Monday, 3 June 2013

Sundown - Show your true colours, what does it meant for me if their true colours are so ugly?

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Sundown Marathon 2013, so what does it meant for me? Being a repeated particpant for this event, i would like share my awful experience with the sundown marathon to you.

I joined the 21km run this year, same distance as the previous year. Filled with excitement, i made my way to the event. The set up was normal, seems like a good event happening. However, my impression changed when we embarked on our run.

1) One pacer for the 2:30 mark, went and took some water in the 1st hydration stop. Instead of throwing the empty cup at the empty space in front, this "role model" went and throw his half filled water cup on my right leg. I have seen him scolding some others for blocking his way too. Well what is he doing? I know he is the pacer, hence would need to lead the other runners, but don't he have common sense? Nobody wants to start the run with isotonic drinks on your body.

2) There was this "crew" on his bicycle, doing an illegal U-turn at one of the road, which hits me in the process. I shouted at him for knocking me, which he merely apologised. Not wanting to waste further time with him, i continued with my run. Totally unprofessional, i believe this crew should be one of the temp worker without any common sense. I was running on the right side of the road and anyone with common sense would know you need to wait for a clear road to do any U-turn. I do not remember seeing anyone fainting along the way, hence there is no need for him to do this turn immediately. He could have waited.

3) Hydration point is a joke. At some of the stations, runners would need to wait for the drinks to be refilled. Only to be disappointed as the crews were taking their own sweet time. Hey, this is supposed to be a race, not picnic right? Moreover, i have heard from some participants that there were not enough isotonic drinks to come along? Is this a marathon? Moreover, i didnt see any station giving out bananas this time round, the last i checked, the brochure given to us stated there should be bananas given out towards 1 of the last checkpoints? A mistake?

 4) Useless medical teams. My brother got a bad cramp at the end of the 16km mark, hence he needed a "deep heat rub" badly, he tried to get them from the stationed ambulance. To his surprised, he was told that there is no such thing as deep heat at the end of the race, only at the begining? Hence he did his own stretching and limped his way back to the finishing line. So whats the point of having medics who just sits inside their rovers smiling to participants?
5) Energy level of the helpers - Unlike last year, the helpers' didnt show enough enthusiasm. The only time i heard loud cheering is the begining of our walk in to the line up and the end of the race. In between we can only see teens standing in the middle of our runs. Well, less some of them who actually clapped and 1 or 2 shouting out for us to go on.

If Sundown were to make it bigger the next year, the above points needs to be addressed.

Ok, besides the above negative points about the run, i must say the weather is really nice to run. Unlike the previous year where it rained, i am happy running in a dry cool weather. The good thing i liked about Sundown is also the cool weather, unlike other runs where it normally commence in the morning where the sun is up.

So after running for a long period of time, I got really excited when i saw the below poster.

Yeah, after the that, it was a horrible 1 km run, with cramps in both my legs, i've got the will power but no physical ability to complete the race with a bang. However, with all my might and all my remaining strength, i managed to crawl through to the finishing line. I bet the photo taken isnt very glam though. Teeth biting finish is what i saw.

So will i take part in another 21km run? Maybe standard chartered? Army Half Marathon? Ok, before that, time to heal my tired legs.

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