Wednesday 12 June 2013


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We had dinner with bf's ex-colleagues at Poulèt amazing french roast chicken,
at their Bugis+ outlet.

Their other outlets:

I've actually been here a few times and sad to say i'm not an adventurer to venture to try other dishes. Always end up eating pretty much the same thing every time I patronise at Poulèt.

Here's what the four of us ordered..

1. Poulèt Menu
2. Sautè Wild Mushroom Soup
3. Poulèt Roti - Signature Roasted Chicken (Half) 
4. Mash Potato (creamy)
5. Braise de  Poulèt
6. Smith Chicken and Egg Mayo Sandwich 
7. Caramelised Granny Smith Apple in Puffy Tart
8. Panna Cotta 
(Taste like soy beancurd more than to eating Panna Cotta)

Overall the food was good, nice ambiance, great place to meet up for dinner with friends. 
Price is quite reasonable.

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