Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Learning Bahasa Malayu - Lesson 3, adjectives and opposites

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Just like English, I was told by my teachers in Secondary school that it is always good to begin with adjectives when taking up a new language. Stubbornly, I hold belief that colour and number should be the priority beforehand.

Lesson 3 tours a handful of adjectives and opposites:

Big – Besar    (Recalling Jalan Besar? Now you know what it means)
Small – Kecil

Left – Kiri (few education through NS)
Right – Kannan (Kar nun)

Beautiful – Chantik 
Ugly – Hodoh

Friend – Ka3wan1 (Friends = kawan-kawan, just repeat for pural)
Fight/Compete - Lawan

Rich – Kaya
Poor – Miskin

Far – Jauh
Near – Dekat

Old – Lama
Young – Baru

Cold – Sejuk
Hot – Panas

Long – Panjang (Bukit Panjang)

Short - Pendek

and the list goes on, go create your own for better learning.

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