Tuesday 11 June 2013

The Marmalade Pantry

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We had met up with a friend at ION Orchard on the weekend, we wanted to go to TWG, but both outlets (level 1 & 2) had a very long queue. So I suggested why not head to level 3 and see if The Marmalade Pantry had a queue. The queue surprisingly wasn't too long but we had to wait, I reckon that it was worth it. 

I had patronised at this restaurant before but that was quite long ago. I've tried their cupcakes before, actually had wanted to order one but at the last minute changed my mind as I spotted something I wanted to try - French Toast with caramelised pear and vanilla bean ice cream.

Doesn't it look yum! Sweet and savoury combined..

My boyfriend had the Eggs Benedict and I had a small bite out of it.. Sad to say, I didn't like it as I know of better places for it like Tosh Restaurant on Beach Road, Hatched at Holland Village and Boomerang at Robertson Quay. Our friend had the Pork and Fennel Seed Sausage Lasagna with mushrooms and parmesan.

Unfortunately to my regret I had not snapped a photo of their food.

We ordered some Black Teas to go along with our food, I think I had ordered the wrong tea (Earl Grey Himalayas) as I didn't quite fancy it. But had a taste of our friend's tea (Malty Breakfast Tea) and I liked it. My tea had this taste to it that I quite disliked but bf liked it, so in a way it was good.

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