Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Learning Bahasa Malayu - Lesson 1, Vowel, Vokal and Colour, Warna

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Growing up in an environment with Chinese that speaks Malay better than English, I goes on a quest to pick up Bahasa Malayu out of keen interest and sheer curiosity. For a start, I think it is important to understand the pronounciation on the vowels as it will help you to remember better as we progress.

Vowels, Vokal
A – Ah
E – 2 ways to pronounce; (e, er) as in (the, air)
I – (beauty, e)
O – O
U – woo1

So, Apa (what?) is pronounce as Ah-pah instead of the local slang Ah-per.

Colour, Warna
Red - Merah (remember as Bukti Merah)
Pink - Merah Jumbu
Blue - Biru
Yellow - Kunning
Purple - Ugu (pronounce as Ng Gu)
Black - Hitam (remember the desert, bubu hitam)
White - Putih
Green - Hijau
Grey - Kelabu
Brown - Choklat (same pronounciation)

Very soon, Anda boleh cakapt bahasa melayu.

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