Friday, 28 June 2013

Mac Hello Kitty - Singapore's temperamental can be fixed with you believing

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Despite being a cosmopolitan country today, it is a fact that Singapore started with no natural resources to exploit for future exponential growth in terms of gross domestic capital (GDP). Yet, we had done well with our native serving as our nation core. Our modernity of success stands clear with our workforce pillaring our stronghold and led abreast with vibrancy. Even so, we get shaken slightess by the farmiliar craze over the mouthless puss - frustration, pushing and shoving, exchanging of unkind words or even fighting - were not unanticipated as shown in the following video.

Here's a battle. Arguably, those in the queue have all the right in the world to be screaming in the face of the Mc manager as Mc had earlier allowed 4 kitties to be sold to each person. As hours fade, Mc retracted their statement of deal and implemented the restriction to 2 kitties per person instead. These self-labelled poor souls were informed only upon hours of queuing and they felt unjustifiable.

On the flipside, let's shine a halo on the manager's forehead. The kitty has a spell call 'blind' - it is passive and has a wide area of effect (AOE) causing some to be blinded by their selfishness and foolishness to dissolve their dissapointment by inflicting pain on the closest possible target. Obviously, the lady in black in a smarter attire (Mc Manager) would fit the description as a strawman for arrows. In respect of her profession, she flaunt out her virtue and handle the situation tactfully, amicable and patiently. With little to be done, she had to contact our men in blue.

In time of hazy spell from neighbouring acrid smoke, it is still understandably that we pit a race towards protective gears, all for the sake of good health. Even though the stock is scarce, some of our industrial icons and political leaders made a sacrifice of their time to dispatch facemasks and commit their teaching to wearing it right. It is equally heartening to learn sight on plentiful of kind-hearted personnels (locals and FTs, we stand as one) to share their supply with those needing most in our heartlanded compound.

If there is a pre-tagline for Mc it could be sharing is caring. By restricting 4 to 2 kitties - lesser each can get means the more others can get - could be a crowded, fun and happy event. If all of us open our thought and heart a little closer to those around us, this world, this country could be so much happier and meaningful to live in. Noone but us can do it. 

If you are one of the unscrupulous stockpilers on mask or kitties to stir the black market (touch your heart, feel your guilt), you truly deserve one of the 'shametag'.

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