bring him there, and even after countless times I refused, and started walking away in the opp direction, he still kept pleading with me and following me. 

Let me be clear that the block he wanted to get to was clearly visible in the distance, yet he still pretended he couldn't see, and followed me. His eyes was shifting all over the place and he looks visibly nervous, and suspicious.

I finally shouted at him to stop following me or i'd call the police, and that was when he walked away without looking back.

My friend told me after that there have been reports of kidnaping and gang raping going on recently, and I just wanted to give a heads up to you guys staying in the North.

Please be careful and not follow or lead someone blindly!!!

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