Friday, 24 May 2013

SAF Navy Openhouse 2013

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Singapore Navy Open House 2013 
Contributed By J . Valerie |  My first Navy Day Experience

On a scorching Sunday morning, I made a trip down to the Eastern Navy Open House on 19 May 2013. Given the distance, it’s pretty secluded and inconvenient but thankfully my sister’s friend provided us a hitch for a ride. Passing by the nearest MRT station which provides free shuttle bus service, the queue was insanely terrible! When we reached, it makes no better day ahead as despite the extreme glaring weather, the entire compound was packed with crowd for everything. Every minutes to the seconds, I feel like a strand of skinny tuna packed in a can of sardine. 

Geez, shall stop blabbering about the weather and crowd, I could have went on all day. The activities of the open house includes a grand display of live show with blanks shooting and divers plunging into the sea from the choppers. 

Check these big guns ->

On a lighter note, we queued for souvenirs, patronised the photo booth, toured the warships and participated in the children game stations of making balloon. Amazing part was regardless of the weather, there were so many people queueing to take the warships and something like speed boat? My family and I could not take it and gave that a miss! Furthermore bringing small children to such activities is seriously not advisable, they became cranky as they were feeling extremely hot, tired, hungry and thirsty. Children who are 3 years and below were disappointed as all the game stations were not suitable for them! Nonetheless, we got a nicey shot as the best reward of the day; two officers in the making.

 Let me show you how to twist okays . . .

Instructions: (only for kids)

Put your two hands out,

twist em in the crowd,

pout your mouth,

and stand straight up.

Instructions: (also only for kids oh !)

Twinkle twinkle little girl

Point your index fingers to another

On my pose, I am no cute lesser

In the making of an officer

Souvenirs, another worthy trip

Heading Home

There was no sign of the direction to take shutter bus and we assume it should be the drop off from the far end so ended up carrying the kids over but only to our dismay to learn that we have headed into the wrong direction! 

That’s really OMG!!! All were so tired and I felt like dropping dead soon. It’s crazily far end and we’ve to walk a long distance to reach the shutter bus area. The kids stomach growling was obvious so we stop for some rations before reverting back out direction reluctantly.

Nonetheless, I just love my Sunday with these cutie pies. 

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