Thursday, 27 June 2013

Harlow Kitty madness

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So, are you one of the hello kitty faithful who had been queuing up to get the limited edition of the McDonald's kitty?

I hope if you did queue for it, you shall have it. Else, it will be quite sad for you to return empty handed. So why do people suddenly wanna collect harlow kitty?

1)It had been the trend for queuing of harlow kitties at the McDonald's. Back in year 2000, there had been cases of people damaging the McDonald's glass door just because they can't get the kitty set. So the queue is back!

2)My gf/wife want lo, so i bo bian, have to queue up and make her happy. Thats a very good bf/husband i would say. We have seen so many facebook post on how sweet the bf/hubby are to them. Well, at the expense of the spouse's sleep or money(or both).

3)For profit lah. 1 normal kitty with meal will cost you $4.60 each. Without meal $10. But in the black market, this price will soar like an eagle. Random view on ebay had seen the price rose to $126,000 for a kitty. Madness. We are quite sure the person who won the bid will not honor his bid. However, it's quite scary. Prices can be seen on facebook, suddenly everyone is selling one. At a profit that is, seen someone posted on a facebook page that saw 1 kitty sold for $200 each. This is daylight robbery, but as the saying goes, willing seller, willing buyer.

McDonald's had been seen working with the police for such unethical selling off of the kitties in the black market. I hope more actions can be done to ensure these people learn a lesson or 2.

4)Looks cool and it seems to be in style to have one mah. Yes, looks cute, looks limited, but is it worth your time?? It loses the trendy style once you have to spend time queuing up for it. Personal views only, not meant to stir up anything here.

I am waiting (patiently) to see 1 or 2 years later when the buyers decided to give it up for the original cost price or even for free. Just like how i got my harlow kitty (wedding series) for free. Cheapskate? Nah, just finding a home for the poor kitties.

Just for laugh, saw one post online

"Hello kitty singing bone to exchange for 4room flat (any location in singapore)"

Some drama that happened at one of the McDonald's. Sounds like a General election rally speech?!

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