Tuesday 4 June 2013

Exclusive! Must READ for everyone. Protect your Singpass!! Potential scammer spotted at Bukit Panjang

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Hi Everyone

Today, we will be reporting on a serious matter, something different from our normal hippy news and updates.

We have received a report from one of our friend, that she suspects there is a scammer going around the region of Bukit Panjang area trying to con old folks of their SingPass.

There is this Chinese lady with short and slightly curled hair, in her 40s who went over to my friend's block in the evening, knocking from door to door, checking if the residents had upgraded their Medishield. She did not introduce herself as any government agency such as the CPF Board. In fact, she did not even introduce at all!

My friend's mum said that the lady told her about the recent Medishield upgrade for any Singaporeans above the age of 60 and check with her whether she had done it. 

After which, this suspect told my auntie she could help her upgrade her Medishield by simply passing the lady her Singpass password. Auntie reacted well by replying to the suspect that she normally pass all these to her eldest daughter. After knowing the auntie is not an easy prey, this suspect left shortly. She went on door to door trying to "help" other older residents to upgrade their Medishield.

Yes, there had been news where there is indeed some changes about premium for Medishield, but if this lady were to help on behalf of an organisation, shouldnt her at least introduce herself? Moreover, CPFBoard had mailed out letters to more than 2million of its members, informing the change in the premium, it came in a small brochure, appearing in 4 different languages.

We have since checked with CPFBoard and were informed that they did not send any representative going around telling people to upgrade their plan. For information, the changes are auto, you do not need to do anything. Deduction will be made through your Medisave account. 

On top of that, the government will be giving rebates for the senior citizens in lieu of the increase in MediShield plans. This amount will also be credited to the member's CPF Medisave account.

Singpass is a private and personal thing. Please beware of any random person who asked for your Singpass and claimed that they wants to help you.

So what can a Singpass do for you?

1) It gives you the access to all government agencies, authentication the website that you are the person represented by the NRIC number

2) For males, it can help you book or cancel your RT/IPT/IPPT

3) It will show you how much money in your CPF Ordinary Account. Special Account, Medisave and Retirement account (if applicable).

4) It grants you the access to view your CPF transaction

5) It grants you the access to view your monthly CPF Contribution from your employer

6) It can be used to apply for CPF Education Scheme and allowing someone to use your Singpass, will ultimately allow the person to endorse the use of your CPF savings for the unknown student's Education fees at a Approved Educational Institution. 

7) It can be used to view your CPF Investment too

8) It can be used to check your income tax statement

9) Much much more it can do.

Lastly, if you feel your Singpass had been accidentally revealed to a 3rd party, you may proceed to change your Singpass immediately. If you know of someone who might be a victim of such scam, we encourage you to report the con person to the police. If you had forgotten your Singpass, you may request for a new one via the Singpass website at www.Singpass.gov.sg. Alternatively, you may also proceed to any community center and request for a new password. The new password will be mailed to your address as maintained with the Ministry of Home Affairs.

We hope this post had been fruitful to you and your family.

Be safe, be sure, be informed.

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