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Our 5 languages of love

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The Divorce rate in the America is 1 in 2. The rate in Aussie is 1 in 3. Singapore? Its 1 in 4. So, look around you. Lets say your office have 20 married colleagues, there could be a good chance of 5 divorcee. There are many many reasons why people fell out of love. So what went wrong? We wont know. But let me share something interesting with all of you.

Introducing, the 5 languages of love.

What? Love can talk? Come on, give me a break. No, i am not kidding you. There is a book written by Gary Chapman named the 5 languages of love. If you have not read this book yet, let me share this book in a nutshell with you.

Just like your 5 senses, there are 5 languages of love for everyone. You may speak one or more languages of love. Stay tune, read on and i am certain you will nod in agreement with me.

The 1st language - Words of Affirmation.

What's words of affirmation? Put into simple words, this is to praise and feed your ego. When your spouse had done a good presentation at work, earned him a good business deal or when he asked you how do he looked today? Give him your honest and edifying encouragement! If someone's love language is words of affirmation, he will definitely feels good about that. He will in fact ask you to say more encouraging words to him.

Why did i used he/him in this paragraph? Well, that's because most of the men i know speaks this language! We love it when our loved one acknowledge our good work and praises us publicly. When that happens, you can see a big smile coming from them.

If this is your partner's love language: Target to compliment your spouse once per day =) Be sincere about it.

The 2nd language - Acts of Service

Well, Acts of service simply means doing things for your loved one and drawing a big smile to his/her face. Simple things like cooking a meal for the family, washing the laundry, washing dishes, put the kids to sleep etc.

If this is your partner's love language, your partner loves to hear this, "let me do this for you." Do not nag. He/she hates nagging more than any other things.

The 3rd language - Quality Time

Spending time to your spouse is the most important thing that could happen to you if your spouse's love language is this. So what is quality time? huh huh, Quantity is not = Quality. Hence do not do other things while spending time with your loved ones. Shut down your iphone,ipad, note2, s4, computer etc etc. Just do nothing and gazes into his/her eyes. Being physically there but mentally not there is not quality time.

So this is what you should do if this is your partner's love language : Ask your spouse to list down what she/he enjoys doing and do it together with her/him.

The 4th language - Receiving Gifts

Well, if this is your spouse's love language, dont ever forget your spouse's big days. Birthdays, anniversaries, mothers day. fathers day etc..Moreover, dont misunderstand giving gift as a material blessings. Giving a card wont cost you much, but to someone who speaks this love language, they appreciate it more than how you perceive it to be.

So what should you be doing? Besides remembering big days, impress your spouse with little gifts daily. It can be hand made, or something nice which dont cost alot. However having said that, please dont be stingy when it comes to the big days =)

The 5th language - Physical touch

Oh, this love language is for perverts? Nah, we are sexual beings, it is not wrong for us to feel this way, especially when this is your love language. It is actually giving hugs, pat on the shoulder, holding of hands. All these ways can be a form of love for someone with this love language. Especially when they are feeling down. So now you know why girls hug each other when they see each other now? ah huh!

People who has such love language would feel secured when they are loved in these manner. But only to the right person. Dont expect to touch him/her when he/her hardly know you. You might be sued for sexual harassment.

So what should you do if you spouse speaks this love language? Hmm besides the natural things, do give pecks on their cheek and lips when you are going away from them. This is make them feel safe and secure.

I have shared the 5 amazing love languages to you. If you find it helpful, do like and share this piece of article to your loved ones. I have personally taught in groups before penning this down.

Try it to believe it.

God bless and may your love grows stronger each day.
My lovely wife and i =)

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