Thursday, 20 June 2013


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Singapore is in a state of fear now, according to local authorities, the PSI index had gone all the way up to 321. A record that we would not wish to break, had now been broken. But is that the highest?

So what causes the haze? Well, you dont need to be a rocket scientist to know, it's caused by the wind direction which blew the haze from Indonesia to our sunny island.

Despite faint effort to call for our neighbour to control and put off all fire that causes the haze, it was not going anywhere. Poor people living in this part of the world have to suffer in silence.

Masks were sold out everywhere, air purifiers are selling like hot cakes, PSI level is going up up and away while health of the people are going down down down down down.

I am not a fan of smokers, not a fan of 7th month burning of offerings (but i still respect it). However, for those mentioned, i could at least move myself away from them as it's not everywhere. The haze is EVERYWHERE. I am fearful of what the haze would have done for my pets too. When humans are sick, we show it. When pets are sick? They simply be less active.

If the end-time revelation about the world end is real, i am sure we are in this era. 1st, it was the dengue attack, now its the super bad haze!! Help. God please help us. Please pour your rain down. Your people are dying.

Also, the PSI rating for the 10pm slot was delayed for a very long time. I am not sure was it due to the concern of NEA not wanting to alarm the public? But this was what was printscreen.

After this was posted, immediately it was taken down, replaced by 321 instead. So whose right and whose wrong?

To end off this post, just to lighten the mood of the people, saw this post about haze, thought its quite funny.

So, to all readers, please hydrate yourself and keep a lookout for your family members and pets. I wish all of you all the best and let's pray for the haze to go away and never come back another day.

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