Friday, 7 June 2013

Mcdonald - Fairy Tales Edition - 3rd Kitty, Little Red Ridding Hood

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Hello Kitty Meow continues.

Life in Singapore can be very stressful. Even when collecting Hello Meows, it is often view as a competition (fastest hand first) rather than a collection out of mere interest.

Human complicates matter, very often in many areas. In some situations, it is clearly inevitable while at many other times it flashes a big question. So in the latest happening, there was big hoohaaaa on Mcdonald that broke viral particularly on McDelivery. The sequential happening goes like this:

- Mcdonald sell kitty 
- We queue, eat and buy, return home/office happily ever after
- Collectors of the Witch have to go through McDelivery

- Apparently, stock ran out at some outlets and McDelivery was not coping well with the incoming traffic.
- Latecomers were crying-out-loud and blaming every single peanut out of Mc

Food for thought:
- If you badly want the toys but doesn't strategise like many who sacrifice to eat Mc in the middle of the night over a soccer match, or place an advance order 3 days before, then you clearly don't have a stand in your argument. Not that I did anyway, my journey on collections has always been a breeze. I'm just saying eating Mc and toys-hunting should not be so stressful as it should be enjoyable and light-hearted. Would it be worthwhile to upset your mood over this while bombarding tons of unhappiness on Mc FB page?

My say:
- Let's be gracious. You really don't need to eat a McGracious to be reminded.
- If you're a PIN (pain-in-the-neck), justfiy your unhapiness sensibly (not like you get half a burger or half-eaten hashbrown) before directing your complain(s).
- Do not be a mad bull and charge at the red icon (Mc). You have the ability to think well.
- With 3 more Meows to go, delighters who are not keen on the toys, be patience with the hike in McDelivery.
- Enjoy, have fun, and be a happier eater/collector.

From a friend:

I came up with a story on this Hoddy Kitty.
She escaped from the big bad wolf then came to mcdonalds and buy burger. She saw people buying kitties and end up, she want to pretend as a Hello Kitty too to avoid the wolf. So the wolf saw, ehh no human, decided to let kitty goes but now kitty is captured by McDonalds staff because of her cuteness so the story lives on.

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