Monday, 10 June 2013

Hit and Run - The irresponsible coward driver

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An accident happened along Kovan road on 6 June 2013 around 6pm. A white car just knocked down a bike and the poor old man in his 60's or 70's was lying on the floor, hands bleeding. Her immediate instinct was to dash to the middle of the road to help him up at the same time there were 2 other good Samaritans who help to direct the traffic away. As everything happened in a sudden, all 3 of them did not caught any glimpse of the car model nor the most important thing, the car plate number.

For illustration purpose only, this is not the crime scene.
Nicole was standing at the side of the road and by the time she noticed the accident, the driver had sped off in a split second. The exact location of the accident is somewhere near the bus stop right outside the Kovan MRT station, approaching the cross junction.

So what actually happened? According to Nicole, it was raining when the accident happened, then she saw the white car hit the poor motorist and his motorcycle skid. We are unsure whether the driver did signalled before changing from the center to left lane though.

Upon the help from Nicole and the 2 passerby, the injured uncle told the trio that he dont want to go to the hospital. (The admin team deduced that it could possibly be due to the medical bills and time wasting for the uncle.) Seeing that the uncle refusing to call for an ambulance, the 2 guys helped to shift his motor bike to the side of the road while Nicole helped the uncle to the curb. It was indeed a very heart warming scene to witness, knowing there are still nice samaritans around in this part of the world.

Thankfully for the uncle, he seemed to be ok but his hands were bleeding. However, if not for his rain coat, his arms would also have been injured too. The uncle did not said much throughout but were seen trying to clean off the blood from his hands like a man. (流血不流淚)

Nicole and the 2 guys kept asking if the uncle need any additional help but the uncle just smiled at them and thanked them for their help. So, did anyone seen the hit and run accident that happened on the 6 June around 6pm at Kovan MRT cross junction? If you happened to see the car plate number of the driver, please report this incident to the police after you had bought your 4D number.

We were glad to hear that the uncle is ok, suffered only minor injury. However, on another day, this could possibly not be the case. To the hit and run driver, if you are reading this, i hope you come forward to us and clarify your side of the story too. People like you dont fit to drive, your conscious is probably darkened too.

The old uncle could possibly be someone's grandpa, papa and/or someone's husband. If anything happened to him, i am sure many hearts will be broken. Yes, they might forgive you, but can you forgive yourself? Yes, there isnt any major reports on the national papers or news, but that doesnt mean you are living a scot free life.

To my dear readers, please remind your friends and family members to be careful while driving, riding or even walking on the road. You only have 1 life, live life to the fullest. Also let others live life to the fullest too. For the majority of the drivers in Singapore, you guys are great. Do continue to look out for motorist and pedestrians. Especially on a rainy day and check your blind spots.

Lastly, good job to Nicole and the 2 helpful samaritans. You guys showed that we are still a helpful nation, not some cold blooded money making society. Thumbs up to you! God bless you and continue to shine in your little way.

Extracted from Nicole Lou.

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