Saturday, 29 June 2013

Education in Singapore - Cant get into a local uni? Look here!

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Many local poly grads would agree with me that it is really not easy for them to enter 1 of our local uni.

NUS,NTU,SMU,SIT,SUTD, wow that seemed to be many institution right? Well, the 1st 3 i must say it is indeed difficult to secure a place. SIT and SUTD are alittle different, especially when SIT wer set up to replace SIM as the 4th local university.

SIT is almost the same as SIM, except that it is recognised as the local uni.

So, what choices do the rest of us have?

1) UniSIM - The uni that was supposed to be the 4th uni? Well, not exactly, SIM is quite different from UniSIM, UniSIM is merely a school whose degree is being conferred from SIM. This uni is catered for the working adults, with subsidy up to 55%, but only offers programme for part-time students. Nah, no full-time yet. So well, you can't use your CPF savings for your education yet. 1 bad point is, SIM is really far from town. If you are driving, you need to find parking lot at night, which is difficult. Taking bus? Be prepared to be squeezed.

2) SIM Global - SIM Global is different from UniSIM. SIM Global consist of many different schools, such as University of London (UOL), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), University of Manchester, etc etc. 1 trick is the school color, 1 logo is green 1 is red. Green is SIM Global.So, why these schools? If you want to throw all your eggs in 1 basket and pray hard that you can pass 1 shot. You may consider UOL or University of Manchester. If you prefer doing assignments, maybe you can consider RMIT. Some says UOL is for loners? But i beg to differ. Yes UOL do not need you to mingle and work with others, but i am sure they have other means of putting what they studied in good use.

RMIT on the other hand, diverse the risk of failing, but it will also means you need to be very consistent throughout in order to get a good grade at the end of the day. Free loaders are also present in your class. Learn to manage them and one day you can manage your own subordinates. Oh ya, RMIT is known for delaying their results due to industrial strikes in Aussie.

3) Kaplan - Can't wait to finish your studies and make it with a cert? Sign up for Kaplan now. Some courses are as fast as 1.5 years. Can you make it with so much information without any breaks in between? Can la, but very tiring i would say. Oh ya, they are so fast because they dont have any break in between their classes and exams. Tough luck huh?

4) MDIS - MDIS used to be 1 of the top 3 private uni in Singapore. When you mentioned private Uni, it will be MDIS, SIM and PSB. The students' feedback on the school and lecturers are ok, however their admin needs to improve further. The students need to enroll to their following semester without knowing their results! The students will also have no break in between their semester, much more hectic than Kaplan as their time frame to complete is 3 years? However, good thing is, the school will pay you if you refer someone to the school.

5) PSB Academy - PSB also offers UOL, and their passing rate is higher? (according to students from both schools). Different from MDIS, PSB's admin team is doing a good job. Even when you decided to enrol in other school after checking out them, the admin will still wish you all the best with a smile. I remembered PSB Academy was once a stat board? Well, maybe their cert is still worthy huh.

So, the choice is yours! The prices for the course are also around the same. 18k -25k?

Cert wise, all around the same, as the interview is all that matters.

Good luck everyone!

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