Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Do you remember? (Part 3)

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Thank for your support for these series of post. So, what else did we experience during our growing up days?

For me, i will say the Thomson Yaohan (which is today's Thomson plaza). Back in the mid 1990s, my friends and i would hang out at this shopping center once school is over. Our favourite dining place? KFC, how much do we have? $2 - $4 at most. However, that is enough for us to get something to munch. For me, i would always order a colonel burger (something like today's shrooms burger without the mushroom). It used to cost me $1.70 for the burger alone. For drinks wise, we would only drink the free plain water provided by the fast food outlet. Little did we have, but the fun level was just awesome. Lots of chit chatting, lots of fun, lots of laugh. Who says you need to be rich to experience joy?

The other hot spot would be the playground. Where the most popular station would be the swing, everyday without fail there would be someone playing with it all day long. There was once where my classmates set an explosion on a spray can with a matchstick. Wow, that was scary, kids, please do not try this anywhere.

Back in my primary school days, we dont have a proper place to play soccer, although we have a field. So our "goal-posts" were the 2 coconut trees. However, this had brought us much joy before class, during recess and after school. Had always heard lots of shouts when the bell rings, i wonder why? Maybe they know its game over. haa

Also, there was another game called, "hantam bola" (translated to dodgeball). However, my school's version is quite different from the original one. We called it, "prisoners' ball". So how do we play?

1stly, we form 2 teams of equal numbers. The normal hantam bola rules applies, except we used a ping pong ball and shoot our opponents. Our opponents can either "siam"(escape), or be brave enough to catch the ball. However, if the ball slips from their hand or kenna hit by the ball, they loses their "lives". So what will happen if they loses their lives? They will need to stand behind our team and be "locked-up". However, their alive team mates can save them if they managed to pass the ball from their half to the area behind us. When they gets the ball, they can then aim and shoot at us, when the prisoners managed to shoot us down, they can be rescued from their prison and return to their team mates's side. While my team mate who was being shot will have to be their prisoners instead. So how do you find out whose the winner in this game? By counting the number of "alive" players!

Sounds interesting? Why not try it? All you need is a ping pong ball and a group of brave kakis, be it guys or girls.

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